Indian Summer School: Nationalism After Brexit

THREE rising stars of Irish politics are set to come together to discuss whether Brexit will help or hinder the future prospects for a united Ireland.

Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy, Fianna Fáil foreign affairs spokesman Darragh O’Brien and the SDLP’s Claire Hanna will take part in a roundtable discussion on the impact of June’s EU referendum result on nationalism at the Lighthouse Summer School in Killough, Co Down.

The discussion is based on the premise that Article 50 will be triggered at some stage in the near future and that Brexit will happen.

Details are below, all are welcome to attend and discuss this important topic


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  • Declan Doyle

    I would love to go but can’t, I assume u will do a good piece on it?

  • the rich get richer

    Can you actually eat a “Light” Lunch (Lighthouse summer School and all that )

    On a more illuminating point……..Is their any representative with a contraire opinion likely to be there ?

  • Kevin Breslin

    7.30 bus from Derry to Belfast then to Downpatrick then to Killough … Might be worth the trip.

    Really a good way to exploit the iLink 4 card I have.