John McCallister reveals links between LAD and NI21

It says something about a political party when the satirical website to which is has been linked is more important than the party. Or that the revelation of that link is more significant than an interview with its former deputy leader and a former leadership contender for a major NI political party. That it seems is the fate of NI21 and John McCallister respectively. Alex Kane has a long interview with John McCallister in the News Letter today with Sam McBride highlighting the link between LAD and NI21.

McCallister’s explanations for the collapse of NI21 are in many ways unsurprising with much of the blame being given to Basil McCrea as a controlling force who wanted to be the leader. McCrea’s lack of interest in the party grass roots also, however, shines through:

JMcC: Basil made it clear from the start that the party executive would have no role at all in policy making—it would just be him and me. And he wasn’t interested in making any. Then, when it comes to the biggest decision we had had to make so far, a meeting of the executive is called and, without any prior discussion at all—and while candidates were actually on doorsteps and not consulted—they decided to announce the shift from unionist to ‘other.’ I didn’t even know this issue was up for discussion before I arrived.

I had always said to the party right from the start that we were a unionist party and designated as a unionist party and that our aim was to define what a modern unionism and modern unionist party might look like. It was about respect, diversity and pluralism. But I was happy not to wrap the party in a flag or even have flags or bunting at our conference. We didn’t need to mention the Union in every other sentence. That was the drive for me. A form of unionism which didn’t need to be shouted from the rooftops or plastered throughout our literature. A confident unionism in other words.

AK: Was there a moment in that period from the conference in November 2013 to the late announcement of candidates in March 2014 that you and Basil realised that you were running on empty in terms of your personal relationship?
JMcC: At the start Basil and I would have agreed that the most important relationship—the key to success, if you like—was the personal relationship between him and me. But it became clear, once the party executive was up and running at the end of 2013, that all of the power and control—over e-mailing of members, website and communications etc—was resting in his hands. But he also had personal control of all of our election candidates, most of whom I knew nothing about until the beginning of March.
Basil also told me that the joint leadership stuff wasn’t really working. He didn’t want to consult. He didn’t want to discuss. He didn’t want to make all that many decisions, either, but whatever decisions had to be made he was determined to make them himself. People ask why I didn’t play a part: well, it’s because I wasn’t given the opportunity to play a part. For example, I was presented with a leaflet and told ‘there’s our election literature.’ We talked about it. I sent him an e-mail the following day. But there was never any further discussion about it: so hundreds of thousands of leaflets went out and I had no input or involvement. I had no say into how many candidates we fielded.

McCallister also seems to be trying to ensure that he is seen as a unionist (albeit with a small u) and avoiding any blame for the LAD attacks on other unionists:

AK: It has been put to me that some of the key people behind LadFleg (the satirical Facebook and Twitter sites) were also behind NI21’s Party Election Broadcast (PEB) and that the attacks on loyalism and the links between mainstream unionism and loyalism were part of a concerted campaign to help NI21. Is there any truth to that?
JMcC: I had no knowledge of the LadFleg involvement. The only time I learned of the identity of some of those behind it was when we were filming the PEB: so yes, they were involved in that. But my only involvement in that PEB was on the day before it was to be filmed and I was given a quick look at the script. I had to do a small piece at the end, but I refused to use the “don’t vote for us” line they wanted me to use.
But yes, there was certainly a close relationship between some of the people behind LadFleg and some of the people on the NI21 executive, including, of course, Basil. Was there an orchestrated campaign by LadFleg to help the aims of NI21? I don’t know. I had no knowledge of it. But then I had no knowledge of a lot of things happening behind the scenes of NI21.

Also interesting is McCallister’s comments that he was canvassed by Alliance and the NI Conservatives. His dismissal of Alliance for being inadequately unionist makes some sense especially in view of their progressively less unionist feel over the last couple of years. His palpable contempt for the Conservatives: “Conservatives are not a sellable brand here—as the two recent elections demonstrated yet again.” may be entirely accurate but a bit ironic in view of NI21’s collapse.

