The fast sacking of Daithi McKay shows that Sinn Fein is maturing into government

There are I suppose two basic questions outstanding  about the unholy alliance between the disgraced and now former Sinn Fein MLA and Finance committee chair  Daithi McKay and the loyalist rascal Jamie Bryson. Who  originally floated the  Nama allegations which it’s suggested were accessed from an iCloud account and were not made up by Sinn Fein? Or is this a purely a pathetic piece of evasion to lessen the impact and spread the load of guilt?

Secondly, was McKay acting alone with fellow north Antrim Sinn Feiner Thomas O’ Hara or did the plot to brief Bryson go even higher up the party?  However poor the relations between the DUP and Sinn Fein at the time, I would no more expect Mairtin OMeuilloir  to be implicated than the main target himself,  Peter Robinson.

On the face of it the rapid defenestration of McKay is an example of maturity from Sinn Fein, whether out of a need for containment or calm reflection. It shows a party keener on appearing responsible than pulling juvenile strokes.It also suggests that bright young things of the new Sinn Fein generation were given more rope than was good for them. But the decline of the old politburo style is probably inevitable  as the Troubles recede.

McKay’s sacking sits well with the terms Gerry Adams has set for dialogue with dissident republicans and shows an acute awareness of the need for public respect. Speculation about McKay as a scapegoat for other’s involvement is inevitable. But unless names and evidence are uncovered quite soon about what was always a far- fetched allegation, I suspect the waters will close over the head of McKay the rising star, as if he had never existed.

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  • piouspriest

    You seem to suggest a fine line between mature politics and manipulative politics.

  • Anglo-Irish

    There isn’t one. All politics are manipulative.

  • chrisjones2

    I agree. McKay is toast and all those around him will be purged

  • SDLP supporter

    Wish I could be as sanguine as you, Brian, about the ‘mature politics’. As I have said often on this site what passes for politics here is going more and more to resemble what went on in states like Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and elsewhere in the Deep South of the USA for most of the twentieth century, even as the money flow from the UK Treasury and the EU ceases.
    Huey Long and Theodore Bilbo would have been impressed at the rapidity and ruthlessness of the Sinn Fein response. Of course, it’s to protect people further up the Sinn Fein food chain, but most of all to preserve ‘Fresh Start’ and the gravy train that keeps on giving, come what may. Best of all for DUP and Sinn Fein, the majority here will continue to vote for them, come what may, and turn a perpetual blind eye to the corruption.
    The intervention of ‘enforcer’ Raymond McCartney is to ensure that nobody in the Sinn Fein wing of the ‘movement’ gets restless.
    So, the events of yesterday were a side show. The only hope is that the criminal investigations, especially from the US end (the UK National Crime Agency is too susceptible to pressure) turn up something, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • Skibo

    Question, was he sacked or did he commit Harakari? Taking one for the greater good!

  • Skibo

    I wouldn’t hold my breath on NCA or the US. The money trail was purged when the funds were retrieved by Tughans.
    Interesting though how the biggest squealler over this escapade is Sammy Wilson who suggested the two names to the Irish Government as possible buyers of the NAMA property portfolio in NI.
    Ian Coulter is the only man to clear this up. Anybody any idea of who he met while negotiating the deal?

  • Glenn

    Is this all part of their evolving and growing up in politics. We were treated to glimpses of them in troubles mode after two murders last year.

    After these two murders, we got a report stating that the IRA’s so called army council was still active and pulling strings in Sinn Fein. But they denied that so that makes it all alright and part of their maturing politics.

    As for this latest debacle, no one from the shinners/provos has faced the media, really grown up. But are we surprised with this, that is their stock response when in a tight corner.

    If anyone has any information into the murder of Kevin McGuigan, take that to the PSNI. Grown up politics is more than a bland vacuous statement Brian,

  • chrisjones2

    Harakari was a matter of honour. This was enforced

  • SDLP supporter

    Good point. Was it not Sammy Wilson who, as Minister for Finance, nominated Frank Cushnahan and Ronnie Hanna to sit on the NAMA NI advisory committee?

  • Sherdy

    A supporter of a party/or member who has had a leader of the calibre of Dr Alasdair McDonnell should maybe take care of his glass house before throwing stones at anyone else’s!