Brexit: Why there may be no cake, or else no one around to eat it….

Great piece by Gavin Jackson on Brexit on Cooperative Game theory..

…the UK needs to recruit 20 other countries to agree with it in a period of two years. Its priorities are likely to be restricting immigration and getting the most access to the single market it can. To achieve its goals it will need to pay people off, with the marginal countries able to extract the highest prices.

Or to cut a long story short: either the negotiations end up a lot like Reservoir Dogs, with no agreement and everyone losing the loot, or there is not going to be £350m a week left over in the UK’s budget to give to the NHS.

He also explains why the UK Parliament may have no final say on whether (or how) the UK leaves the EU. Read the whole thing.

  • Kevin Breslin

    At least if we had Chell’s Aperture Device, Liam Fox’s credibility of a post-geography age would have some credibility.

  • chrisjones2

    Training for the negotiations is going well …… the UK Guy is the one left standing at the end

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Looks like anti Brexit opinion pieces seem to be the new Slugger reoccurring united Ireland thread !
    The anti Brexit folks never seem to include the fact that UK EU trade is 2 way and that the EU’s economies are so close to collapse that they are not going to risk damaging their own economies by blocking an agreement. The other thing that anti B folks don’t get, is the fact that big business runs the EU. Not understanding this is one of the reasons they were fooled by the MSM nonsense to vote remain. What ever is agreed, it will not harm business in the UK or EU.