What is also interesting is what McCallister mentions so little: namely the sexual harassement complaints made against Basil McCrea. The investigation by the Stormont standards commissioner has not finished but one is left wondering if there was anything in the allegations at all. If there is little or nothing in them, McCallister’s actions and motivations over the whole affair might come in for scrutiny, especially in view of what McCallister says was an already fractured relationship.

McCallister goes on to discuss his private members bill with Alex Kane but the likelihood of this succeeding seems low. What one is left with more than anything is the feeling that either McCrea or McCallister would have been a complete disaster as UUP leader. Whether either of them has a political future now must be dubious.


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  • The NI21 election campaign literature/EB was woeful. Proving it seems that it is one thing to snipe and be smugly self-congratulating on your own humour via social media, but not very clever in the real world.

  • Michael Henry

    Was surprised myself when NI21 rose from Unionist to other when the election campaign was about to go into full swing-some one at the top wanted NI21 to fall at the first hurdle- it looks like they won’t be around in the year of our lord 2021-

  • Morpheus

    If I were a new political party and I was looking for a new, fresh dynamic appealing to the masses who are sick to the back-teeth of the current political setup – and need to do it on a show-string budget – then you can bet your bottom dollar I would consult with the LAD administrators. Some of their work is absolutlely hilarious (my personal favourite being the Protest/PSNI Bingo call “Jamie’s plate, complete ate”)

    LAD however does not ‘attack fellow unionists’ – that is taking it way too far. The guys who are displayed on LAD put themselves out there for parody and they supply the ammo on a regular basis – and the results are hilarious.

    It was sad to see the demise of NI21, they were forward thinking and could have been a pro-UK party that Catholics could’ve gotten behind….even today Catholic support for unionist parties stands at 0% according to the NILT. Who represents Catholics who want NI to remain part of the UK because the DUP/UUP/TUV/PUP it ain’t.

  • Chris Browne

    There is something that often goes forgotten in the NI21 saga. If Basil had not called the meeting and forced the designation, with only hours to go before the election, then it seems to me that things would not have deteriorated at the pace they did.

    It was a ticking time bomb, but Basil surely accelerated things by calling that meeting and arguably forcing John’s hand.

    If that had not occurred, then surely the electoral fall-out would not have been as significant and they might have had something to build upon eventually.

    As far as LAD goes, I don’t think it is significant. I had assumed that part of their ‘thing’ was that they were non-partisan, although at the end of the day their influence on the NI’s electoral landscape is minimal surely.

  • Jag

    So, (some of ) the talented LADs and LADdettes who have perfectly captured the zeitgeist of flegs, culcha and whataboutery with knuckle-dragging loyalists and republicans, hypocrites and whingers (of all political shades, LOUPCNRGAA), were allegedly engaged to help produce a PEB for what was going to be a new political voice in NI (before it vaporised). So, what? And so what, if some or all are unmasked? Unless they include Gerry Kelly or Nigel Dodds, who cares, they have controlled their egos by keeping low real world profiles, change their haircuts and who’d recognise them?

    LADfleg, now with 13,000 followers on Twitter rivals the old media for news, current affairs esp political, and surpasses it for its trenchant commentary, plus edgy pics & video, Lances bolloxology whereever it develops. Delighted they’re getting flak :-), just proves they’re heading in the right direction.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    Hold the front page:


    I don’t know what size the graphic design/media consultancy/arty-TV-stuff community in NI is.

    I would suspect that it’s not big.

    So the likelihood of a non-tribal ‘non-see-no-evil-when-loyalists-do-sumfin’ based unionist party (such as they were) happening upon media types who are ant-tribal/NI nonsense orientated is hardly a noteworthy matter.

    Indeed, surely given the (probably) small number of such types in NI would it not be more newsworthy if they DIDN’T gravitate towards each other professionally or otherwise?

    NI21: “What?! There’s other people out there that can do this stuff for us?! We just blew the budget on a Saatchi & Saatchi commercial! Nuts….”

  • Slater

    What were the figures from the Euro postal vote tally that make McCallister say his intervention and the meltdown had no electoral effect? Very dubious assertion.

