One “Why the Government believes” leaflet gets through, but only just…

EU Leaflet damaged...

Was someone reading the Sun this morning…? Here’s one of them that got through…

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  • MainlandUlsterman

    I’m Remain, but I did think this was outrageous of the government – can it really do that? Is it not completely unfair to use public money in that way?

  • mickfealty

    I’ve probably seen too many Irish Referendums where the govt is effectively gagged. There’s no law against it, and if there’s too rigid a balance (as there is in Ireland) then journalists and others often feel compelled to re-transmit arrant nonsense for the sake of some artificial form of balance of the kind that that’s turning a lot of political brains to mush and putting off anyone taking the real business seriously.

  • Anglo-Irish

    I’m for remain but think that this was a mistake.

    Firstly it looks a bit like the bully boy using his power to get what he wants.

    Secondly, the cost was ridiculous, the MD of a company providing that type of service wrote to the papers stating his company could have done it for less than a third of the price.

    Thirdly it was public money and the company which won the contract is German owned.

    In my opinion this has played right into the hands of the Out campaigners, giving them a target to aim at and providing some measure of alliance between differing groups who up to now seemed to be unable to agree between themselves when to take a tea break.

    This is completely in line with current performance as far as this government is concerned.

    At the moment they only open their mouths to change feet.

    The Cameron offshore funds fiasco being a case in point. Five statements in five days looks like panic and whoever agreed the last statement containing the ‘ in the future ‘ comment is a moron.

    If we vote to leave it will be in no small way down to the ineptitude of those handling ( using the word at it’s loosest ) the Remain campaign.

  • MainlandUlsterman

    just seems unfair that government resources can be used in that way

  • John Collins

    I am against referendums. Governments are elected to govern, they should get on with it. I definitely feel the referendum avenue was often used down here (ROI), when our elected politicians were just disinclined to handle hot subjects.

  • Anglo-Irish

    I was under the impression that referendums are held in the Irish Republic when there is a need to change the constitution?

    Ireland has a written constitution which is accessible to all citizens and it can only be altered by majority consent.

    The UK has an unwritten constitution, which isn’t worth the paper it isn’t written on in democratic terms.

    Basically, the British government of the day make it up as they go along, and don’t bother the proles with any of that stuff that might make our head hurt.

    Cameron made a rod for his own back offering a referendum as an incentive to vote Tory at the last election.

    Which means that the UK might have to leave the EU against the wishes of most of the cabinet, which stands currently at 19 In, 8 Out, and 3 undecided ( or waiting to see which way the wind is blowing and what will benefit their future careers, if you prefer ) so for the sake of an ‘incentive’ Cameron may have effected the country’s future in a way he considers to be negative.

    To say he’s not impressive as a leader is something of an understatement.