Appointment of Ministers at Stormont

You can pick up the LIVE FEED here. They are starting with reading out of the Ministerial Pledge of Office, first off is the Minister for Justice.

  • chrisjones2

    Sugden as Justice Minister – that about sums up the competence of this lot

    Heaven help her. She doesn’t realise what she has committed to

  • Gopher

    It’s politics, that is what happens. Speaking objectively I think the DUP and SF have done a good job today. They have co-operated and co-ordinated and drawn the opponents on to ground of there choosing and defeated them in detail. The first day of Oposition was uncoordinated, insular, predictable and downright poor. I think Marty and Arlene can quote Wellington. “They came on in the same old way and we sent them back in the same old way” . MIke’s opening gambit was cringe worthy and Eastwood with the our community line was nearly worse. Really need to get their s*** together. I

  • mickfealty

    If you mean Eastwood’s remarks on the corralling of Justice, he has a more than fair point in that regard. By continuing to keep it out of d’Hondt SF are re-enforcing a DUP veto on the role, and effectively excluding any nationalist party from holding that role.

    That has unfortunate historical echoes.

  • First hands on the Finance ministry for Sinn Féin then. I’m still surprised, however, to see them shed control of the Education Department to the DUP. I would of thought Education was at least a primary interest to Sinn Féin.

  • Gopher

    In a perfect world we should not have POC’s and compulsory government, in the real world we have the DUP and SF proving they can tackle a very thorny issue of Justice. Of the triumvirate of senior legal positions unless unicorns do exist the ratio is 2 to 1 Secondly there was no independent nationalist candidate elected which could have been considered. So nope I’m not buying the no nationalist about the place line. If your asking me who sounded the more plausible today Marty or Eastwood it was not even a contest.

    Credit where credit is due the government have had a very good start the opposition a poor one.

  • Mirrorballman

    So with a SF finance minister will we finally get the real figures for the NI subsidy from the UK? Interesting times….

  • Gopher

    I’m surprised also, big compromise from the DUP considering if Alliance took Justice the DUP would have had Finance.. Any acrimony was well hidden and things went off like it was the most natural process in the world. As for Education I think SF have the sense to realise socialist ideas and the future of the apple of mums and dads eye don’t mix. A good day for grammar schools.

  • Dan

    Chris Hazzard …seriously?

    The Assembly should roar with laughter on his appointment to anything, never mind Ministerial office.

  • Gopher

    The one real growth area SF have left is South Down and Newry and Armagh where they under achieved in the council elections. No matter how bad he is he will be hard to attack if that bridge gets built. The DUP and SF have obviously had some discussion I think it’s time the opposition got to know each other

  • mickfealty

    I did ask in a blog a month or two back what harm could SF do in taking Finance? And answer came there none.

    As for education, it’s just gotten toxic, and they don’t actually have any ideas for getting off the various hooks they got themselves onto…

  • Gopher

    It’s the prestige of the post. Arlene and Marty aren’t going to take the communities minister to the White House or Number 10 it will be the Finance Minister that accompanies them every time. It’s a big compromise from the DUP to give I up.

  • mickfealty

    See my piece today? It was a Government day in the sun, and by and large the sensible thing is to let them enjoy it. Allister and Eastwood got it just about right. Mike should have capped it for now and picked his battle.