Join us this Monday for the first Slugger Salon – Understanding The Donald’s Victory…



The Slugger Salon is our new series of live talks and debates. The first one will look at the US election results. What does it mean for America? Globalisation? What challenges and opportunities are there for Northern Ireland?

You’re invited to join in with the discussion of The Donald’s Victory along with the Slugger team and some invited guests who will bring their expertise to the conversation.

Speakers include:
-David McCann – slugger deputy editor
-Alan Meban – slugger contributor
-Chris Raymond – US politics expert from QUB
-Dr Therese Cullen – American citizen and QUB Irish Studies graduate
-Lee Reynolds – DUP policy team

We also hope to have Stefan Andreasson – US politics expert from QUB.

Tickets are free but we do ask that you consider giving us a donation on the night. We want to do more live events but we need your support to cover the costs.

The Salon is run in partnership with Queen’s University Belfast.


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  • Patrick Mac

    there’s little to understand Brian, except that the liberal show has ran out of fizz, right ?

  • What’s to understand? He won the electoral college vote.

    A better question is why the media [and the Democratic Party] got it so wrong…

    “What does it mean for America? Globalisation?”

    No-one knows. Yet. Ask the question in a years time and you might have a chance of an informed discussion.

    “What challenges and opportunities are there for Northern Ireland?”

    It’s not about us.

    But would a Hillary victory have required the same salon questions? No.

    That’s, probably, why he won.

    Hope and Change!


    He said clearly he would put USA interests first and being the next President is that wrong?

  • 05OCT68

    What will Trump’s presidency mean for the concept of American Exceptionalism given his America first “policy statements” ?

  • Thought Criminal

    I’m sure those “experts” will be able to tell us so much if they are in the usual “liberal” cultural Marxist mould as is the norm for Slugger.

    A better question to ask is why so many are still under cultural Marxist mind control and still voting for globalists like Clinton in the coastal blue states, and what can be done to deprogram them and to stop them voting for Democrat-party degeneraccy and against their own interests in the future.

  • Sir Rantsalot

    The answer to understanding DT’s win is simple. Stop listening to the MSM, BBC, Sky News, Newspapers etc, when it comes to politics and matters that you already know won’t be reported fully in the press. People reading independent media for news, have known for many months that there is a big wave of support for DT that has not been seen before. Anti elite establishment. If you listen to the media that is controlled by the elite establishment, then you will only get their false propaganda.

  • Sir Rantsalot

    You should also discuss the media brain washing that a lot of the public were, and still are, affected by. In Brexit we had ‘Project Fear’, end of the world if the UK leaves the EU. In the US election, ‘Project Fear’ has a section of the population in actual fear of Trump, thinking that he is a monster that will destroy the US, and so on. This is mind control. Just look at the crying SJWs over losing the election, some of them look to be in a real terror fear state.

  • Zorin001

    This is an honest question so don’t feel like this is a trap, but what exactly is wrong with Social Justice? Shouldn’t we strive for fair and equitable treatment for all?

  • I’m sure the diverse audience will have their say too!

  • Granni Trixie

    I think the idea of organising discussion events is great and I wish you well. It will be interesting to see however how many takers the are for this particular one. Personally, I find the rise of Trump-ism too depressing to contemplate.

  • Granni Trixie

    Have you any evidence for asserting that it is mind control or irrational fear when people believe that Trump could set back advances In for example equality for women or in value for diversity? The impact on USA culture of Trumps model of behaviour is inestimable. Not to mention that he has the power to press the button,

    I think it’s totally understandable that in the absence of hope people feel despair.

  • Granni Trixie

    So he’s restricting damage he will inevitably inflict to the USA? Many will be happy if he sticks to that.

  • Sir Rantsalot

    waiting for my post to be approved by the slugger thought police !

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