This time next year we could have Trump in the White House, Boris in Downing Street and be on our way out of the EU…

Closer to home, the border could be reinvigorated providing a bonanza for ‘good’ Republicans to make fortunes out of fuel-smuggling and dumping toxic waste, while not-so good Republicans will celebrate the centenary of the Easter Rising by blowing up as many people as possible.

Some of these nightmare scenarios may be the result of self-inflicted wounds. In America, Trump has made racism respectable again. He gets an endorsement from a Kl Klux Klan leader and goes UP (yes, up) in the polls. Black people are thrown out of his rallies just for being there and beaten up for good measure on the way out as the Donald yearns for the Good Old Days when hecklers would leave meetings on stretchers. He wants to make America great again without defining when that magical Belle Epoque actually existed. Was it when Rosa Parks sat at the back of the bus? Or was it when Emmett Till was beaten to a bloody lifeless pulp for having the temerity to be sassy to a white woman? Trump doesn’t say, nor of course will he. He has written off a fifth of the world’s population as murderous fanatics, far too dangerous to be allowed into a land which slaughters 30,000 of its own every year in senseless gun violence and he has vowed to build a wall along the Rio Grande to keep Mexico’s rapists and illegal immigrants out. In another crowd pleasing touch, he’ll even make the Mexicans pay for it.

The sad thing is, millions have bought into this thinly-veiled racist nonsense and the only person who seems able to stop it is Hillary Clinton, a deeply divisive figure herself. Commons sense tells us Trump can’t win but he has re-written the political rulebook and all it could take is another major terrorist outrage or financial slump to propel him to the White House. Fasten your seat belts folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride between now and November.

People on the extremes of politics tend to vote more than moderates and that of course, is what the Brexit camp is counting on. The out camp includes honorable people who resent the EU’s undemocratic nature but also unashamed xenophobes and racists. The xenophobes, I fear, are in the majority and just as Fox News created its Frankenstein’s monster in Trump, so the Murdoch press in Britain has nurtured a seething resentment of all things foreign. The wealthy foreigners of Europe, ‘Krauts’ and ‘Frogs’ in Sun-speak, are meddlers intent on taking away the pound and making us eat square bananas. Only today (16 March), the Express website is railing about Germans calling the Queen ‘horse-faced’, the EU costing the UK £370 million a week, ‘European’ ticks killing British dogs and an ‘EU tidy-up’ spelling the ‘end of the white stork’ and that is only some of the scare stories. In the right-wing press, foreigners without money are either Jihadis, drones or free-loaders, determined to force their way down the Channel Tunnel to take our jobs, claim our benefits, rape our woman and behead us. Decades of this relentless propaganda will ensure the referendum is a close one and if Murdoch wins, Britain will march into isolation and Boris into Downing Street where he will do Rupert’s bidding.

Where all this will leave ‘are wee country’ God alone knows. The importance of the border has declined in recent years but it could re-emerge in the wake of Brexit, not necessarily at Newry, but at Larne or the Stena terminal at Belfast. Unionists will find out how British they are really are when they discover that making it more difficult for foreigners to get into Great Britain will make it more difficult for them too. In Dublin, the 1916 celebrations look likely be soured by the murders of Irishmen by other Irishmen carried out in the name of the same rebels being honoured. In the twisted imagination of Republican dissidents there will be another big commemoration in a century’s time to honour them.

Some of the outcomes are beyond our control, but those living in the UK or US should think carefully what they do with their vote. Ordinary people can do little about armed thugs who are determined to kill but they can keep racists and hate-mongers out of office.


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  • terence patrick hewett

    Democracy relies on the simple fact that the Colonel’s Lady and Rosie O’Grady both have a pretty good idea where their self-interest lies: less sanctimonious finger-wagging and more introspection.

  • Sir Rantsalot

    It’s amusing to watch white people getting worked up about negative comments towards non white countries. I don’t believe I have heard anything said critising about race. Just that a wall is a good idea to stop Mexicans etc coming into the US illegally.
    Can you provide more detail on the racism?

  • chrisjones2

    This is so bad it could be a Trump Speech.

    Yes the US is “a land which slaughters 30,000 of its own” but then 450 million people live there so its about 8 deaths per 100,000. Much more than the UK but a fraction of the murder rate in all of Mexico and Central America and large parts of Africa. You are 4 x as likely to be killed in Cape Town as in the USA.

