David Gordon appointed as the new Executive Press Secretary

The current editor of the Nolan Show and the odd time has written some pieces for this website, David Gordon has been announced as the new NI Executive Press Secretary.  David was often credited as the man responsible for conducting the in-depth research that saw many local politicians caught out on their figures during the now infamous manifesto interviews during election time.

Before moving to the BBC, Gordon was a Political Correspondent for the Belfast Telegraph and has written books such as the Fall of the House of Paisley.

David will now be charged with selling the work of the First and Deputy First Minister and will have to lead in how the government deals with the media in Northern Ireland.


  • David Gordon comments: “This is an opportunity I simply could not turn down.
    It’s an exciting new challenge for me after some five and a half very rewarding years with the Nolan Show and BBC.
    Politics has changed at Stormont with the Fresh Start Agreement and the outcome of May’s Assembly Election.
    Bread and butter issues will be at the forefront of the next five years and the Executive has vital work to do improving and protecting public services.
    I will enjoy getting a different perspective on the interaction between journalists and Government.
    Journalists have a duty to hold politicians to account and ask the tough questions that need to be asked. I’ve always tried to do that.
    But it is important that Government has space to make its case too.”

  • Nevin

    Has some re-branding taken place?

    Working in parallel with the Executive Information Service, this newly created role will involve providing expert media advice to the First Minister, deputy First Minister and wider Executive, as well as spearheading the communication of Executive policies and strategies.

    Stephen Grimason has just retired from his post as Director of Communications

  • Kevin Breslin

    Yes, so the official opposition (UUP/SDLP) and the unofficial opposition (Alliance Greens, PBPA, TUV) and the unelected unofficial oppositions (Trade Unions, Jamie Bryson etc.) have to deal with the full brunt of Nolan producer dumb down politics added to 16 unelected SPADS, Clare Sugden and the central commands of the overpublicized parties of Sinn Féin & DUP here?

    Sounds like fun.

    That and the fact that this site did not even bother to cover the Ulster Unionists Brexit plan…


    The first of many, well first of some anyway.

    Instead it would rather focus on one party’s main public spokesperson


    And another party’s spin doctoring episodes


    While serious issues politics are dismissed … well for the most part.


  • SDLP supporter

    He’s gone over to the Dark Side. The outrageous salary and the big pension were too tempting.

  • mickfealty

    Another ‘old’ BBC man…

  • mickfealty

    We’re contemplating some tweaks to the design that will enable us to re-insert our old timely ways of tracking quicker flowing stories…

  • Brendan Heading

    David Gordon is well respected by the local political and journalism class and is the acknowledged brains behind the Nolan Show. It’s a real coup for the Executive to land someone with this kind of extensive media background. Best of luck with the new job David.

  • Mike the First

    There are brains behind the Nolan Show??

  • Kevin Breslin

    I hope you take what I say as mere constructive criticism, not an attack. I did praise you though in the end.

  • Nevin

    David, the journalist, might well have been interested in this topical activity:

    Finance Minister Mairtin O Muilleoir praised the firm, saying: “I have no doubt Concentrix’s confidence in the future will impact positively on other potential investors and help rejuvenate Belfast along the Lagan.” .. BelTel, August 28

    Concentrix, the US firm accused of incorrectly withdrawing tax credits from hundreds of claimants, will not have its contract renewed, HMRC says. .. BBC, September 13

    It might be even more of a challenge for a Government press secretary

  • Nevin

    Was this newly created role advertised? Will there be a new Director of Communications?

  • Brian Walker

    David was an excellent investigative political correspondent. Let’s hope he doesn’t get stuck in Executive mud.

  • Nevin

    It appears that David doesn’t fit the description of the other 8 SpAds in the Executive Office. Is he a Joint SpAd or a semi-SpAd?

    Even before he settles behind his new desk, questions are being asked about the appointment procedure – and not just by me:

    Stormont go-slow on new spin chief

    The TUV leader, Jim Allister, has written to the Public Appointments Commissioner, Judena Leslie, asking her to investigate the appointment.

    Mr Allister asked whether she had given prior authorisation for the appointment and asked her to launch an inquiry because there is “already public disquiet about the process followed in the appointment [and] I believe it is incumbent upon you to investigate in order to preserve public confidence in your role”.

    Nesbitt raises questions over appointment of spin doctor David Gordon

    “AQW 2998/16-21 Mr Jim Allister (TUV – North Antrim)

    To ask the First Minister and deputy First Minister to detail the process by which the post of Executive Press Secretary was recently filled, including the advertising process and the number of applicants short listed and interviewed. [Priority Written] .. 14/09/2016”