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Does LAD FB still exist?

  • Joe_Hoggs

    I thought parties such as the UUP and DUP pick up a sizeable RC vote – Paisley always boasted about this.

  • Morpheus

    Yip, was on it this morning. Both funny and cringeworthy in equal measure.

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Thanks Morpheus, I know it was taken down at the weekend due to some anti Israeli remarks,

  • Morpheus

    Who knows what goes on in the polling booth Joe but party support for DUP/UUP among Catholics lies at 0% according to the most recent NILT

  • Morpheus
  • Joe_Hoggs

    Thanks but I don’t frequent such sites.

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Sinn Fein have claimed they get a fair whack of the Protestant vote, especially in Fermanagh. I don’t know how accurate that link is but I don know of one or two RCs who vote DUP.

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Just Loyalists, not Republicans.

  • Morpheus

    You honestly should Joe, it’s an eye-opener…there’s a whole different mind-set to us out there

  • Joe_Hoggs

    I posted on it before correcting a number of issues. People thought I was a Republican and added me as a friend etc and some of the vile comments from posters there are a disgrace. It’s freedom of speech but it’s sickening. Unfortunately as a result of LAD we have Loyalists FB pages up that are at the same nonsense. LAD maybe worthwhile to some degree but there is an undoubted veneer of sectarianism with it which is the greatest irony of all.

  • Morpheus

    I think it’s the other way around Joe – there were plenty of Loyalist FB pages before LAD came on the scene.

    I suggest maybe ignoring the comments, I know I do. With over 22,000 followers there are too many to read. But the screenshots etc. from these Loyalist FB pages gives a useful insight into their mindset – these are the people who are described as the ‘hangers-on’ at OO events

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    With respect Joe that’s not true.

    Unfortunately Loyalism is the low hanging fruit at the moment and receives the bulk, had Gerry held onto his duffle coat and the IRA were still sledging people’s shins weekly then it might a different story, alas he and the rest of them learnt how to dance.

    Loyalism and unionism has not.

    It will be treated accordingly for this refusal to evolve.

    Sorry Joe, it’s not nice to hear but unionism shouldn’t be given special dispensation ‘just because’.

    Rather than caring about how much/how little stick
    nationalism/republicanism gets it would be more prudent to self reflect for a while and make unionism’s and loyalism’s position unimpeachable.

    I know you agree partly as you (commendably) have high expectations for band parade behaviour.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    You have a point there Joe, but the way I look at it is “well, looks like we have urrrselves a pot-kettle-noir situation here Sheriff”, as in I chuckle when some of these equally bigoted types from ‘the other side’ can’t see the bunting for the flegs.

  • Morpheus


    Here is Sashbash FM, ever hear of it?

    Me neither. It has to be seen to be believed.

    But these are the things that go on in NI which you or I might not aware of were it not for LAD shining a light:

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Am Ghobsmacht,

    Did LAD parody the Hunger strike march in Derrylin, the west Belfast fleadh that is being discussed here or indeed the countless awful Republican pages that exist? The problem with LAD is it has led to Loyalist creating similar pages. I looked at one such page mocking two Republicans who were arranging to meet at a “Hunger strike festival” and openly planning where to go for food afterwards.

    Sorry but LAD in its one side guise is part of the problem. Does it really need to be pro George Galloway and anti Israeli?

    PS Thanks for the respect – and respect returned.

  • Joe_Hoggs

    I’ll take a look when I’m not at work – I’m sure it will have the cringe factor.

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Ok Morp (hope it’s ok to call you that),
    You do have a point, however this site concentrates a LOT of its time on anonymous FB attributed to Loyalists who upload nonsense, how do we know it isn’t a Republican or just a mischief maker behind it?

  • Morpheus

    Which Shinner said that Joe?

    Obviously the NILT is not broken down into county-by-county (but I would love to see these polls carried out in each county and the results amalgamated to see a NI wide picture) but those polls are rounded – I am sure if there were a few (maybe 10?) decimal places it might show those 1 or 2 Catholics who vote DUP or the Protestants who vote SF but either way it won’t cause much of a ripple.

