Vote Nobody 2016!


Ahead of the third, and final [thankfully! – Ed], televised debate between the Republican and Democratic parties candidates for US President, BBC Trending reports on the campaigns for the best person for the job – none of the above!

Survey show that dissatisfaction with the two major party candidates is particularly acute amongst young people. According to one survey released Tuesday, nearly a quarter of voters under 35 would prefer to see a giant meteor hit Earth rather than have either Clinton or Trump elected president.

The website, launched by two university students in Colorado, jokes that Hillary Clinton is a “Sith Lord” and that Donald Trump has a “pathological lust for deep fried puppy meat.”

Contrary to the Vote Nobody Facebook page [added link], the site’s founders say they aren’t hoping people just stay home and chuckle at memes on 8 November. Instead they want their peers to vote for third-party candidates, to question the two-party system, and to find candidates in state and local races who align with their values.

“I feel completely unrepresented by Clinton and Trump,” says one of the co-founders, 20-year-old Matt Nagashima. “We wanted to make people question the system and say, maybe there are other options, the political system doesn’t have to be like this.”



Of course, we’ve had giant meteor strikes before…

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  • Zorin001

    If I was eligible I would post a write-in for Great Cthulhu, why settle for the lesser evil?

  • SeaanUiNeill

    And just a little nearer home, an excellent lesson here for our next Stormont election………..

  • Rory of the Hills

    It seems to quite in fashion for people here in the US to say or express “Oh they both suck” and laugh it off or avoid it. In some cases it may simply be a way to avoid discussing the election, but for many it is just an easy way to avoid getting engaged in the political process and taking the time to get informed, no matter how distasteful or thorny.

    The trap of false equivalence is dangerous and seductive, but more so in this extreme case. Fortunately, it looks like the malignant narcissist who threatens our very Republic is on his way to a resounding defeat. Unfortunately, on his way to defeat he is trying to maximize the damage he has done to our body politic by attacking faith in our elections.

  • Rory

    “The trap of false equivalence is dangerous and seductive”

    There are many people who object to both main candidates for different reasons.

    “Unfortunately, on his way to defeat he is trying to maximize the damage he has done to our body politic by attacking faith in our elections.”

    So Bush didn’t steal the 2000 election?

  • Dan

    I wonder how the likes of Colum Eastwood can square his zeal for a Clinton victory with her pro-choice stance on abortion…….

  • chrisjones2

    …or her treament of the bimbos who were Bill’s friends (or victims as we tend to call them)

    ….or of the payment to the Clinton Foundation for acces to Government

    …. or her friends in the media who have been prewarning her of the questions in debates

    …. and her friends in the Middle East who seem to have some very illberal policies at home but to be handy allies and financial supporters

  • chrisjones2

    Sadly though he is being beaten – or so it seems – by another malignant narcissist with a very dodgy track record

    Poor America

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Check out the exposure of Democrat corruption by Project Veritas investigative journalist undercover in the Dem party workers. Exploded on the Internet 2 days ago with over 5mil views. You’ll never see it on the bbc.
    Dem voter fraud and how they go to Trump rallies and start violence.

  • Rory of the Hills

    Never in history have so many respected members of one party disavowed their own party’s nominee, let alone in strong terms in public. Trump is unparalleled in his lack of fitness for high office.

  • hgreen

    Good job most people are intelligent enough to choose a candidate based on their views on range of issues rather than one.

  • Sir Rantsalot

    No. You cant block the exposure of Democrat election rigging and Democrat agitation to create violence at Trump rallies. The truth can’t be stopped. Many people already know this on the internet. You should know also. 4

  • BonaparteOCoonassa

    Wrong. Trump is a volatile idiot who may or may not start a war with anyone or no-one. Clinton is a proven warmonger who is on the record as wanting confrontation, and will almost certainly start a war with both Russia and China. So “Trump is unparalleled” – No.

  • Abucs

    ‘None of the above’ reminds me of that great movie “Brewster’s Millions” with Richard Pryor.

    No matter who you vote for a politician always wins.

  • chrisjones2

    ….but Hilary will only start a war if its profitable

    I loved the email she didnt want relased with the foundation staff member arranging a meeting for a foreign businessmanwhile she was at State. His comment I believe was that it was just as well he wasnt seeking a meeting at the White House “as like he hasnt given us $6 million dollars”

    So how much is a small war then?

  • BonaparteOCoonassa