Accidental Theatre presents Riddel’s Warehouse in a different light…

I’d never heard of Accidental Theatre before, but next week they’re opening what looks like an interesting production in a fascinating venue in Anne Street in Belfast, Riddel’s Warehouse. It’s that rather anonymous industrial building beside Musgrave Police Station.

It’s a too-rare example of Belfast waking up to its own built environmental history before it gets smashed to pulp for sake of posterity.

As this great youtube video shows, most of our buildings are full of great stories of where we came from in the not too distant past…

You can book for the show here

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  • Looks excellent Mick – great to see these old places used in imaginative ways instead of lying empty waiting for the wrecking ball.

    Well played to the organisers, great work. Will be glad to support this.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    Belfast has such a great portfolio of interesting old buildings, it’s a shame to see so many of them derelict.

    Does anyone here who is schooled in legal matters know what it would take for the DSD to vest/sequester some of the long term derelict buildings?

    If they did that to just a few then the developers might think twice about letting them rot.

  • Not really my area to advise AG, I’m just conscious that I don’t want my kids to look around Belfast some day and see nothing else but student flats and chain pubs…so whatever works sounds good to me.

  • mickfealty

    Extended for another two shows: Thursday 24th and Saturday 26th March!!