Is it coming to the end of the line for Enda?

Interesting report in today’s Irish Times about the rumblings within Fine Gael

The intermittent rumblings about Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s leadership are preparing Fine Gael for the choice it will have to make. “It’s now the time to start getting organised,” said one of those who will be centrally involved in preparing a leadership hopeful.

The three main contenders are Varadkar, Simon Coveney and Frances Fitzgerald.Varadkar is seen as streets ahead of his rivals in terms of parliamentary party support.

As of now Varadkar appears to be ahead;

One of his supporters estimated that of the 50 Fine Gael TDs, Varadkar could, right now, win 25. A plan to keep the contest within the parliamentary party rather than including the wider membership, as had been discussed between Ministers as a fallback option if Fine Gael faced a snap general election earlier this year, is understood to still be in favour with some in Varadkar’s camp.


  • Skibo

    I believe a lot of the promised SF support drifted off with the ultra Catholic impression that SF were for abortion. I wonder will the idea of having an openly gay person leading a major party in Ireland have any effect. I myself would not have a problem with it but what about the Catholic pull on voters?

  • Roger

    It might have the opposite effect; i.e. be seen by a larger number as trendy to have a gay, ethnically half-Asian leader. He does come across as pretty arrogant sometimes so I’m not sure he’s really such a shoe in.

  • Jack Stone

    See, I disagree, a lot of the promised SF support in the Republic is what it has always been, soft Fianna Fail support which was, like steel returning to the magnet, returning to it’s natural position once Fianna Fail made the proper conservative abeyances to seem moderate enough. Sinn Fein has to be careful not to seem too liberal and Fianna Fail has to be careful not to seem too conservative because they are fighting over the same voters.