Willie Frazer detained at his home this morning…

UTV reporting that Willie Frazer has been arrested...

A 52-year-old man was detained at a house in the Tandragee Road area of Markethill, Co Armagh, just before 9am on Wednesday.

He is currently in police custody being questioned on suspicion of public order offences linked to the Union flags protests.

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  • Obelisk

    I wonder if the police decided to upon a more proactive approach once the Grand Master of the Orange Order began publically musing if he too should break the law.

    Look I’m not defending the protestors who in a few months time will illegally block the roads in the face of legally approved Orange marches.

    I’m TERRIFIED of the reaction when those protestors are cleared and subjected to the law in the space of two and a half hours rather than two and a half months.

    Is this action against Willie Frazier too late too late? Will the police be compelled to adopt a softer hand during the marching season as a result of this?

    I don’t blame the officers on the ground for this debacle mind you. I don’t think the PSNI is a partisan force. I think responsibility for these misteps goes all the way up to Baggot, and yes he is right that our leaders have utterly failed to provide any leadership as evidenced for his calls for such leadership, but he is culpable for allowing his force to be accused of double standards.

    As for Willie Frazier, I guess he gets to play the martyr sacrificed to the “PSNIRA” at the whims of Sinn Fein. I bet he gets a big cheer the next time he shows up at the forum.

  • FDM

    Has this got anything to do with horses?

  • SK

    Sanity prevails.

  • keano10

    “Free Willy” :))

  • The BBC names both Frazer and Bryson.

  • Ulster Press Centre

    Two innocent men arrested for ATTENDING (not organising) peaceful protests – conveniently just hours after Matt Baggot meets with convicted sectarian murderer Gerry Kelly.

    Meanwhile Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness enjoy an unofficial British government amnesty to keep the peace process on track and stop the IRA blowing up London.

    Is it any wonder the Unionist community is at boiling point??

    I honestly fear for where this country is heading. It isn’t going to be pretty.

  • jthree

    Is the Ulster Press Centre something to do with cabinet making?

  • FDM

    To be serious though what are the PSNI doing?

    Free Wullie and Jamie 50-shades-of-gash were really just figureheads. They had no power. They were directing nothing.

    The violence was paramilitaries pulling the strings. Whilst these two have some history of associating in those circles [which is all in the public domain before you squeal] they weren’t the ones pushing the young Turks onto the streets. Not to my mind. Sure you wouldn’t trust either with the remote control of a television nevermind leading any kind of minor on-street uprising.

    This to me seems like a pretty cheap shot. The PSNI should have been on the streets arresting the obvious perpetrators there and then AND going after those orchestrating the violence.

    This is Baggott and co. stable door closing and grandstanding. It fails more than a large failing thing that fails a lot. Jamie and Free Wullie are irrelevant and powerless and thats why they are getting their cages rattled today.

    On a more serious note who is going to replace Jamie in the 1st Bangor FC squad on Saturday?

  • Sp12

    wowease Woderick!

  • BarneyT

    What about his mascot role!!! The PSNI have just not thought this through.

    Seriously though, if they arrested zippy and bongo they would have had more effect.

  • tacapall

    Jamie and Willie attended many of these illegal protests its irrelevant whether they organised them or not, they still broke the law and are entitled to be prosecuted like everyone else. Boo Hoo.

  • Kevsterino

    Willie and Jamie are busted? Let’s see if anyone with a clue takes their places.

  • FDM

    Surely there was another gentleman from East Belfast who was very prominent on the barricades, media shows and alike???

    Is his collar going to be felt also?

  • tacapall

    No FDM I wouldn’t think so as thats the connection between M15, the UVF and public disorder that furthers British interests in Ireland.

  • BarneyT

    I’m just looking forward to the Sun headline to see what they make of the letters PSNI and WILLY in the same sentence

  • BluesJazz

    Jamie’s only cwime was loyalty etc….

    innocent in the eyes of god anyway.

  • brian2013

    This just gives oxygen to the disenfranchised loyalists (or woyawists, according to Jamie) who think that the PSNI is part of some Sinn Fein conspiracy to remove their Britishness.
    Unless the PSNI now plan to arrest all of the DUP, UUP, TUV and UDP representatives who also took part in these protests / parades they’ve just handed Jamie Bwyson a P-Aw victowy.

