The last 48 hours of post Brexit hysterics in 11 Tweets…

Honestly, where do you start? I know, here’s Twitter…

  • Kevin Breslin

    Getting hysterics from Guido Fawkes is a bit like getting a drop of water from a lake.

  • jporter

    That clip of Faisal Islam from the Sunny Hundal tweet is hilarious, and depressing.

  • Kevin Breslin

    Westminster has been terrible on this:

    They would be better going to the Council of Ministers and taking anything they offer without complaining.

    I said what would happen if the UK went to the EU without a plan. They have a plan, Scotland has a plan. The Republic of Ireland had a plan. UK was all over the place.

  • chrisjones2

    All these poor Members of the Commentariat who want instant answers when Dave has shuffled off and left a vacuum

    The best was today with Marr to Javid this morning – will you be spending an extra £350m a week on the NHS from next week, if not when and why the delay


  • mickfealty

    Juvenile because the time to ask was beforehand?

  • mickfealty


  • Abucs

    I’ve tried to make this point many times before. There is a secular, politically correct religion that has been promoted across western countries and if you scratch the surface it is incredibly authoritarian. As it always has been.

    I am coming across quite reasonable people who are extremely angry that ordinary people should have been given a vote to challenge what i can only describe as their politically correct religion. These people have wrapped their values up in the power and direction of the state. They believe the state belongs to their religion.

    I had a beer yesterday with Belgium and Dutch friends watching Belgium humble the Hungarians in Euro 2016. Both were in favour of a political class elite who should rule on behalf of their own enlightened value system. These are good guys but if you want to know where fascism is likely to appear today, it is with those expressing the view that the state must uphold their politically correct religion. Ordinary people be damned.

  • Jag

    I think the most significant non-hysterical headline this weekend was

    “End of the UK? New survey shows 59% support Scottish independence after Brexit vote”

    Scottish independence now appears a certainty. And remember the jitters here in NI during the last Scottish referendum?