Refugees Welcome service launches in NI

Refugees Welcome Northern IrelandMáirín Murray from Refugees Welcome NI explains the background to their new project and the opportunity for people to register to offer accommodation in their homes.

Do you have room to spare? Refugees Welcome Northern Ireland is now live and we are urgently looking for hosts to accommodate refugees. You can register now on our website.

Refugees Welcome matches offers of accommodation in people’s homes with refugees who need somewhere to live. It offers people a chance to help in a very practical way by opening up their homes to make refugees welcome. The project is a bottom-up initiative and has been developed by volunteers.

Refugees Welcome How It Works graphic

We were inspired by the amazing goodwill and action during collections for the Calais Convoy and started to wonder what we could do for local refugees and asylum seekers literally on our own doorstep. We heard of the Refugees Welcome project in Germany dubbed an ‘Airbnb’ for refugees and asylum seekers and wanted to do something locally here. We reached out to the group in Berlin and Refugees Welcome NI is now live.

Refugees and asylum seekers in Northern Ireland face many challenges with regards to finding somewhere to live. For instance when an asylum seeker’s claim is refused by the Home Office and they are in process of appealing, they are evicted from National Asylum Support Service (NASS) accommodation and made destitute.

Refugees Welcome Mural - photo by Máirín MurrayRefugees Welcome NI is a division of Refugees Welcome International which was founded in 2015 by a group of young people in Berlin who wanted to do something practical to help refugees. They have been mentoring similar projects as they are set up across Europe. We know the Refugees Welcome model and service can work here.

So far through Refugees Welcome Germany people have moved into 346 homes. Through Refugees Welcome Austria people have moved into 338 places. Refugees Welcome Greece matched 39 and Refugees Welcome Poland matched 10 persons, Refugees Welcome Spain matched 6 refugees to shared flats and Refugees Welcome Netherlands matched 6 persons, Refugees Welcome Portugal matched 6 persons and Refugees Welcome Italy matched 12 persons. Through Refugees Welcome Sweden people have moved into 45 homes, Refugees Welcome Canada/Roofs4Refugees matched 1 person.

We are non-political and believe that the host and refugee are on a par and both will gain from living and sharing with each other. We value equality and prioritise based on need rather than country of origin or religion.

The FAQs on our website give more practical details and you can contact if you have any questions. Please  follow us on Facebook and share the opportunity with others.

Could you offer accommodation or help by joining the team?

Photo – Máirín Murray

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  • Sir Rantsalot

    For truth you need to get you’re info from independant news sources online. Do not believe anything put out by bbc sky cnn etc.
    This is the age we live in. If you don’t free yourself from msm propaganda then you are a fool.

  • Oggins

    Your not a nice person. I not going to engage with some calling themselves sir rantsalot. Yeah all the Syrians are stabbing and raping. Good Europeans are good Christian. Wise up

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Do what you want, I didn’t say everyone or make any assertion about Europeans. So go ahead with you’re SJW triggering. Explain your rant. Give us a laugh… ?

  • Oggins

    Dude, you said go and apologies for stabbing and beheading above. Not going to entertain this silliness. Are all of them good people no and are there large numbers who are, yes. Do we have a duty, yes we do. Do I support these people with £? Yes.

    There is a massive war happening. What is your solution, stop them at the border? You have not offered one logical option. You just labeled them as looking for benefits. Europeans have pillaged the world. I am more annoyed at the fact your making me use history. I sound like one of these MOPEs.

    Now go back to your fair right web sites and blog there, and leave us normal humane people along to have proper discussions

  • Hugh Davison

    You are barbaric by my standards.

  • Hugh Davison

    Give us a few links please, Thomas. You’re beginning to sound a bit hysterical (in the middle ages you’d be perfect crusade fodder).