    As for “The out camp includes honourable people who resent the EU’s undemocratic nature but also unashamed xenophobes and racists” I am sure that is true but then so what. Being xenophobic isn’t a crime. Where is the evidence of racism in seeking lower immigration from the EU – when even the Archbishop now says its a reasonable viewpoint?

  • the rich get richer

    These blond bombshells are making too much progress for my liking.

    And , Not too many braincells between them !

    Thats what happens when Heredited Wealth gets free reign ! Off with their heads !
    Where is there a French revolution when you need one.

    Like most human endeavour, It will end in Tears

    But , Yet the human condition perseveres !

  • Greenflag 2

    340 million you err by 110 million i.e the population of Japan approx.
    Since 1969 to the present 1,400,000 Americans have been killed by guns within the USA . That’s the same number of Americans as were killed in all wars fought in America and around the world since 1776 .

    “Being xenophobic isn’t a crime’

    True . Rounding up 12 million , men , women and children herding them onto trains , buses all over the USA and transporting them to concentration sorry holding camps close to Airports so they can be ‘deported ‘ is’nt a crime either .
    It’s just insane .

    The American GOP voter now has a clear choice between two maniacs – One religious maniac (well almost ) Cruz and the other a non religious maniac Trump . Poor Kasich is the only non nutter left and he’s too far behind to have any chance of nomination .

    This is the inevitable outcome of ‘hate ‘ in particular the kind of ethnic hate that has been directed at President Obama these past 8 years by a section of US society which is still sadly xenophobic and racist .

    They were there before Trump but he has just given them a new lease of life . If by some chance Trump manages to be elected President then his voters will quickly find out whether he actually meant what he said and does what he says he would . But if he does’nt or can’t deliver on his words what then ?

    But he has certainly made the GOP establishment look like naked emperors on a winter’s day . The contradictions inherent in the neo conservative agenda are coming home to rest and it’s stormtroopers on the streets are angry at their ‘establishment ‘ leaders .

    A just reward perhaps for their political idiocy over the past 8 years and being the party of NO NO NO . A phenomenon btw that should not be unknown in a part of the world closer to home .

    Americans I believe will do the right thing come November . They don’t want to have to pay 20 dollars for an orange or a tomato . Trump can afford to but the gobshites who frequent his casinos can’t and they know it .

  • Greenflag 2

    ‘Not too many braincells between them !’

    I would’nt write off so easily Donald Trump’s manipulation of the Media . He gets more publicity from one remark than the other candidates can get with a victory speech . Even the main TV channels will quickly close out any news they have on other candidates if Trump is about to say something . I kid you not -He has out mediaed the rest by a mile . And the fourth estate -the gutter and not so gutter press and the twitterers and facebookers etc have flocked to Trumpmania like lemmings . Sex sells they say but so does Trump in this election. In a way it’s a sad commentary on modern democracy that so much of it is down to the image and the soundbite and the TV and cell phone than on actual policies .

  • Chingford Man

    If I was an American I would support an authentic conservative like Ted Cruz although I do enjoy the way that Trump drives certain people to total hysteria.

    I’m unaware of any black people being thrown out of Trump’s meetings on account of their colour. I have seen both black and white people being escorted from his rallies for disrupting them, which is surely evidence of colour blindness. To the extent that Trump harks back to the past, it is to an era before stupid politicians made bad trade deals with Mexico and China. I am not aware of him being nostalgic for Jim Crow. If Thompson believes that he does, perhaps he can produce the evidence.

    Thompson also say that racists form a majority of the pro-Brexit campaign. What is his evidence for this assertion? I see no evidence of any racism.

    There are 196 countries in the world. Of these 168 are not in the EU. Why would the UK, the world’s 5th largest economy, be “isolated” if it became the 169th such country?

  • Ben De Hellenbacque
  • Sir Rantsalot

    Read it. He’s certainly being pretty rude about people from Mexico and South America. But my point is that this is not racism. White people have a problem with criticising countries of brown or black people.
    Where I live in the middle east, white people are about 5% of the population. Mostly Asians and also middle east and Africans. I’ve seen racism, when the club door men turn away black or Indian people, but allow in their own race, that’s racism.
    Non white nationalities are much more racist to each other than us westerners !

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Anyways, the real interest in this election is the upset to the ‘elite’ usual control of both candidates. The Clintons and the Bushes are both tied to secret societies, who are really in charge. Unfortunately Jeb! couped early on. Trump is not controlled, that’s why he’s getting so much support despite the controlled media being lined up against him. Very interesting to watch.