  • Joe_Hoggs
  • Morpheus

    Of course it’s OK Joe. Little secret between me, you and the lamppost…

    …it’s not my real name.

    Susssssh 🙂

    A lot of the content comes from groups where people come on to show their Loyalism in front of their friends. If Sammy from the Shankill comes on facebook with his multiple like minded friends then he will be spotted a mile away. Anyone can look at their profile (mainly) and see for themselves. That’s why Ruth Thingys comment became front page news.

    Plus loads comes from idiots like Jamie WhatsHisFace and Willie Tazer – they just keep on giving and giving and giving. They are an embarrassment

  • Morpheus

    Oh it does, in spades.

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Thanks for that Morp 😉

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    I do concede that it could put a bit more effort into the republican aspects but then that brings the situation to BBC territory as in a quid pro quo for each jibe.

    I was thinking about this today actually and wondered if the loyalists and unionists (and others of course) who are offended by LAD would reflect upon their own actions IF a balance could be reached.

    But then that in itself is an absurd stance to take as in a person will only admit that they are out of order if an equal amount of scrutiny were applied else where.

    When I commit a wrong I commit a wrong, the wrongs of others affect my situation not a jot.

    As for ‘anti-Israeli’, what are you alluding to? I’ve noticed a lot of this e.g I’m pro ‘right to defend themselves’ but in my mind defence includes that expensive state of the art Irondome system, not attacking housing blocks.

    I hate the way how this topic has also become digital as in ‘you’re with us or against us’, as has LAD ‘they’re not FOR unionism so the MUST be against it’, so wrong and unfair.

  • Morpheus

    Fair play, can’t argue with a quote like “Catholics, Protestant and Dissenter came out and voted for me.”

  • Joe_Hoggs

    I’ve been critical of William Frazer before online, more Unionist pages and he does have some repect. People like the fact that he stands up to violent Republicans and exposes terror cells e.g. he stated that in 2013 the IRA made 400 million – is this correct? Obviously he isn’t good at articulating himself but Loyalists are ok with that due to his lack of education. On the flip side of course he goes too far and is quiet regarding Loyalist paramilitaries.

    Bryson is not popular within Unionist circles at all.

    PS, your secret is safe with me.

  • Morpheus

    I have absolutely no idea how much the IRA made in 2013 Joe, the head of finance committee didn’t distribute the minutes to all Rosary bead rattlers like she is supposed to for some reason. How many times do they need telling eh?

    If Willie put half as much effort into bringing people together as he does pushing people apart then I think he would have a much more fulfilling life.

    Have you ever seen this dapperly-attired individual:

    Serious question: is he a member?

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Am Ghobsmacht,
    The vast majority of followers to LAD are CNR and LAD do cater for them, the few times they have went against Republicans they have been heavily criticised by their own followers.
    Ruth Patterson, I may not be her biggest fan but how do rantings such as “down below must be as quiet as a Catholic monestry for the little action she would get” get approved on LAD, even the moderators are at this. This is always posted when she is being commented on.
    I have yet to see Barry McElduff parodied and he is a walking parody.

  • Joe_Hoggs

    He is a member, yes. That’s RIR attire or maybe UDR?

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Fantastic and very well put.

  • Morpheus

    Any idea what Mr Stevenson thinks about scenes like this?

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Went down well in Loyalist and indeed Unionist circles, people felt that they made their point well with this deomonstration.

  • Morpheus

    You have got to be joking Joe! THAT went down well at OO HQ?????????

    Parody wasn’t even needed – surely you can appreciate that this made a laughing stock out of loyalism?

  • Joe_Hoggs

    I don’t know about Orange HQs but most people I spoke to thought it was good and enjoyed Frazer’s satarical humour.

  • Morpheus

    Well every day is a school day Joe, I was under the impression that everyone thought it was mind-numbingly embarrassing and hide-behind-the-sofa cringeworthy

  • Joe_Hoggs

    It’s actually good to hear a different view on it, Frazer reached legendary status with this stunt but it appears there are those who thought he was foolish.

