If you live in a glass house, don`t throw stones…at UKIP

Much ado about Ken Clarke`s comments on `UKIP clowns, closet racists and fruitcakes` over the weekend.  It is amazing however what turns up when you Google various configurations of the words Labour, Tory, racist, nazi & BNP.

For example, BNP leader Nick Griffin’s father was a Welsh Tory aide to Ian Duncan Smith in 2001, who discussed  ‘voluntary repatriation of immigrants’ .  Add to that a raft of Labour and Tory members defecting to the BNP and vice versa, lots of controversial comments all round.

The Times ran with the story that three UKIP candidates appear on a previously leaked BNP list but failed to mention that the same list contains the names of people who have been Tory, Labour, Lib Dem and Green party members.  Nor did it mention the BNP recently warned `Beware UKIP Zionists`on it`s website which was picked up by The Commentator

Labour too have gone on the attack, which rather interestingly seems to have concluded that UKIP are taking their votes as much as splitting the vote on the right.

It will be very interesting to follow the local elections in England this week as it seems the other three main parties are starting to get a little scared of UKIP`s eclectic mix of working people`s conservativism and libertarianism (small government, low taxes, no tax for those on the minimum wage).

Nigel Farage was on BBC Question Time on Thursday night and as usual seemed to be dictating the narrative of debate.

I attended the TUV conference in Cookstown last year specifically to hear Liverpudlian UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall speak.

He seemed to be holding out for a UKIP / TUV pact for the 2014 Euro elections which might actually appeal….


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