#SluggerReport: A good night on the media for Leave…

This morning’s #SluggerReport. It’s a longish one, but with the highest live viewer total yet. Key references include this report of last night’s ITV debate from The Times Red Box team giving thumbs down to Boris but thumbs up to Camp Leave.

Even among Conservatives, Johnson was the choice of 12 per cent, behind Leadsom (33 per cent) and Stuart (35 per cent).When we repeated the poll at the end, there was a smaller sample size of 253, but Leave voters were unmoved.

The only significant change was Rudd improving her standing among Remain voters. At the end of the programme, 60 per cent of self-declared “undecided” viewers said they would now vote Leave, with the remaining 40 per cent still to make up their minds.

And this strongly worded leader in the Economist accusing Jeremy Corbyn of sabotaging the Remain campaign:

The choice Britain faces on June 23rd will have profound consequences, not least for Labour voters poorly placed to weather a post-Brexit recession. Yet just 52% of Labour supporters say that they will vote, compared with 69% of Tories. Little more than half of them even know that their party is for staying in the EU.

Oh dear. My slim 10p stake is still on a Remain victory, but if the Red team is not planning to show up, then it could get very squeaky. Meanwhile, it is all down to the Blue team and some limited help from Nichola Sturgeon from the SNP.

As for last night’s debate on The View, if I say that Gregory Campbell towered above all his rivals that will give you some flavour what a car crash it was for Remain. For extra value, read David Grant on how plebiscites poison the well of democracy.

Mick is founding editor of Slugger. He has written papers on the impacts of the Internet on politics and the wider media and is a regular guest and speaking events across Ireland, the UK and Europe. Twitter: @MickFealty

  • kensei

    So let me get this right. If Leave wins, this is the fault of Labour, particularly their leader, who were already serious struggling with their connection to their heartland communities and have consistently made the case for Remain. And, not as one might think, the Conservatives and their Leader, who promised a referendum for short term electoral gain without thinking through the consequences, then proceeded to make a pig’s ear of the campaign (which is a prerequisite to lose). After getting a warning shot over Scotland, to boot.

    Nothing like spinning early.

  • Kevin Breslin

    Wasn’t it beaten by some DIY program on another channel?

    You are talking a figure around the same as Top Gear is, the one presented by Chris Evans.

  • terence patrick hewett

    The one great hope for Africa and its peoples to stand on their own feet is agriculture and CAP renders that a non-starter.

  • chrisjones2

    Interesting blind panic in last 48 hours in Labour with shock that many Labour voters looking at Jezza and telling the Party to **** off they were for Brexit. On BBC News at lunchtime they were quoting many comments to canvassers as ‘unbroadcastable’ …clearly Burnham and Mann want to be on the right side of history while Rudd may find that he comments on Boris and hectoring attacks have done her real damage. Dave wont help her when he has gone

  • chrisjones2

    …no no no …..the Chris Evans programme is not CAP …..it has an R in the name ………………….and all the Charisma of an evening discussing dialectic materialism with Jezza

  • chrisjones2

    No…. if we vote Leave then shock horror its because we want to leave the EU…….. and with the numbers moving as they are its worth risking a £10

  • mickfealty

    Read it to the end? Or is the red link still too painful for you to click on?

    As for Labour there’s no real money in this for them if they lose, just deeper recrimination.

  • Karl

    Interesting to note that its low paid workers who are most affected by EU membership with the increased competition for low skilled jobs driving wages lower, are also now being told that Brexit will affect them most by killing growth. Who’d be a worker?

  • Dominic Hendron

    This is just confusing

  • hgreen

    More anti Corbyn b.s. from the economist. I wonder why the Labour leader doesn’t want to engage. Labour never wanted the referendum. Sitting back and watching the tories rip themselves apart is a wise move.

  • kensei

    I read this article from thebstart to the end. You know, the things *you* chose to highlight. I’m not going to read all the articles linked off this one, or indeed any other article. I may browse some of them, if I’m interested enough. But the entire point of these sorts of sites is I don’t have to. You are basically worthless otherwise.

    Maybe you need to spend less time hectoring your readers and more thinking about what you are communicatimg.

  • mickfealty

    If you don’t read the links that’s up to you Ken, just mean you’re making big leaps in the dark on a whim.

  • mickfealty

    Which bit? Or all of it?

  • mickfealty

    It’s desparation on their part Hugh.

    But a 10 point lead in a poll tonight suggests it’s going down to the wire.

    The only Labour folk making real headway are almost all Leave (and they aren’t Corbynites).

    Labour’s problem is that the sum of the parts is much less the total.

    And across Europe the left is getting stuffed and put on a pole everywhere.

  • Dominic Hendron

    The video bit.

  • mickfealty

    It’s 20 minutes long (for which, my apologies).

  • Kevin Breslin

    I often view the UKIP/Tory leave arguement as something like this…”You hate migrants, I hate migrants too, let my side win and I’ll ensure enough tax cuts to me and my fellow lobbyists to ensure robots take both your jobs. Country’s filled up after all, who’s going to pay for public services if tax heroes like me have to dip too far into their disposable income” 😀

  • Kevin Breslin

    The point is people are making this out to be some great Mark Anthony moment.

  • kensei

    Nope, you are still at it. For an online media expert, you seem confused about the way the internet works.Whatever is behind that link, you chose to highlight the Labour bit. That’s the bit you’ve communicated to me, a reader, as important. The thing you really wanted people to know out of it. If the majority of aggregators and republishers like this blog do the same thing, that is the article, basically. if your piece got super popular and spread like wildfire, that is the article.

    if you wish to communicate something else is important to me, the reader, you could have done so. If you think it is a super swell good piece you can flag I really, really should read it. You didn’t. If I want to argue with the original author, I’ll go to that link and argue there.

    Own your own articles. the only thing that reads all the links in the hypermedia based web is Google’s search crawlers.

  • mickfealty

    We’ve had this lecture before. You’re lazy, is all.