Effects of the Stormont crash on bedroom tax mitigations…

One of the notable features of that interview with the ‘naughty ministers’ on Newsline a couple of nights ago was Paul Given’s reference to the effect of forestalling of a functional budget, which follows Sinn Fein’s hasty (and unplanned) withdrawal.

Here’s Digital View on the bedroom tax:

A screening report published by the Department for Communities found that around 34,000 households could be affected by the policy, with average losses reaching up to £20.42 per week.

Ms McCauley added: “Housing Rights would encourage urgent consideration of all available options to safeguard tenants’ homes. This should involve stakeholders including those who represent tenants and landlords.

“Regardless of the mechanism used, it is vital that those affected have the intended financial protection.”

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  • Ciaran74

    The population are tuned in and interpreting what all hues of commentators are saying and writing. The bullshit filters have been dusted off and AF’s u-turn on an inquiry for her ‘personal integrity’ was only offered after MMcG was forced to throw the towel in. If they were so on it, where is that plan from Hamilton?

    Sam McBride trimmed his criticism of AF last night as a unionist (fair enough) but he clearly said AF’s lack of activity and angry rebukes are why we are here. The story needs new blood so SF are it…..tag.

    As for Givan, it was plain that the mute had been armed with ‘talk about what they talk about’ lines. The DUP implement whatever attacks on the lower earning people and poor, no matter. Maybe Arlene should have considered producing her Facebook broadcast in a cold East Belfast 2 bed terrace instead of the plush Georgian surroundings with that roaring fire in the background. Not credible.

  • Gopher

    How dare Sam McBride a unionist be objective about this and point out facts.

  • mickfealty

    I think the frames in which we view this issue are going to change over time Ciaran.

    Its much more likely Mrs F announced the public enquiry after checking no more dead bodies were in there than any pressure arising from Martin’s going. The issue will be carefully peeled one layer at a time in order to neutralise it over time.

    But this thread is about the half made budget items and the great harm they are likely to cause if Stormont stays off line. I’m not averse to TV criticism, but one thread at a time please.

    Thank you very much?

  • mickfealty

    Topic please? See my remarks to Ciaran below?

  • Jag

    Isn’t Paul Givan claiming 19 Bills can’t be progressed during the prorogation of the Assembly, including the reform of the bedroom tax.

    Well, that’s what you get when you have a scandal involving incompetence and possibly worse, costing £55k a day (365 * £55k = £20m * 20 yrs = £400m), and the architect refuses to accept responsibility, tweets pictures of hamsters and ends up addressing an empty chamber.

  • Gopher

    Marty’s pulling the plug a week early meant that they would avoid awkward questions if the opposition were capable of any from the floor of Stormont. The exit was expedient to them no one else, it was just a dash to the door without having time to pack to avoid criticism so poor people wernt a consideration. I think that was the fact Sam McBride was pointing out.

  • Ciaran74

    I was commending SMB for his candid, if toned down commentary. I need to express positivity more clearly in the morning.

  • Ciaran74


    That said, although Givan spoke well, the lunge on mitigating the effects of the bedroom tax is a new one for the population for him and his company. Where SF are waking up to their electoral disquiet, are the DUP waking up to their easy loyalist votes who just might ask – what exactly have you done for us?

  • Gopher

    Why would Girvan not state that in an election campaign? SF have left quicker than the crew of the Mary Celeste. Compare and contrast with the DUP who kept a skeleton crew up at Stormont during their spats. The narrative keeps coming back to what exactly are SF hiding? Or is it just incompetence? The Bedroom tax and other welfare measures were dearly held principles a year ago that cost Northern Ireland a huge amount of money. Yet today they are abandoned in a heart beat, simply to avoid going to the assembly on Monday to have their half baked motion laughed out of the house.

  • Mentioned the looming welfare issues a couple of weeks ago. Clearly RHI was a focal point for many, but how clear how SF thinks it can put all this back into the mix and get a ‘better deal’ which is no doubt part of the calculation. All this has been discussed before and there isn’t a single new point that wasn’t meant to have been covered in Fresh Start or some one of the many kick-starts, reboots and whatever we’ve had around this time of year. So what are we going to have ‘Fresh Start II’, the ‘Fresher Start’, the ‘Fresher than Fresh start’?

  • Jag
  • It’s really quite extraordinary. Givan’s crocodile tears over this are awful when it was clear that his dismal, mean-spirited act of sectarian petulance at Christmas was going to force Sinn Fein to act. Anyone who votes DUP or SF are voting for Direct Rule. How can these parties work together with respect?

  • Dan

    Anyone mentioned Casement Park yet?

  • mickfealty

    Nut, meet sledgehammer. Someone’s had a taste of of someone else being the Opposition, and they don’t like it, methinks.

  • mickfealty

    Not whilst SFis writing their election manifesto for them they’re not.

  • Ciaran74

    It’s a point. But do they need them this time around? Populism doesn’t need the detail to vent.

  • lizmcneill

    I Can’t Believe It’s Not The Fresh Start?

  • Ciaran74

    As the Mitigation Fund, that SF/ SDLP won and the DUP opposed, has been in place for some time, what was Givan waiting on? Why wait to the mouth of February for the BT’s introduction?

    In the one hand it’s there and can be backdated, as Westminster won’t apply it, and in the other £20 p/wk is allot of doe for a working family.

  • Anthony O’Shea

    It wasnt a dash or anything like it. The shinbers were warning Arlene if she didnt step aside the consequences would be serious. Every party and none wanted her out of the place. She had weeks to find a solution with SF but she failed miserably.

    The bedroom tax is decoy nonsense, he waited long enough and all of a sudden he is losing sleep over it. Oh Lordy !

  • mickfealty

    Eh? I think you’ll find that was in place 18 months before Stormont House.