US public attitudes towards Jewish immigrants fleeing Hitler’s Germany in 1938…

One of the earliest examples of a major opinion poll, I’m just putting this here for historical context…


It’s a long way from there to the more generous wartime nostrums of Casablanca. (Direct democracy advocates, take note?)


  • chrisjones2

    I agree. The problem we face now is distinguishing the genuine asylum seekers from the likes of Libya, Syria and South Sudan with those from areas like the Indian Sub Continent and Africa who are simply economic migrants who have been deluded that Europe is some sort of Eldorado.

  • Gopher

    The problem we face is an obsolete mindset in the face of new challenges. In ages past Europe had the escape valve of the Americans to take refugees, political, religious or otherwise. The West is likely going to have to reavalute a form of colonialism to create a country or countries out of failed states for refugees.

  • Abucs