A great song from Killard House for Christmas…

Music by Leonard Cohen, words adapted for Christmas, marvellous singing from Killard House School Choir in Donaghadee and outstanding soloist Kaylee Rogers…

And, a video that’s currently making waves in the US. H/T Ruarai!

  • Fidellum

    It’s a great wee school. My son attended there and they did very well by him. Delighted to see Kayleigh flourishing with their support.

  • woodkerne

    Wonderful performance and tribute to what is plainly a place of exceptional educational provision. Sure to disarm even the most embattled, cynical and solipsistic. One sincerely hopes their funding is secure?

  • smcgiff

    Hmmm… The singing is really pretty. It’s just… Hmmm. Isn’t it prerecorded? It looks out of sync and how can there be such crisp vocals when there’s no microphone near her. I know… I feel such a grinch. Hope I’m wrong.

    Oh, and the cameraman needs to lose the wandering eye.

    But, it is lovely.

  • mickfealty

    That may be why the soundtrack is so pristine Seamus. Audio is more important than visuals even on YouTube.

  • Cináed mac Artri

    Even the Grinch would wince at that bucket of humbug.

    The child has a microphone pinned to her jumper. You do know it’s been a while since they had to have a Shure 55 on stage?

    Just enjoy the moment. It’s not that difficult.

  • Redstar

    Magnificent. Absolutely great. That child has talent.

  • grumpy oul man

    Was facebooked this the other morning. Started my day off very nicely.
    The young lady is a cdedit to her teachers.

  • grumpy oul man

    And sir you hit the rub.
    Teaching and a school enviorment that has results like this needs money.
    I fear that children and adults with specail needs are among the most at risk when it comes to goverment cuts.

  • smcgiff

    Yeah, I see the mic, still sounds studio recorded. I know, bah humbug… still nice though.

  • notimetoshine

    Well just watch what is due to happen to the music service under the EA. They are facing huge cuts, that jepordise the delivery of music services in their current form.

  • Jonathan Mccullough

    Absolutely brilliant, what a young talent.