#AE16 [Late election] announcements, for the better and the worse…

Three breaking stories, some of which deliberate some not so much…

– Expansion of Magee College – a key feature of promises by both Sinn Fein at the SDLP – has seen building of a new £11 million teaching block stopped when T&A Kernoghan Limited suddenly announced they were going into administeration with the loss of fifty jobs.

Concrete plans for a new Casement Park have yet to emerge. According to Stephen McGeehan of the Ulster GAA, there is “no pre-determined capacity for the stadium”, but nevertheless they are launching a 20 week consultation (taking us safely beyond the election).

– And in the middle of Purdah the DUP run DSD has rather publicly axed the £300 million Northside project to build 3,000 apartments and houses mostly as student accommodation (making it politically unpopular).

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