• ayeYerMa

    And how exactly does your endless anti-Unionist propaganda stream help Unionism? All it does is boost Republicans, because in all likelihood you don’t actually care.

  • Greenflag

    It’s a cartoon with more than a little truth in it .

    O’Neill, Chichester Clark , Faulkner , Molyneaux , Trimble , Paisley , Robinson and now guess who’s the next uber Unionist leader in waiting ? Dodds or Wilson ?

    As to helping ‘Unionism ‘ ? . Sure they can’t help themselves man . Expecting ‘help’ from a cartoonist seems somewhat desperate .

    If any political party/parties sets itself up for ‘ridicule ‘ thats exactly what it will get .

    BTW – Republicans I’m told are not laughing -The quote

    ”I fear the real danger for Unionism lies not in what our opponents would seek to do to us but in what we do to ourselves.”

    has been such a truism for decades now that it’s no longer funny ha ha – funny peculiar perhaps- but no longer ha ha :(