  • FDM


    “Unless the PSNI now plan to arrest all of the DUP, UUP”

    I actually think that if the DPP looked hard enough into their old dusty law tomes that they could do exactly that to quite a few.

    However there is more chance of me being elected the new Pontiff.

  • Mark

    Is it really a surprise that Frazier was lifted this morning ? …Was he not detained by the cops under terror laws last month on his way back from a ” meeting ” in East Belfast . Has he not being unsucessful in his attempts to obtain a PPW licence ? . The cops obviously feel an armed Willy Frazier would be a danger to the stability of the community .

  • Cric

    The Orange Order jumps up and down and says “if they don’t use the Parades Commission then we won’t” forcing the Police to do something now before we have a summer of chaos.

    This is Sinn Fein’s fault?

  • redstar2011

    According to his video released this afternoon Mr Bryson is now on the run and is calling for ll Ulstermen to pour onto the streets to help him……..


  • Kevsterino

    I would be interested to know just how much support Bryson gets in terms of “Ulstermen to pour onto the streets”.

    I’m thinking a sufficiently damp squib may be what is needed to bring this farce to a close.

  • Morpheus

    Is this the same Bryson who told the young loyalists not to post bail etc? Now he’s playing hide-and-go-feck-urslef?


  • Submariner


    A very witty blog by Old Bitterballs that hits the nail on the head nicely. By the way I hope that the PSNI charge both Frazer and Bryson and place bail conditions on them preventing them from being anywhere near a fleg parade. It will also be interesting to see what the east Belfast UVFs reaction will be when the cops scoop their poster boy

  • BluesJazz

    The PSNI could do worse than pop into Ladbrokes or William Hill in Castlereagh Street, before the last race at Kempton.

  • “Operation Dulcet”?

    PSNI have a sense of humour?

  • pacman

    Judging by the first pictures released on facebook, literally tens of ….erm, people have rallied to the call tonight outside Musgrave Road station.

  • Mark

    I somehow can’t see wee Jamie staying silent , picking a spot on a wall and concentrate on it during any interview while helping the police with their inquiries .

    Jamie gives the impression he is incapable of keeping his gob shut in any situation .

  • Comrade Stalin

    My guess is that the police are after Bryson for participating in, and potentially organizing, illegal parades. Both of these are offences and video footage of Bryson participating in a parade past Short Strand exists on Youtube. If the police have a lead they are duty bound to follow it up, especially as the parades legislation is being openly challenged in public. It is interesting, though, that they have apparently not obtained a warrant for his arrest.

    I think Bryson made a strategic mistake in calling for everyone to come out onto the streets to protest the situation. Firstly, nobody is on the streets which suggests nobody cares about his opinion or his predicament and it will become obvious (if it is not already) that he is a legend in his own mind. Secondly, it sounds like he is inciting further public disorder. Openly flaunting the failure of the police to arrest him is not going to endear him to whichever judge ends up hearing the charges against him.

    I agree, it’s likely when he is arrested he will either be denied bail, or released on the condition that he stays away from facebook, twitter and future protests. If he violates any of those they’ll throw him in the clink for contempt of court. In turn this should have the effect of putting other people off attending further protests which may be organized.

  • Tomas Gorman

    This is getting beyond satire. Is Amando Ianucci writing the script for this?

  • BluesJazz

    Jamie has just been on utv live (from a secret hideaway) to say he will not be handing himself in. He quoted god in his defence. And , his spiritual advisor, the glue sniffing Pastor Mark Gordon told the police they were welcome to search his (taxpayer funded) offices for him.

    It’s getting a bit like ‘The Fugitive’ or ‘Prison Bweak’.
    Exciting stuff.

    Will Jamie make it over the wire on his motorbike into the safety of the Irish Republic?

  • Kevsterino

    Now a low speed White Bronco chase and Jamie will have gone completely Hollywood.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    “This is getting beyond satire. Is Amando Ianucci writing the script for this?”

    Please, God (Amando), let Christopher Morris be the interrogating officer…

  • odd_number

    Another interesting video about Jamie, apologies if posted before.