  • Morpheus

    NP, but when you visit keep in mind the thought: “what reaction would there be from my political leaders if there was a radio station dedicated to playing Republican songs 24 hours a day,7 days a week, naming volunteers to be remembered between songs”

    (yeah, that’s what happens on SBFM)

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Is this a Scottish station?

  • Morpheus

    I’m sorry Joe, I shouldn’t laugh because he has his own cross to bear but ‘legendary’ made me genuinely laugh out loud.

    This has genuinely shocked me, I thought he was as big a laughing stock in unionist circles as he is everywhere else.

  • Morpheus

    Nope, local

  • Joe_Hoggs

    He generally is but this stunt won him a few fans.

  • Joe_Hoggs

    OK, can’t wait to listen to it.

  • Morpheus

    There’s a song called ‘The Fields Of Ballynafeigh’ on right now and it’s just ‘The Fields of Athenry’ with minor tweaks to the lyrics, it’s hilarious listening to the poor guy trying to crow-bar words in where they don’t fit

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Fun fact for you – there are 7 yes SEVEN Loyalist versions of that song. The tune is played at Scottish Twelfths all the time.

  • Morpheus

    Why did they change the lyric from ‘Michael they are taking you away?” to “Billy they are taking you away?” Does Michael smell too much of mass? 🙂

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Haven’t heard the Billy version only the John version.

  • Morpheus

    That might be on next

  • Joe_Hoggs

    It’s a real treat, glad you have something to tune into.

  • Morpheus

    I am shaving my head, injecting steroids and getting a No Surrender tattoo as we speak

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Enjoy, I’m going off to a family friendly Fleadh.

  • Morpheus

    Drat, you just missed one

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Actually I would have a lot of time for Fleadhs in general, the west Belfast one was a pure exception, if you haven’t been they’re worthwhile going to.

  • Comrade Stalin


    No, it’s not as a “result of LAD”. Loyalist and nationalist pages spewing sectarian diatribe were on FB long before. I saw them when, for example, the convicted loyalist killer had the job at Asda on the Shore Road.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Loyalist songs, when they’re not full of sectarian nonsense, tend to be utterly tasteless; like a cheesy loyal version of Magarita Pracatan with irritating synthesizer noises and corny drum machines.

  • Comrade Stalin

    To the issue at hand, I don’t know who LAD are or whether John McCallister was right or not, but I think it is highly irresponsible of him to make allegations about who they might be given the danger that he may be placing them in. Any NI21 activists or people who worked for NI21 may be considered to be LAD by some of the knuckle draggers in our society. That was a seriously wrong thing for John to do and he has, consequently, gone down significantly in my own judgement. He deserves to lose his seat for that.

    In general, various comments about LAD’s supposed bias entirely miss the point. There are some comments about why LAD haven’t parodied the thing in the Ardoyne fleadh or other recent acts of hate speech from nationalists. But LAD don’t parody similar events from loyalists (much). Someone yelling F the pope or Brits Out – to cheers from a crowd – is not, by itself, funny. It’s deadly serious.

    Unionism and nationalism are not the same. Nationalism is generally coherent, well managed (broadly speaking) and people tend to rally behind their political leaders, who in most cases are well educated, well spoken and tactically cunning. I am not saying that nationalists are right or good all the time,but they are professional at being political.

    Unionism is fragmented, disjointed, and suffers a lot from gormless uneducated idiots like Jamie Bryson and Willie Frazer who want to take it over. The problem is that they lack the wit to know that they are a laughing stock. Bryson and Frazer are by no means new or unique. Since partition, and before, these idiots have been crawling out of the woodwork, and their message is always the same – our leaders are traitors; we are being sold out; we need to take a stand; we need to bring down the present government; and by engaging in completely pointless acts of protest, roadblocks, or boycotts we can put a stop to it. Unionism can ultimately be reduced to a badly run protest movement full of thugs who are incorrigible in their belief they have the capacity to lead it.

    In the same vein you have people like Pastor McConnell setting themselves up as Christian ministers, puffing their chest out and pronouncing on matters they have no knowledge of, while putting in danger the lives of gay people, ethnic and religious minorities, and others in the community.

