Referendum result: DUP in touch with Middle England

Mick has his first thoughts on the EU referendum below. He has pointed out that although the majority of Northern Ireland voted to remain it was close: realistically most unionists voted to leave.

To disgress for a moment. Prior to last year’s assembly election people suggested the DUP were beginning to lose touch with substantial parts of the unionist electorate. The victory for the UUP in South Antrim and the fairly close run win for the DUP in East Belfast was seen as axiomatic of this change.

Then came the assembly election and Arlene’s triumph.

Now turning back to the referendum. The DUP seems once again to have judged the mood of the unionist population pretty correctly. As a further thought though note that only one party (except UKIP with 1 seat) in Westminster solidly supported what has now been shown to be the majority will of the British people: that party is the DUP. Maybe middle England is much more akin to the views of the DUP than many might like to think.

Much is to be written about what happens now but those who laugh at the DUP as being totally out of touch with and alien to the median British population might want to think again. As a final comment for now if one wants an example of an out of touch party and leader spare a thought for Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru which brands itself as “The Party of Wales” who strongly backed the EU whilst the people of Wales voted heavily for Brexit.

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  • grumpy oul man

    OK the figures don’t suit your argument i get that, and you have nothing to back up your claim that we will get our share of anything saved i get that also.
    what i don’t get is your reluctance to discuss points that you brought up and since you don’t seem to have anything else to do on a Sunday but discuss the referendum on slugger why the sudden shyness when asked to support your claims.

  • murdockp

    Not under the guise of Irish republicanism led by SF, but it will.

    but by normal people who want the best for their children, like me.

    Last week I would never have voted for a United Ireland, but my attitude has changed as I am a European and I will do what it takes to keep being a European.

    Lets hope SF realise there are thousands out there like me and they pack away their tricolours and let events take over.

  • murdockp

    How about just moving the border to the bit which is blue, the top Antrim corner, everyone happy,

  • Chingford Man

    Silly statement. Unless you planning to sink yourself in the north Atlantic somewhere, you will always be a European. And if you have an Irish passport then you can also be an EU citizen (at least until the EU collapses).

  • Chingford Man

    Perhaps, but wouldn’t that be gerrymandering and you nationalists are supposed to hate that?

  • John Collins

    Do not worry about we been bankrupt. We now have 7% growth and are paying our debts. We are a resolute nation. We withstood the Famine when a prominent English commentator joyously said ‘the sight of an Irishman in Connemara would as scarce as that of a Red Indian in Manhattan’ I think you can say be underestimated us.
    Also with the National Debt of GB rocketing by £5,000 a second, even before you left the EU, I would be just as concerned about the state of my country, if I were you