#AE16 #SluggerReport: SDLP, too many eggs to make a simple omelette…?

This morning’s #SluggerReport was on the SDLP slip-up from yesterday, which shows just how hard it is: one to make a slip against Stephen Nolan; and two, get impact on budget costings where any savings that can be got out of out the block grant are marginal.

It was a harsh lesson in the cracking of eggs to make – what was in the end – should have been a simple political omelette in order to highlight the deficit of thinking in their opponent’s offering.

Promising a fully costed manifesto when it was only the five deal breakers blunted what should have been good day for them…

For reference, here’s how Paul Rankin does it…

Mick is founding editor of Slugger. He has written papers on the impacts of the Internet on politics and the wider media and is a regular guest and speaking events across Ireland, the UK and Europe. Twitter: @MickFealty

  • mary

    Sdlp have deliver past – took the terrorists out of ditches , opened the door , PIRA PSF then S… on John Hume head. Sdlp miles years ahead of the godfathers godmothers.
    Will do it again- power to the people & for the people (empowerment)
    Not like those in power today holyer than out.
    Empires greed power contol ,
    like the past without their bombs bullets the threat is always there.
    Hiding behind British justice establishment cowards. God help generations with the likes of PIRA PSF Army Council murdered NI Civil Rights
    Ps hope Eamonn mc Cann trustworthy elected people power????

  • Jag

    Mick, are those two horns growing out of the top of your noggin in that video still above? Are you now going full throttle for the Old Nick look?

  • Reader

    That’s coming up in the next “West Belfast Facts and Figures” poster.

  • Croiteir

    I think it is more pointy hair boss myself. By the way this means red card for being ad hominem – but is old nick or pointy hair boss hominem?

  • Croiteir

    I just had a thought – has anyone similar for Ballymena?

  • Reader

    We need 18 cards, one for each constituency, then we can play Top Trumps.

  • Collie

    The SDLP in Newry/Armagh playing a cute game by actively supporting Independent Martin Mc Allister, knowing that he’s supported by Fianna Fail, dissident republicans, anti police/anti peace process activists. They hope to get all his transfers. Well thought out strategy, get all the anti Shinner groups under the one roof.