Martina Anderson joins the European Parliament’s #Brexit monitoring team…

Along with a Catalan separatist MEP, according to the Glasgow Herald

Mr Terricabras – who represents the SNP’s main Catalan allies Republicana Esquerra in the parliament – made clear his support for a deal with Scotland.

He said: “To me it seems extraordinarily important for Catalans to see the possibilities that there are for an agreement with Scotland, for Scotland to have a new relationship with Europe.”

Never waste a crisis. Except, the French, have confirmed there are no negotiations with Scotland. And, contrary to the impression given by the dFM, the NI Assembly have voted down a special deal for Northern Ireland.

As Bruno noted yesterday:

  • Kevin Breslin

    The fact of the matter is Mick the practical issues will get tedious, the discussion around solving these issues (the phony war as you call it) is simply going to reflect that reality.

    I’m not a Sinn Féin supporter and probably never will be, but I would want to wish the Best of luck to Martina Anderson trying to get a European Dimension for The North.

    I wouldn’t be surprised in Diane Dodds was merely planning her retirement during this period as it seems cross border trade complexity is merely a fait accompli they’ve talked away or lied out of existence. Her husband has gone full Basil Fawlty “Don’t mention the Border” mode.

    DUP is increasingly becoming to mean “Doesn’t Understand Politics”

  • Declan Doyle

    The DUP are doing a great job for nationalism ????

  • BonaparteOCoonassa

    It is early days yet for these sort of dogmatic pronouncements to be made about Scottish and NI outcomes. The UK has not even decided how Article 50 will be introduced, much less anything else.

    Scotland is slowly and persistently creating awareness of it’s pro-EU position and is exploring possible options with the EU governments. This will continue over the two years after Art. 50 being declared. All the signs are that the economic future for the UK will become steadily bleaker, and the imperative and positive requirement for a break-up of the UK will become stronger.

    Similarly with NI, there can be many surprises in the next two and a bit years, if the will and support is there, and the likely outcome is as bad as it currently appears to be..