  • chrisjones2

    Really? What secret Societies?

  • Greenflag 2

    Cruz gets the support of Evangelical Christiansmainly and then not even all of them also the anti abortion crowd .. Even his own political staff don’t like the guy . The reason why so many Americans instantly dislike Cruz is because it saves time . He is an ideologue – a religious fanatic to many . Trump will be the nominee or the GOP will implode .Cruz may get the VP slot beside Trump in which case the GOP may lose by an even bigger margin .

    The GOP hated their way almost to their political extinction and irrelevance to the USA’s future . Eisenhower and even Nixon would’nt even make it past the first primaries in the USA in 2016 . The Bush establishment has been seen to be powerless in the face of the huge resentment of the establishment by their very own stormtroopers . And theres no night of the longknives either to save them from their own political stupidity .

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Do a bit of googling.
    Council for Foreign Relations
    Skull and Bones

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Bilderberg Group

  • Anglo-Irish

    Who Knows, they’re secret.

    I do love a conspiracy theory though, I hope he comes back and tells us.

    My money is on the Skull and Bones of Yale allied to the Bullingdon club of Oxford tied in with the Bilderburg group.

    As long as it doesn’t involve the queen being a lizard I’m prepared to give it consideration.

    Whilst not in any way a monarchist she seems to have played the hand dealt to her well and I’m not into insulting the elderly.

    Other than that, let’s be knowing.

  • Anglo-Irish

    The democrats may have made a big mistake here. Initially they were deliberately helping Trump by responding to him in such a way that it would make him more popular to Republicans on the basis that they wanted him to win the nomination as they thought he would be easy to beat.

    That could turn out to be a major miscalculation. If Hilary wins the Democratic nomination she isn’t that popular with a lot of Americans and carries serious ‘baggage’.

    Someone once said that ” No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public “.

    The fact that a man so obviously unqualified for the position of President has got so far isn’t exactly encouraging.

    This is a man who says people should vote for him because he knows how to make money, he knows how to lose it as well, Companies belonging to him and bearing his name have been bankrupt on four occasions.

    Trump v Clinton could be close and neither inspires me but I’d go for Hilary as the least worst choice.

  • Graham Parsons

    Ted Cruz is a five alarm nut job. Would be like putting nelson mccausland in charge. At least Trump doesn’t really believe what he’s saying.

  • Greenflag 2

    Indeed . A Trump v Clinton election could be as close as a couple of points either way . Clinton has a lock on the African American and Jewish vote and a large section of the female vote outside those blocs . But her support among whats called the white male middle and working class angry vote is considerably below Sanders and he also gets huge support from the under 45’s of all genders and classes .

    Turnout will be telling . Trump and Sanders appear to be attracting the most enthusiastic supporters . Clinton may be forced to have Sanders as VP otherwise she risks his supporters not turning out on election day . Trump also risks losing major blocs of moderate Republicans ( they still exist in spots ) . I can see him offering the VP slot to Cruz , Rubio or even Kasich and if any of them accept it thats the party establishment’s plan of an open convention dead and buried . Even Paul Ryan is not going to upset the delegates who have come so far .

    I agree with you re Hilary as being the least worse choice but I have a feeling that many Americans even those who don’t agree with everything Trump says and believe him to be a prize bullshitter may still end up voting for him because they won’t , can’t vote for Hilary . They also see Hilary as the main ‘establishment ‘ candidate of this election and the mood in the country is – they are ready to throw a spanner at Washington if they can . .

    Over the past 20 – 25 years Americans have been losing confidence and respect for Congress and Washington . I would.nt be totally surprised if enough of them from both left and right and centre vote Trump simply because he’s the ‘spanner ‘ that might make the bloated bureaucrats and the millionaire club that is Congress finally get the message that they need to fix the economy – immigration -social security -health care issues etc and make America if not great again at least more equal and Trump has let slip his admiration of the Scottish Healthcare system -go figure .As to charges that he’s a racist – They won’t stick – He’s taking on all the mien of Teflon Ronnie and if he can refrain from his verbal excesses he might even do a Ronnie Reagan .

    But it’s a long way to November and anything and I mean anything can happen .

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Asuming you are a sceptic. Best to check on YouTube for a fact based documentary. I’m still surprised by the comment e rs that still are unaware of the control that the elite have on their views of the world.

  • Sir Rantsalot

    What are you referencing?

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Could some of the regular SoT contributors detail their knowledge of the elite secret societies.

