ICC World Twenty20: Ireland v Oman

The 2016 ICC World Twenty20 got under way yesterday in the host country, India.  The initial groups see the associate teams battle with lower ranked test nations for two slots in the Super 10 stage.

The opening matches saw Zimbabwe defeat Hong Kong by 14 runs and Afghanistan overcame a spirited Scotland performance by the same margin.

Earlier today, Bangladesh squeaked past the Netherlands by 8 runs.

Ireland are about to open their account against the relatively unknown Oman at Dharamsala.  Cricinfo has a preview here.

Ireland won the toss and have chosen to bat first.

Follow the game with over-by-over text coverage with cricinfo.

Or the BBC sports text commentary, with added video highlights.

Update  Ireland 154 for 5 from 20 overs.  That compares to Bangladesh’s winning score of 153 runs earlier today at the same ground.  But it will need a good bowling performance for Ireland to defend.

Oman 157 for 8 from 19.5 overs.  Oman win by 2 wickets with one ball left.

Ireland now need to beat Bangladesh on Friday to stay in the running for the Super 10.

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  • Ernekid

    Can anyone explain how cricket actually works? I’ve watched it a few times and I’ve always found it baffling. It looks incredibly tedious for everyone involved

  • Thanks for sharing, Ernie!

  • mickfealty

    Ireland on 155, Oman chasing comfortably. Ouch, bring on the off spinner, get knocked for six… Need wickets people…

  • mickfealty

    Getting killed Ireland…

  • mickfealty

    Yo, and the first one is gone to the bould Kevin!!

  • mickfealty

    And now…

  • mickfealty

    And there’s another for O’Brien… Oman 78/2

  • Half-way point.

    Oman need 81 runs from 10 overs.

    Ireland need wickets.

  • And it’s the other opener Maqsood!

  • mickfealty

    Paul Stirling on now…

  • mickfealty

    And Mehran is number 4 for Oman…

  • mickfealty

    Scorecard looking a little more comfortable for Ireland now…

  • mickfealty

    Mehran Khan out for two…

  • Oman need 68 from 7 overs. It’s gettable, but if Ireland can knock over the wickets at regular intervals…

  • mickfealty

    Kaleem out for nought, LBW McBrine…

  • mickfealty

    You see how the whole game has ground to a halt after the opening partnership was dismissed…

  • mickfealty

    And a six brings them a century…

  • mickfealty

    And a four off Stirling… (Ten runs off two balls)…

  • Oman need 54 runs from 30 balls.

    Could go either way…

  • mickfealty

    And another beautiful sneaky one to the boundary from Aamir Ali…

  • mickfealty

    Oman keeping it real…

  • mickfealty

    Ouch, nasty misfield from Ireland, another run given away for free by Ireland, this could get very sticky…

    Three extra deliveries in this over…

  • mickfealty

    This longest over ever was hugely expensive Ireland.. 20 runs off at least nine balls

  • After that 20 run over, 23 runs needed by Oman from 18 balls.

    Ireland need a wicket more than ever.

  • mickfealty

    Fantastic saved six there Pete. Brilliant. On the Boundary. Peter Bonetti eat yer heart out…

  • mickfealty


  • mickfealty

    Rankin takes out Jatinder…

  • Experience.

  • Now we’ll see how Ireland’s death-bowling is…

  • mickfealty

    Pretty good, so far…

  • mickfealty

    Four runs off that over…

  • mickfealty

    One over to go…

  • mickfealty

    Sorenson is very very expensive. Might cost us the match…

  • mickfealty

    Four off Sorensen… Four balls, four needed…

  • mickfealty

    Sorensen, finally. Ali dismissed after a killer innings. Lucky too since the ball didn’t hit bat according to the replay. 3 runs off two balls for Oman.

    They win on four byes.

  • mickfealty

    Really don’t understand why Sorensen was given anything to do there. Pete?

  • It was him or Murtagh…

  • Jarl Ulfreksfjordr

    Why it’s only the Greatest Game In The World!

    But I accept that for some there’s just not enough punching during a match to satisfy the more discerning sports fan

  • Greenflag 2

    It’s a cure for insomnia for most 🙂 Had a cousin who waxed lyrical on the intricacies of the game and did his best to explain them to me . Alas I was at an age when sport meant hacking , gouging , kicking , etc and was much more fun than dressing in white and eating damp cucumber sandwiches on rainy days .

    Anyway it’s obvious that others find the lack of physical violence in the game to their liking . They probably enjoy basketball and tiddlywinks as well 🙂

    Come on Ireland anyway – Who’s next if they win Owoman – ouch howzat 😉

  • Greenflag 2

    This may help

    “You have two sides,

    one out in the field and one in.

    Each man that’s in the side that’s in goes out,

    and when he’s out he comes in,

    and the next man goes in until he’s out.

    When they are all out,

    the side that’s out comes in,

    and the side that’s been in goes out,

    and tries to get out those coming in.

    Sometimes you get men still in and not out.

    When both sides have been in and out,

    including the not outs,

    the winner is declared…..if there is one!

    PS .
    Sounds like the Irish GE #16 Election non result – including the long counts 😉 And we all know that trying to explain our system to others is like trying to build an oasis by spitting into the desert 🙁

  • Tochais Siorai

    Maybe check out ‘The Toughest Trade’ on RTE Player where Tipperary Hurler Brendan Maher goes to Adelaide Strikers for a week (& former England Test bowler Steve Harmison goes to a hurling club in Tipp).

  • Kevin Breslin

    Oh Man indeed.