Diane Abbot mistake

The squabbling in Labour is clearly taking its toll. This written question must have been put in when Diane Abbott was Shadow Secretary for DFID, at last count (yesterday at 1pm) she was one of just two people covering the whole Health brief.

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  • Abucs

    Now perhaps you should pay attention.
    All Christian schools, publications and social groups were disbanded.

    2000 members of the Catholic Political Party were rounded up and incarcerated by the National Socialist Workers Party before the Catholic party was disbanded.

    Nazi plans under Minister Rosenberg called for the confiscation of all Christian Church property, banning of bibles and the forced removal of all crucifixes and pictures of saints from churches.

    Point 5 of the Nazi Ministers plan

    5. The National Reich Church is determined to exterminate irrevocably and by every means the strange and foreign Christian faiths imported into Germany in the ill-omened year 800.

    Newspaper report.

    Paper from Nuremberg trial documents. Persecution of the Christian churches.