  • Cosmo

    yeah, to quote an utter prat ..,”we’re tired of experts “! ….Or journalistic standards which require verification of a story?
    do you enjoy the internet offerings of the majestically titled Associated Media Press – which literallly makes stories up, to get spread round on the ‘alternative’ rumour blogs?
    do you enjoy being manipulated by the sinster output of Breitbart, Gatestone, Wnd, Fox etc. ( check their funding, sources and associated agendas).

  • Cosmo

    The Invasion of Iraq and commencement of recent severe Middle East destabalisation was done by GOP GW Bush administration and the Neo-Cons, who are morphed into the US AIPAc Islamaphobic activists you are a mouthpiece now. They want a Clash of Civilisations, to replace the Cold War. Wars make money for the people supplying the tools of war. Hmmmm barbarism…., US is 5% of world population with 25% of the world’s prisoners. We don’t want US Islamaphobic -and-racist ideas being exported into Europe.
    As for Globalist policies… are you referring to Cerberus Corporation hoovering up discount deals in Ireland and elsewhere in Europe, started up, by one of Trump’s economic advisers ?

  • Cosmo

    is it home schooling which accounts for the plodding belligerance, perchance ?
    Why are you so frightened ?
    Don’t worry, Europeans are not so cowardly as to have let one major terror event, throw an entire nation into such a state of funk, it turned quickly to torture and taking away legal rights from its citizens…..
    you need more backbone, less froth.

  • grumpy oul man

    How does moving to a war zone help refugees, surely that would be madness.
    the way to show you care is to give them refuge .

  • Am Ghobsmacht


    On that note, who funds Breitbart?

    I’m a fan of Milo even if i disagree with some of his far right stances but i have wondered (in a boring father Fitzgerald voice) “what’s the cyatch? “

  • Cosmo

    appreicate MSM lost credibility particularly in GW Bush and Iraq invasion period (eg: Judith Miller) .
    Check out Robert Mercer (referred to in para towards end of long article, link see below)
    But how could you trust the intentions towards humanity, of an outfit which backed Palin and Cruz – as truthiness plumbs new depths of degradation?

  • SeaanUiNeill

    As PP is taking his time explaining, perhaps this might clarify the joke:

    We should also be questioning any trade with Dutch interests by this evaluation. And, hey, even I’m willing to accept that the contemporary Dutch are not actually responsible for our own woes from the invasion of 1688/9!!!!!

  • Sir Rantsalot

    The countries and societies that the current wave of immigrants are coming from, believe that honor killing of your own children or family members is the right thing to do. If you cant bring yourself to call that barbaric, then you are not living in the real world.
    Here are some facts and figures. If you actually search and read information yourself you will find out the truth. If you read MSM and listen to what the news presenter tells you on Sky News, then you will never find out the truth.

    “200,000+ crimes by refugees” in Germany alone

    “Drawing only from German media reports, the list documents more than 160 instances of rape and sexual assault committed by migrants in train stations, swimming pools and other public places against victims as young as seven.”

    “Authorities across the country have been accused of downplaying the true extent of the problem by suppressing information about migrant-related crimes”

  • Oggins

    Western countries are predominantly Christian.

    Thou shall not kill.

    Thou shall not steal

    Thou shall not covet

    Your point?

  • Sir Rantsalot

    What is Associated Media Press? I googled but only got general associated press media links. What alternative rumour blogs do you speak of? I prefer news websites myself. Drudge Report is excellent for the US election news.
    Breitbart is quite good. No PC skirting around the issue. I love Milo. He says it like it is. Plenty of clips on YouTube. You should watch one of his US university talks. You can see the intolerance of SJWs.
    Care to expand on the manipulated and sinister stuff?
    The thing is, these days only a fact based argument is taken seriously. The days of list the usual isms and ists and thinking you have made an argument are gone.

  • Cosmo

    The United States National Institutes of Health reports that annually 97,000 students experience alcohol sexual assault or date rape.
    More recently it is being highlighted that Judges and colleges have been accused of downplaying the appalling behaviour of their jocks and football playing students

  • Cosmo

    Apologies, I mistyped and should have typed ‘Associated Media Coverage’. Infamous, for just making stories up with no actual evidence or witnesses.
    See this one, for example. See link below….Covered no-where else. ( I am wondering about what happened to this educationally sub woman myself, especially after FBI tried to keep the first wife quiet about Mateen’s gay activities)…..