  • keano10

    This is rapidly becoming Comedy Central. A grand total of 16 people turned out for the mass protest at Musgrave Street Police Station last night in support of incarcerated legend Willie Frazer. Meanwhile fugitive Jamie has continued to taunt Matt Baggott from his lair somewhere in North Down, daring him to come and catch him…

    This whole debacle basically sums up the efficiency of the PSNI under Baggott’s tenure. Keystone Cops would’nt be in it…

  • FDM

    Just weeks ago Wullie and Jamie were centre stage [for instance the Nolan TV circus] as the leadership voice of the disenfranchised [supposedly] and down trodden loyalist proletariat.

    Billy Hutchinson was talking about it being an up-rising!

    Becky the babe [well not my cup of tea] was there singing “There’ll be Union Flegs over the city halls enclosures…” in her modern adaption of Vera Lynn’s great war time message to Tommy Atkins on the front line facing down Les Boche.

    Very stirring stuff.

    Now we have like 14 people and a dog on a rope trying to spring Free Wullie from Musgraves finest policing establishment.

    I understand Wullie is also refusing all IRA horse meat in his food.

    There are however a few big learning points for protestant nationalism within this.

    1. The days of being able to whip up the protestant-unionist-loyalist masses into a frenzy and shut the region down are demonstrably over. If you can’t manage this in times of such economic depravation that we are experiencing at present then you have had it. “Its the economy stupid” and all that.

    2. Unionism is leaderless and rudderless. From top to toe the Unionist parties seem unable to cope with the realities of the changing face of our democracy and the realisation of nationalist aspirations through the use of purely democratic means. The political vacancy in Unionist[ Read:protestant nationalist] policies is astonishing.

    3. There remains a rump of the PUL community completely committed to sectarianism. Who even when presented with cast-iron information that their communities are doing-better, are better funded they still vent their bile and hatred at themuns on the other side of the fence. I believe this to be much more prevalent in the PUL community.

    4. The PSNI can’t seem to get away from their RUC past. The shadowy temporal troubles warriors in the higher ranks and specialist security agencies are still fighting their preferred enemy.

    5. Even 15 years later the PUL community still haven’t been told that the GFA was a transitional arrangement, by the nature of the structrures and clauses within. The PUL community rely on the “spirit of the contract” rather than the contract details in a plea to nationalists NOT to deliver the same kind of governance upon them as THEY gave to the CNR community through 50 years of oppression.

    We live in very interesting and changing times.

    I actually on one level feel sorry for Wullie and Jamie. They are completely out of their depth flailing in water that has some really smart powerful invisible hungry sharks in it. Blood in the water was inevitable.

  • FDM. I think Baggott seems to just want a quiet life so why he didn’t just get a similar post in a small English town with a low crime rate instead of bringing his amateurish approach here. He’s out of his depth. Imagine cancelling a football because they were scared of a grand total of 30 flag wavers.

  • Amsterdamned

    posted on facebook on Mr Brysons behalf:

    ‘Thanks everyone for the amazing support, you are are all wonderful people who I have been honoured to stand with. Many of us may have our differences but we are all protestant people at the end of it and will all stand united. The PSNIRA tried to appease Sinn Fein by arresting me and Wille, but it has backfired badly. They have now wasted thousands of tax payers money chasing a law abiding British citizen on behalf of the IRA. I will not hand myself in to this fascist state, would the Jews have volunteered themselves to the Nazis with the benefit of hindsight? Il take a lesson from history on that one. I am ashamed of our so called police force who have now emancipated themselves from the law abiding Protestant people. I am proud of every single action I have taken in defence of our homeland and to borrow the words of a famous song ‘I will go to my grave before I’ll be a slave’.

    God be with you all.

    ‘she broke her wee heart when I left her, my Ulster I do this for you’


  • FDM


    I agree with what you say. I think Baggott applied for the post because he probably had enough on his CV to apply for it, met the minimum criteria. They never should have given him the role.

    I think it has proved to be the case of “beware of what you wish for, you might just get it”.

    I think his physical situation tells a story. He has aged terribly since walking into the top post.

    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he followed the pope into medical retirement.

    I agree that the Shore Road debacle, whereby they stopped 3,000 fans enjoying a game of football to accommodate 30 balloons was a Rubicon.

    Lets face it most officer level cops could have handled that situation with a couple of transit cans full of everyday cops.

    Baggott had every cop and specialist unit to hand, including the A-Team and he backed down. They can’t block the road if they are all in the cells. Simples.

