Cartoon – “Higher daddy! Higher!”

It looks like a spoof news story from Waterford Whispers, but it’s true – A playpark with normally strict by-laws is being relocated to facilitate a bonfire.

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  • Jarl Ulfreksfjordr

    “Goading”? Good lord get over yourself (the bit about being up-marked is just sad and pathetic).

    You posted “Bottom line in your response was about the diesel smuggling.” If that’s what you understood from reading my post then I’m frankly astounded.

    That being said, your little quips about “tinted glasse” (glasses?), ‘man-playing’ I believe, and “full (ly) condemn” accusing me of supporting illegal bonfires in a pathetically underhand way is, as I’ve mentioned above, astounding. It does though clearly show where you are coming from, and it’s not a good place.

    Still your one-dimensional approach to issues, together with an inability to even try to explore why a situation may exist in the way that it does, your desire to distill things down to monosyllabic repetitions of comments confined to simplistic condemnations, repeated endlessly throughout the thread, does garner, as your self esteem compelled you to mention, the approval of some fellow readers, who also obviously operate on your unchallenging level.

  • DOUG

    I think the difference here is, it wasn’t someone saying it, it was a banner hung on the actual bonfire.

  • grumpy oul man

    So could we have your ideas on how to deal with young boys putting themselves and others in danger on the roads.

  • grumpy oul man

    yep they are not that bad, why do you think that is,how come Ardoyne and Davis don’t have to put up with this behavior?

  • grumpy oul man

    I see former UUP MLA Adrian Cochrane-Watson has identified the people responsible for the tires at Ballycraigy Bonfire.
    It was the Irish News wot done it, it had the cheek to run a article on this bonfire and this so incensed the local bonfire builders to go and get the tires (luckily there was at least 5000 maybe 10,000 available in short notice) and show the Irish News they were not to be messed with.
    See its all themmuns fault.

  • Jollyraj

    Better schools and, key, integrated education. To be started immediately.

  • Oggins

    Jarl, you obviously like it when someone points out a clear flaw in your statement. My whole point was based around the fact, you threw in the whataboutery about the other side and diesel.

    Can you point out where I said you supported the bonfires?

    My one dimensional approach? Jarl you obviously are missing my original point. Please read again. My whole point was you decided to do your whataboutery!

    If you read it again I also highlight there is plenty of bonfires that won’t have the burning of ethic, political and religious symbols. You see!not be really annoyed that I have called out your whataboutery.

    I will leave you on your higher thought plain and us much less intelligent person will stand back and marvel at your statements, with there dollop of whataboutery.

    When you comment on an article based on the stupidity of moving a play park so an illegal bonfire can happen. Please keep it relevant, to the article, and as said before, if you have issues with dodgy Sam the diesel man, them start an article. I will fully support you, and comment agreeing.

    Also easy on your whataboutery ( only highlighted it a few times for you)

  • Oggins

    Ted fair point.

    I really don’t think that anyone should really goad or stir. It defeats the purpose, be it gael or chris

  • grumpy oul man

    That is the Ideal solution, but long term how would you suggest we stop this antisocial behavior now!

  • ted hagan

    And that gets nobody anywhere. It’s the same bigotry you are throwing at them as they are throwing at you; All too easy.

  • ted hagan

    And now they’re looking for Irish passports and they don’t even watch GAA never mind speak our language. Tsk..