On the failure of the DUP/Sinn Fein Fresh Start (1?)

From Newsline last night… enjoy.

  • ted hagan

    Newton Emerson also has a fine article in today’s Irish Times with a message unionists might care to heed.

  • hotdogx

    Unionism does not seem to understand the give and take principle of power sharing. They didn’t give SF anything to work with. This clip from last night says it all. If the DUP bigots are returned by joe blogs unionists then this will be the end of power sharing, and NI as they know it and if direct rule is imposed a border poll may happen, all bets are off.

  • Redstar

    I remember reading ( and am open to correction) that in every single council that has a Nat majority there’s full rotation ( ALL parties) of posts operated-whilst in every Unionist controlled council there is not

    Surely that says a lot

  • Redstar
  • Ciaran74

    Thanks. When he thinks it through, dispenses with the quirks, Newton can be a fine read.


    The D.U.P. should have got the clear messege from Adams Saturday,
    as one political pundit put it today.They were unable to reassure the public
    that the scandal was not rooted in corruption as opposes to incompetence:.
    It was very unfair to expect the other parties leave her in situation while the
    investigation was carried out.

  • Ciaran Caughey

    Givan’s decision to block the grant for the kids studying Irish was the nail in the coffin for Stormont. My family and friends viewed it as 100% sectarian.We are not going back to being second class citizens in our own country!

  • grumpy oul man

    Indeed the DUP would insist on rotation when they where in the minority but oppose it when they held the power.
    I remember Gregory on talkback once defending this policy as defending unionisn, now where have we heard that claim lately.

  • grumpy oul man

    The last line is so true.
    Unionists keep creating the conditions where deals have to be renegotiated by refusing to make reasonable (and often agreed ) compromises, they then a ct surprised and angry when the negotiations result in them losing more ground.
    A rule in politics (or life) is ,when in a positon of power compromise and you get the compromise that suits you.
    Its a pity that The DUP are too arrogant to see this.

  • Redstar

    Yes I find him one of those commentators who is that good that even though I want him to be wrong- he’s right!

  • ted hagan


  • Up on the hill

    Paul Girvan saying last night , “Now we can’t have an enquiry” 24 hours later Arlene says she would like one under way within days. Go Figure