Vote Nobody 2016!


Ahead of the third, and final [thankfully! – Ed], televised debate between the Republican and Democratic parties candidates for US President, BBC Trending reports on the campaigns for the best person for the job – none of the above!

Survey show that dissatisfaction with the two major party candidates is particularly acute amongst young people. According to one survey released Tuesday, nearly a quarter of voters under 35 would prefer to see a giant meteor hit Earth rather than have either Clinton or Trump elected president.

The website, launched by two university students in Colorado, jokes that Hillary Clinton is a “Sith Lord” and that Donald Trump has a “pathological lust for deep fried puppy meat.”

Contrary to the Vote Nobody Facebook page [added link], the site’s founders say they aren’t hoping people just stay home and chuckle at memes on 8 November. Instead they want their peers to vote for third-party candidates, to question the two-party system, and to find candidates in state and local races who align with their values.

“I feel completely unrepresented by Clinton and Trump,” says one of the co-founders, 20-year-old Matt Nagashima. “We wanted to make people question the system and say, maybe there are other options, the political system doesn’t have to be like this.”



Of course, we’ve had giant meteor strikes before…