    While all of the above is going on, unionist political leaders will lecture others from on high about tolerance, shared space, commitment to peaceful and democratic means, and non-violence. The hypocrisy they engage in and the assumption that everyone they’re speaking to is too stupid to spot it is simply begging to be parodied.

    A review of LAD’s work will show that most of the time all they actually do is take the words spoken by loyalists and unionists, and repeat them verbatim alongside of evidence of their hypocrisy, or with a witty remark added below. The idea that repeating someone else’s words – especially when they are being murderous or threatening – is divisive or damaging is worthy of parody itself. In the case of Pastor McConnell, LAD did nothing except make a recording of the “sermon” and pass it on to a wider audience.

    Nationalism doesn’t have any upstarts setting themselves up as leaders (while conspicuously avoiding the need to obtain a mandate) and giving boring monologues to camera calling people “tramps”. When nationalists go on hunger strike they make it past lunchtime. There are no nationalist equivalents to that jabbering idiot talking about the IRA’s billions or its conspiracy to contaminate burgers.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    Howdy Joe
    I would imagine the majority would probably be of a nationalist background, though, it’s quite a ‘yoof’ site and most people under 30 in NI are from a Catholic background and of course many people spread the rumour that it’s run by republicans.


    Can I just point out, any time I’ve been critical of nationalism in my blogs for LAD the responses haven’t been as harsh as you would think IF the site were nationalist orientated.

    Quite the opposite in fact.

    The Ruth Patterson comment may be a little tasteless but it’s hardly republican is it. And she does come out with some bat-sh*t crazy stuff though.

    As for Barry McElduff, I confess I’m not familiar with his actions, I’ll see what he gets up to on twitter….

  • Am Ghobsmacht


    You’re obviously a Lundy and a traitor and a horse-rustling commie super tramp….

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Hi Am Ghobsmacht,
    Are you a mod on LAD?

  • Morpheus

    Excellent post, especially the first part about the potential for putting people in danger with unnecessary language.

  • Morpheus

    Just read Wee Willie Tazer’s comments about the LADmins rabbiting about ‘protests at their houses’ and how he won’t rest until he sees them exposed. How long before someone gets hurt eh?

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    Naw Joe

    But judging by the way the witch hunt is going it’ll only be a matter of time before they run through everyone in NI and cast the net to include people in places like Australia.

    I’m just a lowly blogger and throw the odd thought their way.

    I’m obviously a fan of their work (mostly) as it was a rather lonely place before the came along i.e. “Am I the only one to think that think unionism/loyalism is now a joke?!”

    And now I know I’m not.

    BTW, I might throw a few curved balls the way of Frazer and Bryson to see how long it is before they start posting things like:
    “We can confirm LAD is organised and run through a republican-Islamist communist fundraising network in Sydney’s gay district….”

  • Nicholas Whyte

    I was interested by that point too. Of course the postal vote as such was not officially counted separately; the tally will be basically back-of-the-envelope calculations carried out by the party agents. But the figures will be known to anyone who cared to ask at the time (I’m afraid I didn’t).

    What McCallister actually says is not explicitly that “his intervention and the meltdown had no electoral effect” but that “the project was already holed beneath the water”, in other words that failure to deliver a campaign meant that the events of the last few days before the vote – including not only McCallister’s intervention, but the redesignation descision – came too late to make any difference to the already dismal level of popular support.

    Myself, I suspect that there will have been a small difference between the postal votes and those cast on the day, but it may be the difference between “hardly any” and “practically none”.

  • Ulidian Realist

    He certainly is promoting the same Useful Idiot attitude (and seems to be a keen contributor) as these NI21 loons. An attitude which, despite what he think, does nothing in reality but promote Irish Nationalism, glorify Irish Nationalist terrorists and spread their propaganda, destabilise Northern Ireland and mock those who actually stand by their principles to legitimate right to defend one’s people against a highly mendacious and belligerent enemy which seeks to ruthlessly and tenaciously subvert and undermine the right to self-determination of a people under the more-than-fair Irish two-state peace solution. Loyalists should simply become a big a “progressive” pansy as him, cut off their balls and either submit to ethnic subjugation under Irish Nationalism, fvck off to Australia like him, or just get to the point and commit suicide as his mental health disorders seem to suggest is the solution to every single one of our problems.