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Anglo, would love to hear your take on these things. Perhaps you can miseducate us? Go on, I dare you to prove otherwise . Looking forward to your non response….

  • Sir Rantsalot

    It looks like your world view consists of the truth of what you hear on BBC world and sky news. Am I right?

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Still waiting for Anglos come back …..

  • Pete

    Clinton will be President. The UK will not leave the EU. Boris Johnson has a good chance of being the next Prime Minister, but not by this time next year.

  • Anglo-Irish

    No, you are not right, I prefer to look at things in an objective a way as possible.

    Are there conspiracies whereby the rich get together and stitch up the general public for their own enrichment?

    Of course there are, and there has been for centuries.

    Is it a worldwide conspiracy with a ‘Mr Big’ pulling the strings a la SMERSH? Probably not, just greed helping greed.

  • Anglo-Irish

    It’s Paddy’s day I’ve been out with family enjoying a meal.

    Why are you talking to yourself?

    Is it becoming lonely in the bunker?

  • Anglo-Irish

    We are all aware as to the control that the elite/rich have on the world.

    That’s the way the cooky crumbles and it has always been that way.

    Any suggestions short of a revolution as to how it can be changed?

  • Anglo-Irish

    You are talking to yourself again, this does not inspire confidence in your views.

  • eamoncorbett

    Trump may indeed not believe what he says himself , only trouble is others do.

  • Anglo-Irish

    Why would I wish to miseducate anyone, whatever that may mean?

    Do the rich so called elite stick together and take as much advantage of the rest of us as they can in order to enrich themselves further?

    Of course they do, that’s how they became the ‘elite’ in the first place.

    Other than resorting to violence what do you suggest we do about it?

  • Anglo-Irish

    Tend to agree with most of that, and it’s not exactly comforting.

    In my view Trump is to America what Farage was to Britain.

    They are both complete and utter arseholes but they are not the usual establishment arseholes that we have had to put up with in the past.

    That has brought them the protest ‘ I’m completely pissed off with the current lot ” vote.

    If the UK had PR +STV then UKIP would have won 83 seats.

    I’m not completely informed as to the American voting system but if as I suspect it reflects the popular vote more accurately than the British system I can see a problem.

  • Greenflag 2

    ‘ I’m completely pissed off with the current lot ” vote.’

    If it were just that It would’nt be too scary . It’s more of pissed off with the current lot -the previous lot -and the previous lot and the lot before that going all the way back to the mid 90’s or even earlier .

    In the primaries in Ohio and in Florida the big winner take all states -independents are not allowed to vote . Only registered Democrats and Republicans . Had independents been allowed to vote in both States -Sanders would have probably won these States as he is outpolling independents 8 to 1 over Clinton . On the Republican side Trump would have beaten Rubio – by 3 to 1 instead of 2 to 1 had he been able to avail of independent votes . In Ohio he might have overtaken Kasich for a clean sweep .

    At this stage I think it’s all over for the last two GOP challengers to Trump . On the Democrat side it’s looking like mission impossible for Sanders to overtake Clinton but he could go very close . If he were 25 years younger she’d be gone . But Sanders message is getting out there and he’s striking a chord with a lot of non political people who know that there’s something more than rotten at the heart of the American establishment and it’s centred in Washington DC and Wall St .

    And had Farage won 83 seats would Cameron be PM ? or Corbyn ?
    Had Ireland used the FPTP UK system FG and FF would have between them probably 140 of the 158 seats with SF getting 2 or 3 Labour 0 and the rest Independents .

    The USA is FPTP which means in a 3 horse Presidential election assuming a 55% turnout then technically getting 35% of the turnout vote could win a candidate the Presidency . Or from another angle 19% of the total registered vote would be enough to sneak into the White House .

    Both Trump and Sanders are easily capable of getting 20% of the registered vote

  • Sir Rantsalot

    No Mr Big, just groups of rich people with their own agendas. Interesting to see that they can’t always control who gets to be president.
    Hope you had a nice Paddys day ????

  • Anglo-Irish

    Thank you, we did, hope you did too.

    Agree with you about the rich people and whilst it’s always been like that I think they’ve overdone it over the past few years.

    We now have a situation where 62 people own as much wealth as 50% of the worlds population.

    That’s a recipe for trouble.

  • Anglo-Irish

    Thanks for that, I’m a supporter of the PR + STV system despite the fact that may return some occasion weirdos.

    I have no time for Ukip and Farage is basically a dodgy second hand car salesman looking out for his own interest in my view.

