Ah, Sinn Fein employ 61 staff in Dublin HQ and Leinster House

Interesting figures today…

Queries submitted by The Irish Times to the major parties show that Sinn Féin directly employs 61 people in its party headquarters and in Leinster House.

The party has 14 TDs and three senators, compared to 34 TDs and Senators for the next smallest party, Fianna Fáil, but it employs 25 more people centrally. Sinn Féin has said that 41 of those work in its Parnell Square headquarters and in Leinster House, while 20 work in “other capacities”.

Parties remain well funded and staffed even within stricter fundraising limits
The party with the next highest number of employees is Fine Gael with 38. Labour employs 27 centrally, while Fianna Fáil has 34.5 jobs in total.

Lower pay rates is an obvious reason, but unless you can trace the expenditure and the source of the money used to pay for these staff it’s hard to do much more than ask questions about the how?

  • Arthur Renfrew

    Fair play to them for spreading the wealth. The article answers the How? Did you read your own link?

  • Paul Devlin

    Mick really has one massive boner for the Shinners, God help Him!

  • mickfealty


    You mean this bit?

    …some salary costs were borne from its own fundraising.

    Very clear..


  • kensei

    Are they allowed to use money from the north in the south? This under represents their size (and consequently income) otherwise. I’d imagine that even if they aren’t, there are legal ways around that which will free up more money.

    What possible illegal thing could they be doing Mick? You are insinuating something but I don’t know what.

  • Tacapall

    What Mick is saying is, where is Sinn Fein getting the finances to pay the other 35% of their total wage bill in its party headquarters and in Leinster House. Some people couldn’t care less but obviously he does so seeing as we’re on the subject perhaps someone could oblige.

  • Tugger

    Northern bank? Dodgy diesel? That white powder they imported in from Colombia?


    “Although the links between the IRA and the FARC have not usually constituted direct exchanges of narcotics for weapons, transactions between the two groups have involved both those commodities. The chief income base of the FARC is narcotics sales, and recent IRA payments in narcotics to Croatian arms traffickers (see The Balkan Link) demonstrate that the IRA likely has received narcotics from FARC.”

  • MalcolmRedfellow

    We’ve just been lighting bonfires to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Nixon’s resignation. So I’m reckoning Mick has caught the spirit, and is channelling Deep Throat’s advice to Woodward: “Follow the money”.

    Worked then!

  • Morpheus

    Are you saying that SF were involved in The Northern Bank robbery, fuel laundering and the importation of illegal narcotics in order to fund these jobs at Dublin HQ and Leinster House? Naturally you have supporting evidence so I suggest you get on to the serious crime office at An Garda Síochána asap

    Please let us know how that turns out for you

  • sean treacy

    SF TDs only recieve the average industrial wage.The rest of their salary goes to the party who use it to employ others.

  • mickfealty


    That may be the case for MLAs, but SIPO has much tighter rules on TD donations.

  • mickfealty


    If you are going to trade speculation and insults can you please take it somewhere else?

  • Morpheus

    No insults or speculation from me Mick, I just think unfounded lazy, accusations should not go unchallenged.

  • Michael Henry

    Sinn Fein was involved in Peace Process talks between the Colombian Government and FARC recently in CUBA- there is nothing to hide except for some of the loyalists who whisper lies about drugs-just because they are at it does not mean everyone else is-