Cartoon – Life after #brexit

Farage has left the stage. The “most important” and “most successful” politician of the last decade, says Rod Liddle. That’s up for debate. 

Christoph Waltz likened his exit to a rat disembarking a sinking ship. 
I’m struck by how he said he wants his life back. I’m sure there are a great many million and more people who think the same, except they don’t have a golden life raft to jump in to…

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  • Nevin

    Mr Verhofstadt: “The Brexiters do not have a clue what needs to be done. Cameron, Johnson and Farage behave like rats fleeing a sinking ship.”

    [Christolf Waltz] told Sky News in an interview: “Of course the head rat would leave the sinking ship”

    “Instead of developing the plan, they are leaving the boat,” [Mr Juncker] said.

    So which Remain parrot squawked first? Was it the Norwegian blue?

  • Jag

    If your lifetime political raison d’etre is to extract your country from the EU, then Nigel has done that.

    As for the whingers who want a 2nd election, unless and until they can bring 17m onto the streets, they’re just sore losers, that’s democracy, Baby!

  • Paul Hagan

    Yes, well we haven’t left yet. If Mr Farage’s track record is anything to go by he’ll do well in the vote (done) and then fail to follow-up on it (done). If he was really serious about it he’d stay in place to make sure we actually left, though I doubt we’ve seen or heard the last from him

  • Jollyraj

    Not really democracy, bringing 17 million onto the streets. Sounds more like Hitlerian street politics from the ’30’s.

  • Teddybear

    Farage is a national hero. Sorry to see him go but he deserves his retirement. His ideas will live on. Lots of talented people in UKIP

    am I really the only person here whose stomach turned to see Saint Bob Geldof of Lower Ego heckle and insult poor working fishermen on the Thames? Geldof was accompanied by his millionaire luvvy friends to boot.

    Man of the people? I always had Geldof down as an egomaniac who used the plight of famine as fuel for his own ambitions.

    The people saw through this and kicked the establishment where it hurts. How I will celebrate when Article 50 is triggered.

    Up th ordinary people and our unfashionable views and ways. We have flexed our muscles and we are on the march.

    We will fight you on the deli counters, we will fight you on your gap year with habitat for humanity (ie look at my CV. I’ve ticked the ‘I care’ box), we will never surrender