On The Doors Podcast; Ep 1, Week 1

Over the next four weeks, the Irish News political correspondent, John Manley and myself will be conducting a video podcast called “On The Doors” looking back over the week that was in politics.

Episode One is out today & we were joined by the commentator, Adrianne Peltz. This week, we looked at trouble in the SDLP & Sinn Fein in West Tyrone, the DUP manifesto and the UUP going to Dublin to examine the Easter Rising.

Our thanks go to the Irish News digital desk for their resources & time in putting this together.


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  • Nevin

    Adrianne Peltz: “I saw the UUP’s quite historic move to go down south and celebrate the Easter Rising which I think is a very shrewd move on Mike Nesbitt’s part.”

    You’d almost think that unionist and nationalist talking heads occupied separate universes. Here are a few snippets from Mike’s speech to the Royal Irish Academy:

    We are here to offer an unapologetic unionist perspective on the event of 100 years ago; the causes, and the lasting consequences of what we call the Rebellion and Irish Nationalists prefer to call the Rising. ..

    I wish Northern Ireland to remain part of the United Kingdom, but I also want to be a good Irishman, a friendly neighbour and an honest trading partner.

    I look forward to going to the Somme in July. I go every year, to pay respects not just at Thiepval and the Ulster Tower, but also in Guillemont, where there is a service of commemoration for the 16th Irish Division. Two years ago, I was moved to see so many stand for three national anthems; those of France, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. In Northern Ireland’s search for a shared future, we sometime forget we have a shared past of service and sacrifice.

    Mike was neither celebrating nor commemorating the Easter Rising; he commemorates those, unionist and nationalist, who perished in WWI in the war against Germany.