    Despite that I believe in democracy over convenience and if a party gets the votes it should get the representation.

    The usual complaint about PR is that it tends to return a lot of coalitions, Germany has had coalitions since the war and it doesn’t seem to have caused them too much problems.

  • Greenflag 2

    The difference between Germany and the UK is the Germans have experience of one party rule – no coalition -and no opposition – during the 1934-1945 period and again from 1945 to 1989 in the former East Germany . They also had two wipeouts of their middle classes in the early 1920’s currency hyperinflation and collapse and again after 1929 crash with 10 million unemployed . In those circumstances anything can happen and did 🙁

    The UK’s experience has been much less traumatic .The only part of the UK that has gone through the one party rule phenomenon has been Northern Ireland from 1920 to 1972. Of course there was an opposition but it was unheard , ignored and eventually that led to what they have today i.e mandatory forced coalition which in it’s own way makes a mockery of ‘democracy’ at least from a strict party political ideological viewpoint. The UK ( Britain ) has been lucky to have an electorate that has a big enough number of voters who were /are prepared to swing their votes as between the two big parties so that they can have a change of government .

  • Anglo-Irish

    Yes but it’s hardly democracy is it?

    Since WW2 no British party has formed a government with even 50% of the votes cast

    Tony Blair got in in 2005 with about 35% of all votes cast.

    It’s not democratic but it suits the status quo so is unlikely to change.

  • Chingford Man

    “He wants to make America great again without defining when that magical Belle Epoque actually existed. Was it when Rosa Parks sat at the back of the bus? Or was it when Emmett Till was beaten to a bloody lifeless pulp for having the temerity to be sassy to a white woman?”

    I’m still waiting for Samuel Thompson to provide any evidence that Trump wants to go back to a pre-civil rights America. Why the delay?

    Attack Trump if you want, but not on the basis of unsubstantiated smears.

  • Greenflag 2

    Indeed – Turkeys especially political turkeys tend not to vote for Christmas although exceptions to the rule do happen . But it usually only happens when the house is burning down around them .

    Of course if half the population can’t be bothered to vote then it’s their own fault when the Chancellor decides to cut disability benefits for the poor and weak so that his pals are not unduly affected .

    But I hear rumblings are afoot . British conservatives some of them anyway still retain a little of the ancien noblesse oblige from the days when the community of the realm was considered more important than our modern day City cut throats would have it .

  • Anglo-Irish

    Half the people don’t vote because it is a totally pointless exercise.

    This July I will have lived in my home for 34 years, the same party has been returned at every local and general election throughout that time, and their majority is such that I am wasting my time walking 5 minutes up the road to the country club where the local vote is held.

    Basically the political parties in this country have bored us in to submission.

  • John Collins

    For years I thought the first past the post system was most unfair, and in this regard I had great sympathy for the Liberal Party in the UK,who often got about twenty percent of the vote and would be lucky then to get 5% of the seats. However after seeing so called independents candidates and members of a few highly undesirable smaller parties returned to the Dail, I feel the FPP system, for all its flaws, is actually far better.

  • John Collins

    Yes-but look at what PRSTV can throw up. A party in the south (PDs) with 5% of the vote had two ministers out of fifteen. How democratic is that. We now have a list of smaller parties whose basic policy seems to be summed as ‘We want everything and we want somebody else to pay for it. ‘We will support the Government but we will not support any unpopular decision’
    Sorry you can not run a government like that.

  • Hugh Davison

    There are other systems, such as the list system used in some European countries, that produce coalitions that don’t depend on mavericks. These are more representative than FPTF.

  • John Collins

    Yes. I studied some of the other European Political Systems, admittedly at no great depth, and I was most impressed by the German List system.

  • Anglo-Irish

    There is no perfect system, someone always misses out, the best you can hope for is that the least number miss out.

    FPTP is a complete nonsense as a system which claims to be democratic, when more people vote for parties other than the one that gets to hold power and it happens on a continual basis it’s time to review the situation.

    Not that that is going to happen of course.

  • Anglo-Irish

    Can’t agree with that, what is needed is a PR+STV system but with some form of restriction on the numbers of parties that can run.

    America has a two party system which is perhaps too restrictive, everything isn’t black or white.

    A three party system, left right and central would be ideal.

    That would have been what would probably have developed in Britain if the Liberals hadn’t been constantly denied a fair representation.

    FPTP has resulted in a disinterest in politics in Britain because in the majority of cases there is simply no point whatsoever in bothering to vote.

