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  1. Comment on 1916 Rising and how it inspired me 78 years later.
    on 21 April 2014 at 3:39 am

    Quelle surprise, the Comrade lives up to his totalitarian namesake by not liking people standing up for their own self-determination. The 1912 Covenant and 1913 Proclaimation was a masterpiece in diplomacy.. One poorly imitated in 1916 with murder and mayhem.

    How, dearest dictator, did you think the Whigs came to give Westminster its authority in the first place during the time of Glorious Revolution?

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  2. Comment on “Merely reflecting this majority view is the easiest form of leadership….”
    on 11 April 2014 at 9:17 pm

    A point that I think many miss frequently in these types of discussionsis that the Conservative/Unionist and Marxist/Nationalist brains seem to be wired entirely differently. The neurotic damage in the limbic system of latter type of brain seems to place value on meaningless empty emotion-filled gestures, whereas the former type of brain sees nothing virtuous or noble in not being straight talking and keeping to one’s own principles, or playing silly games discussing something out of the remit of the group on discussion.

    And if you are a principled Protestant, why would you want to meet the Pope anyway? Many, particularly southern Irish who only understand Anglicans, forget that there is no such religion as “Protestant”, rather thousands of independent denominations who value that freedom of expression.

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  3. Comment on McGuinness trying to assure ordinary unionists that he recognises their Britishness?
    on 11 April 2014 at 12:00 pm

    You have ask what planet are most of these commentators living on? Very few people are impressed by this endless, meaningless, tedious show any more (not that many other than media types were particularly impressed in the first place), rolling their eyes and changing channel whenever Theresa Villiers and the like come on TV and says nothing original, truthful or honest other than reading off the same old prepared script.

    Yes, how “generous” for the Bogside Butcher to agree to the only choice given to him. “Here Marty, either we put this bullet in you and all fellow “volunteers” heads or you do as we say. We’ll make sure you are well wined and dined and can gorge yourself in gluttonous abandon on the Queen’s Shilling and the life of comfort, just as long as you get your mentally fragile drones to worship it too and talk up how wonderful your surrender is.” It just goes to show just how utterly gullible Republicans are to be so susceptible to having their fragile little egos (shaped by playing the pathetic “800 years” eternal victim) stroked by their big bad British masters!

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  4. Comment on Cartoon – The Statesman
    on 9 April 2014 at 7:51 am

    So what is this Spencer fool trying to say? That this terrorist is wonderful because when faced with the choice of being dealt with by a bullet from the military or locked up for life (as would be the case in any sane country that defends itself with integrity and justice) or instead play a farcical game where he does what he is told and well kept and awarded otherwise he faces the former, he logically chooses the latter option to keep himself most comfortable and plays along with the silly game to avoid facing up to the consequences of his terrorism? That McGuinness is wonderful because any aggressive action that his organisation threatens will be awarded with yet more appeasement? That such appeasement somehow makes him better than those who have not been appeased and have not had the powers that be in London bend justice over backwards to appease them?

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  5. Comment on TUV European Selection Convention- Jim Allister is the candidate
    on 6 April 2014 at 5:48 pm

    “there were some younger people in the audience which I did find a bit strange as the TUV does project an older image at times.”

    I can understand why McCann doesn’t want to get it — that’s what happens when Republicans and other leftist enemies of the state only ever talk to each other and believe their own propaganda , such as the absolute nonsense that dominates discussion on this blog on a daily basis .

    This should not be surprising at all. I believe we are going to see a massive shift towards the libertarian right amongst the youth right across the UK. The leftist elite are the tyrranous establishment to rebel against these days as a cultural Marxist (calling itself “liberal”) dictatorship is the only thing that any British person younger than 30 has ever known to have the power — watch one episode of BBC Quisling Time with David Dimbleby and I know no intelligent person with even a mild hint of backbone who doesn’t want to vomit after getting a quarter of the way through.

    The TUV have made a big mistake in not more formally concreting relationships with the UK’s fastest growing and only mainstream in-touch straight-talking party. All they are doing is vote fracturing and wasting energy in party political nonsense. UKIP have vast potential to poll far higher than any of these local commentators predict, but that requires or local parties to get their acts together and see the bigger picture beyond their narrow local party interest.

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  6. Comment on UPDATE- Jamie Bryson-A rebel without a hope?
    on 28 March 2014 at 3:07 am

    I see quotes from the flawed Whyte analysis above which ignored overall stats in general, rather than the Gudgin link I gave…

    This highlights the point I see missed entirely in these endless attempts at point-scoring by Nat/Rep subversives, using the word “discrimination” as a weapon (a bit like those who like to shout words like “sectarian” or “bigot” or “racist” or “xenophobe”, “homophobe” etc. etc. as insults to shout down the nuanced arguments of opponents) , is that whether making decisions regarding certain characteristics is “unjust” is indeed entirely SUBJECTIVE, depending upon:
    - morality system
    (as Bezmenov says in the video above, there is nowhere in any mainstream religion that states “equality” is a natural right, as equality is an artificial ideal that does not exist in nature, and was spread as Machiavellian Marxist propaganda by Communists for subversion purposes of the target state to encourage them to move from absolute to relative morality)
    - political objective and ideology of current system
    - laws at the time (not contemporary) [and with wrt "discrimination" they are a very recent Cultural Marxism-derived construct]
    - democratic opinion at the time
    - socio-economic conditions at the time
    - degree of naivety
    - degree of pragmatism
    - degree of dominance or submissiveness – fight or flight, can survive on own or want to depend on others
    - how much you want to encourage responsibility and self-reliance vs. hand-outs and charity
    - how much you prioritise “rights” and responsibilities as belonging to the collective as a whole, to various groups, or to the individual
    - understanding of third party factors such as geography, ethos and culture of various parties
    - access to accurate statistics
    - nature and understanding of your enemy, how ruthless he is, and the threat you face, and your understanding of strategy to defeat him
    - degree of responsibility and peaceful political cooperation of the “victim”
    - degree of intelligence
    - environment of upbringing, social relationships
    - etc.

