1916-2016 play Rebellion has its premiere in Glasgow…

Worth a mention, given the day that’s in it. One of our bloggers Phil Mac Giolla Bhain has just ended a short run of his play Rebellion in his native Glasgow.

Rebellion is themed around the rediscovery of a family history tracing one Glaswegian family back several generations to the 1916 Rising. Former Herald journo, Robbie Dinwoodie was there on Monday, I think…

Elements which appealed to these Glasgow audiences, particularly the Rangers-supporting character who is the butt of many jokes, may not travel far beyond Scotland or Belfast, but the core of the story could be re-told in, say, London’s Kilburn or anywhere in the wider Irish diaspora.

Taryam Boyd plays both Tom Murphy, a young participant in 1916 seen mainly as a prisoner of war in the Frongoch “University of Revolution” camp in Wales where Michael Collins was held, and his great-great grandson in modern day Scotland, John Brown.

One to keep an eye out for…

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  • Jollyraj

    Anyone else starting to suffer from Easter Rising fatigue? Feels like this has been squeezed to death by now…

  • the rich get richer

    Is the Easter Rising over yet or is it too soon to Tell .

  • Anglo-Irish

    Come on now lads that’s not the spirit, there’s only nine months to go.

    Personally I’m looking forward to 2022, it’ll be brilliant!

  • Greenflag 2


    Reminds me of the old Swiss joke about their national insularity from their neighbours from whom they are separated by mountains , lakes and secretive banks and a government which changes it’s PM every year .

    Teacher to Swiss pupils

    “Who was the first man

    Pupil answers : William Tell

    Teacher : Wrong answer -It was Adam

    Pupil : I did’nt think of a foreigner

  • Greenflag 2

    No they were shot to death by firing squad which is probably why we are all still here . I mean if it were’nt for the Easter Rising and it’s consequences etc there’d be nothing to argue about right ? :

    It will soon enough all be over and then the NI elections and then the Brexit and then the world political and economic heavyweight contest in November .
    Sheesh it makes one think that maybe Chou En Lai was’nt far off when he was asked about the result of the French Revolution .

    Still not over said the Chew but it’s questionable if he was Lai ing or not .