Getting close to time for the Independents to either fish or cut bait

Great take on the continuing deadlock in the Republic from Harry Magee in the Irish Times Inside Politics newsletter (sign up here)…

As we report this morning, Burton is now striking a more realistic (and fatalistic) tone, telling her party’s supporters to prepare for another election.

She is probably not far off the mark. The Fine Gael and Fianna Fail negotiations should produce a workable outcome. The difficulty will be with the Independents. It always has been.

The first thing you must understand with Independents is that the national interest dovetails with the local interest. Therefore, there will be local and sectional deals for every Independent deputy who signs up for government and a Late Late Show approach when it comes to ministries and chairs of committees (one for everyone in the audience).

I’m surprised to hear there’s much hope on the Irish Water front between FG and FF, but it’s getting close to time for the Independents to either fish or cut bait.

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