    To sidetrack quite a bit more, an example of an alternative system to our own which I think has a lot going for it as is more in-touch with nature/biology is a Libertarian ideology based on natural moral philosophy (absolute natural morality based on evolutionary biological realities as well as scientific observation) and a system that ensures the optimum survival of Civilization as a whole, the rights that matter the most therefore being the “negative rights” of the individual and protecting the system as a whole. Groups in between are not regarded so important as the individual and his family, and collective groups would not be granted “rights”, rather the rights that trump all others are that of both the individual and his family (the smallest minority) and the rights of the whole (stringent defence of the whole from any form of subversive threat in order to defend the system of liberty.) If a business were to negatively “discriminate” in such a time then over time they would lose business as people boycotted and would lose out as a result in a natural free market. The only controls on business would be when they become too powerful – corporations are not people and so don’t deserve “rights” so cannot exploit…

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  7. Comment on Alliance is diversity in action by Lauren Mulvenny
    on 28 March 2014 at 12:55 am

    “Tir Chonaill Gael (profile)
    27 March 2014 at 5:57 pm

    Bradshaw wants NI to remain in the Union, but she’s not a unionist.

    That’s an identity crisis of Parsley-esque proportions.”

    You’re right there – it’s contrary to all logic.


    The fact you have “Unionist” and “Nationalist” columns on your spreadsheet, and thus a binary sectarian view of the world, says rather more about you than about anyone else. ”

    You are using the flawed GFA “ugly scaffolding” definition of these words, and not their actual meaning.

    Normal logical dictionary meanings wrt Northern Ireland:
    British Unionist = loyal to UK state.

    Irish Nationalist = loyal to dream of all-Ireland utopia and likely subverter of UK state = Dissident

    Dishonest “Ugly Scaffolding” meanings created by SDLP and promoted by Alliance:
    British Unionist = Protestant loyal to UK state

    Irish Nationalist = Catholic loyal to UK state

    Dissident = loyal to dream of all-Ireland utopia and likely subverter of UK state

    The Alliance Party attacks on “Unionists” are as dishonest as these “ugly scaffolding” definitions.

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  8. Comment on Haass Hope: Will Young People take up the Challenge of Politics in Northern Ireland?
    on 27 March 2014 at 8:54 pm

    Ghobshmact, you get criticism from me not because you were exploring the world (I, myself, spent 7 years working abroad), but rather because you haven’t returned home and assume that wherever you are is somehow superior, and the people are somehow superior, because they haven’t faced the same unique circumstances as people here have. The circumstances and context of any situation are extremely important (and as such I regard the new shut-down-the-conversation insult of “whataboutery”, usually used to defend terrorism, to be null and void as defending liberty requires an understanding the context of threat).

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  9. Comment on Haass Hope: Will Young People take up the Challenge of Politics in Northern Ireland?
    on 27 March 2014 at 8:45 pm

    notimetoshine, “Cultural Marxists” is the correct term for those professing to be “Progressive Liberals”. I am now refusing to call them such (as should others) as there is absolutely nothing liberal about most calling themselves such; and the only thing they seem to progress towards is the destruction of all values and heritage that the local civilization has acquired over millennia of experience to aid its survival, frequently with many in denial of actual scientific or cultural understanding. They do not actively advocate economic Marxism in the same sense as old (though the result accumulated over time is usually just that), but are completely and utterly obsessed with the irrational cult of advocating boundless multi-cultural “equality” in every other sense, and often advocate for it no matter what scientific fact says nor what matters for the best survival of local civilization as a whole. I also place Sinn Fein in that category in addition to holding traditional hard-left Marxist views, though many in Sinn Fein understand subversion theory ( ) better as being the real long-term aim, while in contrast there is a greater proportion of mere “useful idiots” in “Liberal Progressive” hippy groupings who have little principles other than “compromise” with those trying to subvert, hence causing a creeping insidious slow-and-steady subversion.

    With regard to the manipulation by these and other leftists as I see them in the wider UK (i.e. collectivists including both national and international socialists; I regard anarchists to be on the true “far right”) there is a greater tendency than others to manipulate language (“far right” being a good example), use identity politics to pit groups against each other in order to offer themselves as the solution, as well as a far greater tendency to use words designed to shut-down and silence all criticism, along with a tendency to make argument based on self-congratulatory emotion to stir-up group-think smugly implying how much better their in-group is than the rest.

    It isn’t a mere “sweeping generalisation” that young people know less. It’s a fact that a thinking person will learn new things and gain more nuanced perspectives on life as every day passes. Sure, not all people may engage in the same degree of critical thinking, but even the less critical people should pick up more wisdom with time. As for education, it is mainly theory to prepare young people to cope with the world, rather than having first-hand experience in it.

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  10. Comment on UPDATE- Jamie Bryson-A rebel without a hope?
    on 27 March 2014 at 5:10 pm

    … also forgot to mention the Garda intelligence reports on IRA training and recruitment activities in the mid 60s.

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