  • Sir Rantsalot

    The anti trump people are lower intelegence people that are easily led into what they are told to hate. This is first of all loony lefties that are easily fooled into supporting the perceived underdog cause, but they are unable to grasp that the perceived underdog has been manufactured to fool them. No amount of rational explanation will change these people from the hysterical ‘oh let’s not be bad’ reaction they are conditioned to adopt.

  • Kevin Breslin

    I think xenophobia is often used to justify some level of increased national altruism, but when the kindness of friends never mind strangers is gone it’s basically targeted misanthropy. Ultimately that misanthropy increases the problems because one man’s friend is another man’s stranger, which is why we are driven to community segregation when there is as Alliance say more that unites us than divides us.

    Do we really need to listen to Jim Morrison to figure out that the rest of the world doesn’t share the entirety of our opinions, tastes even values? We know xenophobia fist hand with the vast majority of our population being the same colour, speaking the same language and to some extent either worshipping or opposing worship of the one God and still self-segregating of a national question, when neighbouring Scotland having its own free self determination debate doesn’t need to.

    As a science and engineering graduate thought by various doctorates with various nationalities embarrassing strange ideas seems a better way of making progress than recycling the ideas of an old nation that wants to shut down networks in the name of a psyche of self-sufficiency and self-made identity that would be hard to justify comes not from having friends who can criticise this performance but a paranoid fantasy of being shackled being a real psychological barrier of the exertion of their will.

    Without strangeness we simply are shackled to what we know and we are “xenophobes” to what we don’t know. Xenos being the Greek for strange. A fear of people speaking foreign languages, or practicing foreign religions, or with foreign cultures and foreign content for public services is never shown as having the imagination to embrace other strange mysteries of the universe as something positive.

    I listened to Thresa Villers on Inside Politics talking about how migration and the open border in Ireland would be able to work, how she tried to reassure people that migrants rarely use the Irish backdoor and there’s enough co-operation between the two. This has fairly little to do with the EU, the vast majority of foreign workers are documented. Migration from outside the EU is a lot higher in the UK simply because of its imperial/Commonwealth connections. Even migration from Afghanistan and Eritrea, neither were even in the British Empire stem from the UK’s closer relationship with their home state and its neighbours e.g. Pakistan and Afghanistan. Romania and Bulgaria doesn’t have the strong connection with the U.K., the Poles and the Lithuanians do and that is reflected in the much lower numbers.

    So why would these migrants travel to the Republic of Ireland to stay in it, where unemployment benefits are more generous, why not even stay in Northern Ireland with more generous benefits than GB if these people are simply useless eaters as Hitler called them and the British right wing press infer. It’s quite simple, there’s very few from their community here to associate with. They need some level of familiarity before they can embrace the strange, as many Irish and British diaspora know themselves.

    Ultimately leaving the EU is not going to change the mindset of migrants anymore than the Good Friday Agreement changed the mindset of dissidents.

    She even confessed that undocumented migrants face huge challenges getting jobs. She confessed that “illegal” migration isn’t always about border checkpoints, which is true … People breaking work and tourist visas get in legally, people rescued at sea by the coastguard and run from their port get in legally, people can marry a British native and get in legally while a country is demanding his or her extradiction.

    All these things require cross national co-operation and respect, not greater isolationism.

    She also talked about a FTA which you would think would she thought could stop the customs posts between the EU and UK. No other non-EU nation has been able to achieve this for agri-goods, but whatever, Believe in Britain and all that.

  • Mer Curial

    Samuel, you forgot to mention that ‘Jarry’ could be ‘teashop’ by then! 😉

  • Mer Curial

    If you’re going to accuse others of having low intelligence, at least be able to spell the word correctly. 🙂

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Sir R, have you ever encountered “Arestides the Just”? When people complain about liberal ‘oh let’s not be bad’ and say give the bad boys a turn of the wheel, I am reminded of his “very sane” political disagreement with Themistocles:

    “The conflict between the two leaders ended in the ostracism of Aristides at a date variously given between 485 and 482. It is said that, on this occasion, an illiterate voter who did not recognise Aristides approached the statesman and requested that he write the name of Aristides on his voting shard to ostracize him. The latter asked if Aristides had wronged him. “No,” was the reply, “and I do not even know him, but it irritates me to hear him everywhere called ‘the Just’.” Aristides then wrote his own name on the ballot.”

    As the old C & W song puts it “You don’t miss your water ’til the well runs dry….”

    Please don’t make me say “I told you so” about Trump.