  • Mister_Joe

    The second half of your last sentence is extremely offensive. You should be ashamed.

  • carl marks

    well that was a well balanced statement if i ever heard one, not a bit offensive and completely accurate as well!
    That was sarcasm by the way and your just the sort of guy that LAD loves, keep it up.

  • carl marks

    believe it or not Joe i had a post pulled the other day and i didn’t tell anybody to fvck off, go figure!

  • Ulidian Realist

    good. It is time more people round here were offended on this Irish Nationalist and libero-faggot of a love-in site.

  • carl marks

    No please stay, i love to show my English friends what sort of people claim to be British in our wee country, Project NI need you, your our kind of loyalist, have you thought of writing a book?

  • carl marks

    Oh and could i have a definition of ” suicido-libero-faggot ” and do you have any figures on how many people that have committed suicide from posting or reading this site? after all a great thinker like you must have the facts at his fingertips!

  • Mister_Joe

    Thank you, Sir, for that confirmation.

  • carl marks

    This is all a bit amusing, NI21 have seemingly committed an act of treason by having links with LAD.

    This is of course been an oversight, they didn’t get the list of people its ok for unionists to have links with,

    1, Terrorists, UDA/UVF/UFF.

    2, Drug dealers, see point 1.

    3. Bands with links to terror groups.

    4. People who put the symbols of themmuns on bonfires.

    5. The OO. In particular those lodges who hire bands with the names of loyalist terrorists on their backs to walk past places were loyalist terrorists have murdered people.

    Not an exhaustive list I know but it might help any other Unionist party thinking of starting up to get it right.

    By the way I was heartened to see so many unionists come out and condemn the recent event held to commemorate the sectarian murderer Brian Robinson.

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Oh here goes Mr. Tolerant again and his anti Protestant venom.

  • carl marks

    pray Joe point out were i am in error, and perhaps you could also show me were unionists of any hue spoke out against the event for the memory of a sectarian killer.
    and Joe i share my life with a protestant she has brothers who are British soldiers, there is a minister and a policeman in the family and they believe it or not agree with me on this (but you would probably call them lundys.
    so Joe i take exception with you trying to confuse decent protestants with the bigots i referred to.
    but like i said Joe tell me where i am wrong. does the UUP/DUP/TUV not have formal links with the UDA/UVF and show me quotes were any unionist condemned the disgraceful Brian Robinson event?

  • Joe_Hoggs

    “were” would be your first mistake.

  • carl marks

    so no argument Joe Just a grammar check, perhaps you should ask yourself why you cant present a argument could it perhaps be that deep down you know i am right.
    but i understand you problem, once you start to admit that the unionist parties and the OO are in bed with gangsters then it puts the whole NI21 /LAD thing into perspective and history shows us that unionists don’t do perspective.
    However feel free to grammer check if that is all you can do in the way of debate!

  • Joe_Hoggs

    One was led to believe that LAD’s first argument was that Unionists are illiterate while Republicans such as yourself are borderline geniuses.

  • carl marks

    Borderline! i take exception to that, don’t do borders. 😉

  • Croiteir

    That’s tradition for you – even the Sash was a Teague song first

  • Am Ghobsmacht


    Would you kindly point out (for the sake of the rest of us) where exactly Carl Marx has provided anti-Protestant venom?

    The list above seems to be a list of facts that can be easily verified.

    If it is a false list or contains mistakes then please enlighten us as to where the errors lay.

    If it is indeed correct then are you not obliged to concede that it is correct? (And we know you agree with some of the above points anyway, you don’t like to see the OO disgraced and some of the above points do exactly that).

    Even if the list pertains to a minority within unionism it nonetheless gives an overly-inflated perspective as unionist politicians do not call-out these minority groups.