“The DUP and Sinn Fein have spent twenty years building and burning bridges…”

Great (because it’s accurate) line from Eamonn McCann. Nice four way with Hugh Linehan, Pat Leahy and myself on the present breakdown on the Irish Times podcast, recorded this morning.


    Lets not forget that the U.U.P and S.D.L.P were also there,in fact they were
    first at the trough with their silverspoons supplied by London and Dublin.
    Adams and Paisley were the bold boys.yet Tremble and Mallon were utter
    failures and rejected by the electorate. Miss O Neill has a good point in favour of an election.The people can decide who is building and who is

  • mickfealty

    They’re in it together John. And the middle were tipped out of the pram in very short order to facilitate the current alliance of the extremes.

  • SDLP supporter

    You have a pretty short memory, JT. DUP and Sinn Fein were comrades in arms howling outside the windows, doing everything possible to de-stabilise the institutions. Sinn Fein messed around for years on arms de-commissioning and were co-dependents on undermining the Good Friday Agreement: DUP said the GFA was a slippery slope, Sinn Fein said it was a staging post to a UI, and so they dog-whistled the sectarian tensions.

    As for sheer financial corruption, Sinn Fein and DUP wrote the book. Remember all those phoney ‘cultural societies’ in South Derry etc. used to extract literally millions from the taxpayer? Remember the, ahem, ‘research’ company on the Springfield Road that never produced anything but yet was paid hundreds of thousands from the Assembly?

    Remember Alex Maskey MLA and the DLA car and his blustering bullsh*t that he was going to sue BBC Spotlight?

    For both Sinn Fein and DUP, ripping off the British Exchequer is a patriotic act though the DUP surpass everyone for their cynicism in plundering the RHI scheme to the hilt as long as they though London was paying for it, while all the time protesting their super-loyalty.

    As for the SDLP, there were no scandals attaching to either Mallon or Durkan.


    We must remember it was Hume and Adams that got rid of
    a sectarian government and a a sectarian police force,No
    Matter how she tries Arlene will not get either back, The electorate can decide which parties they want in the pram.


    I believe John Hume to be the greatest Irishman of the last
    century when he left there was nobody fit to polish his boots never mind lead the party successfully. the electorate made
    their decision on the S.D.L.P..Hopefully their will be an election in the next few months and we all respect the result.

  • Starviking

    Indeed. I often wonder how things wuld have worked out if Tony Blair had decided to support the middle rather than the extremes during the peace process. Probably more violence, but a more stable civic government.