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A slightly inhuman presence that bans bad comments and works late at night to remove the wrinkles in Slugger's technical carpet. You will need to know about the comments policy to stay off the fightin' side of me and there is a bit of background about me here. You can email me using this spam-proof link if you really need to, and Slugger is @sluggerotoole on Twitter. But above all, remember, Play the ball and not the man.

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It’s Micheál!

Wed 26 January 2011, 3:10pm

Tweet As widely expected, Micheál Martin T.D. has been elected as the 8th Leader of Fianna Fáil. The Finance Bill Committee Stage continues in the Dáil. more »

Coming for breakfast on Thursday?

Sun 9 January 2011, 10:54am
SLUGGER Awards-logo

Tweet Just a quick reminder; There are still tickets left for the Slugger / Stratagem big breakfast next Thursday at the Europa. We’re there to go over the nominations for the Slugger Awards including the Thinker & explainer / Investigative journalist / Challenging your own community threads that have been running over the last few days (the […] more »

‘Freddie’ quits the UUP to sit by the phone

Fri 3 December 2010, 1:04pm

Tweet Further to Mick’s post last week, it seems that Harry doesn’t regard his end-of-the-line with the UUP as the end of his political ambitions: From the Beeb: “Harry Hamilton, a well-known Freddie Mercury impersonator, polled more than 10,500 votes in Upper Bann in the general election. However, he was rejected as a candidate for […] more »

Bank of Ireland – Government takes a majority stake

Tue 23 November 2010, 10:35pm

Tweet … according to Reuters anyway and coming after a long plunge in today’s trading and a decision to hold a firesale of the family silver. They’re stopping short of full nationalisation though. It’s casting fresh doubt on the credibility of the stress-testing that both the Bank of Ireland and Allied Irish Bank went through in […] more »

Cowen Statement (in case you missed it)

Mon 22 November 2010, 9:38pm

Tweet Via Maman Poulet: Brian Cowen’s statement 22/11/010 from maman poulet on Vimeo. more »

The new comments system is here

Sun 14 November 2010, 3:48pm

Tweet We’ve just added our new comments system to the site. Have a look? The thinking behind it can be seen on this post from a few months ago. It will help us do the following things: Help readers find the best comments quickly. We often have 100+ comments on a thread. You will now […] more »

Sinn Féin’s ‘Alternative’

Fri 5 November 2010, 7:07pm
SF Policy Document

This piece was first posted on 'Fermanagh Fightback!' - Sinn Féin recently published its plan for the cuts which offered a few populist measures as window-dressing more »

See you later?

Mon 25 October 2010, 3:00pm
PoliticsQuizLogoRed sml

Tweet Don’t forget, the Great Big Politics Pub Quiz is on tonight at The Black Box. Online ticket sales have ended but you can pay on the door.  The throw-in is at 7.45 but the doors are open at 7.30pm. Don’t be late – we won’t wait for you…. A few points to bear in […] more »

Great Big Politics Pub Quiz – prizes update & reassurance that you don’t have to attend with a fully formed table

Fri 22 October 2010, 4:30pm
PoliticsQuizLogoRed sml

Tweet Politicos! We feel your pain. We know that you’re desperate to go to The Great Big Politics Pub Quiz, but you’re cursed with normal friends who would rather dip a tender extremity in acid than go and get bamboozled by questions about The East Lothian Question*. Do not despair. You can still join the […] more »

Time to send your own message to the media

Sat 16 October 2010, 9:30am
dialogue app

Tweet We’ve doing The Slugger Awards very differently this year. Instead of having rigid ‘Journalist of the Year’ / ‘MLA of the Year’ type awards, we’re asking everyone who reads this blog to tell us what they want politicians / the media / public bodies to do more of. Once we know what behaviour you […] more »

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  1. Comment on We’re here!
    on 21 April 2010 at 1:11 am

    Try again now Hugh?

    Also, check that the email you are using is the one that you used to register your old User ID with us? You’ll need access to that email as we send you a couple of password reset messages to it.

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  2. Comment on We’re here!
    on 21 April 2010 at 1:09 am

    Looking into this one for you Orly. Ta for that.

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  3. Comment on We’re here!
    on 21 April 2010 at 1:08 am

    Noted on the comments SBOOY. ON the Northern Ireland thing, we’ll soon have dedicated pages for Northern Ireland and other ones to link to the growing amount of content we’re running relating to politics in Dublin, Holyrood and Cardiff. Functionality is there already, we just need to get the writers to start indexing their work a bit differently using the new system.

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  4. Comment on We’re here!
    on 21 April 2010 at 1:06 am

    Slappy – ta. Noted. Can you let us know if you’re still getting this tomorrow evening? We think this may be teething issues that have now been fixed but we’re not certain yet.

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