    Gatestone is generating a lot of tosh, which it is paying European-based writers to disseminate. If you want to engage some forums, which do not understand the idea of discussion or facts…. have a look at those on WND.

    Meanwhile, in Saturday’s FT, an interview with one of Trump’s supporters, and admirers of Nixon, Roger Stone, he also refers to this dystopian immigrant ‘horde’ mythology and says, if Clinton gets in….”If she wins, we’re done as a nation. We’ll be overrun by hordes of young Muslims, like German and France, raping, killing, volating, desecrating. You can see that. It’s happening there.”

  • Sir Rantsalot

    What’s your point? My point was that we should not let in millions of people who’s ideology is to kill us.

  • Sir Rantsalot

    What are you saying in your point !! You must know that the terrorist atrocities in Europe as done according to the teaching of Islam. You can also look up the verses online if you want.
    There are no Christians beheading people and mass killing according to any biblical teaching.
    What is your point?

  • Cosmo

    You are trying to imply that there is a crime wave in Germany/Europe, caused by Muslim immigrants. And also trying to imply that the authorities are keeping the information from the people. I would rather live in Berlin, than any US city.
    I was just pointing out to you a little known sex and alcohol ‘crime wave’ in US colleges. And that US ‘authorities’ are now being shown to have downplayed the violence and mysogny amongst their preppie star players. Maybe you need another injection of ‘decency’ DNA.

  • Oggins

    My point is your being hypocritical. Christian western armies are committing murder. Where is your outrage on that?

    To have wide sweeping generalisations is wrong. You will find whatever ‘facts’ you want to apply it to justify your sectarianism.

    Again, whats your views of western armies and.the application on the ten commandments?

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Western armies are secular. You’re on your own in cloud cuckoo land if you are claiming they are Christian armies, LOL !
    They follow secular government orders. The governments are democratically elected by the people in the western countries. How on earth do you get hypocritical from that?

  • Oggins

    I think its hypocritical that someone who says they are Christian is able to give out about Islam and its horrors. You are creating wide sweeping statements on Islam that I did with Christianity. The whole point was to show how foolish you are.

    If western countries are secular, can you expand on why.for god and country logic is applied in UK and states?

    Your logic is flawed. Does the fact that the nationalist groups in Europe who commit terror offences, blacken all of natiomalism? No

    You only apply what you want to see, to allow your sectarianism.

    Your clearly someone who fears different faiths and approaches to life

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Its not a site I read, so I cant really comment. If you know it makes stuff up then don’t read it. If I discovered it was full of lies I would stop reading it. I tend to wait until I have read info from a variety of source sites and also backed up by naming the sources.
    Drudge Report is the best for US news. Its just links to other media sites. So you can get info from different sources.
    Have you seen the Clinton Cash documentary? Its on Breitbart and also on YouTube.

  • Cosmo

    Haven’t things changed for Drudge/Breitbart, since Andrew Breitbart died, suddenly, and it was taken over by Steve Bannon – who, amongst other activities, gave quite a bit of support to Sarah Palin.

  • grumpy oul man

    I think a good idea would be for you to read the Koran because basically you are talking nonsense.
    of course like the bible some nuts misuse it to justify there hatred of others as we see in this country or in Nutters like the Westboro Baptist Church. I believe that History in full of good Christians killing each other because the Bible tell them it is the right thing to do.
    But perhaps you could point me to the part of the Koran (be aware that i will check any quote against my copy) which instructs Muslims to kill nonbelievers!

  • grumpy oul man

    of course the fact that they are ordered to kill by good Christians ( G W bush, Iran!) but lets not let the truth get in the way of a good rant,

    Strange isn’t it strange that Muslims all share guilt but Christians don’t..