  • Dixie Elliott

    13 of the 16 people protesting for Willie Frazer outside Musgrave Street station are believed to be informers working for the PSNI.

  • Kevsterino

    Mr. Frazer seems content to stay in custody, but wants the Deputy First Minister to keep him company. He’s so unusual.

  • Neil
  • Bryson has now been arrested too, in Bangor.

  • Neil

    Frazer’s been charged with public order offences and is up tomorrow.

  • tacapall

    Where else would you get it, this geezer actually has a phone in his cell. changed times indeed or have loyalists always had that luxury.

  • GEF

    “Mr. Frazer seems content to stay in custody, but wants the Deputy First Minister to keep him company. He’s so unusual.”

    He certainly isn’t the full shilling upstairs. Wonder will Willie and Jamie get three months and put in with this teenager for company? One of the rioters they requested to come out and join the protesters.


  • FDM[3.51] It’s getting to the point here since December that political satirists no longer need apply for work here. It must be uncomfortable now for those DUP rebels who have joined the flag rioters despite Robbo telling them not to. Nelson, Nigel, Gregory et al have gone a bit quiet on this now the whole ‘Peoples Fowum er….leadership top table has folded like a pack of cards. Comedy Centwal indded.

  • DC

    Can’t say I am impressed with this by the PSNI it does look like that after a lot of political pressure and getting spooked about parades in the future it was now time to move, than do it sooner and before all of this ‘bad summer ahead’ talk.

    Also, the DUP shouldn’t have walked away from the negotiations about the new police service at the time of Chris ‘ruin organisations’ Patten, as it could have negotiated along with the UUP in a bid to stop the stuffing getting knocked out of the old RUC, but the DUP instead argued at the UUP and helped no one’s cause except nationalism’s, perhaps.

    At this stage no one is in full knowledge of the facts, but it’s pretty shifty looking behaviour by the PSNI.

  • Neil

    I think vast numbers of people are fed up with it DC, including about half of Unionists, all of Nationalism, business owners and people who like to have fun in the town. Add to that the ongoing piss taking directed at the world’s nicest Chief Constable and then former Met. CCs coming on the radio to say the PSNI don’t have what it takes to host the G8 if they can’t sort out a bit of bother in their own back yard.

  • Comrade Stalin

    DC, you are getting more and more crazy every day. The PSNI are investigating and arresting people who we all know have broken the law. Remind me why this is a problem again ?

    Also, can you remind me of exactly who you think the PSNI are working for ? Please explain what agenda you think this organization is following by pursing Jamie Bryson, Willie Frazer, the Boston College tapes, and the dozen or so republicans of various colours who have been returned to jail or otherwise subjected to process (eg Colin Duffy) over the past ten years ?

  • DC

    I reckon they broke the law a long time ago but the PSNI only enforce it now and i am wondering why?

    It isn’t like they needed a lot of CCTV footage as these guys were pretty public in doing what they did.

    I think it’s pretty questionable and shifty as to the timing.

  • Kevsterino

    The PSNI seem to be proceeding with what they have been talking about for months now. They have been taking pictures, taking names and making their moves at a time of their own choosing. I get the feeling the timing was calculated to act against these two now that things have cooled off somewhat.

    So far, at least nobody has lost their life over this. I have to admit that looked quite possible in the run up to Christmas.

  • Submariner

    Well done PSNI. Now what needs to happen is for both to be remanded in custody by the courts and for the cops to stop any further parades from disrupting the law abiding taxpayers of Belfast.

  • DC

    Also, can you remind me of exactly who you think the PSNI are working for ?

    Not sure, it has only finished with positive discrimination 50/50 recruitment and it doesn’t ever fly the Union flag from any of its buildings either…

    So I guess the answer to your question is Alliance folk and Nationalists?! 😉

  • Comrade Stalin

    I think a number of other people are being unrealistic, as well as flaunting the fact that they are very poorly informed.

    The police did not stop the Crusaders/Cliftonville match because of 30 protestors. They stopped it because there was a very credible threat that there would be hundreds, and possibly thousands, of protestors descending on the area, brought on through social media and text messages organized by the UPF. The police were forced to stop the match to allow Cliftonville supporters in particular to get away before the thing turned really nasty. The blame for that problem lies squarely with the UPF and the sectarian hate elements who conspired to block a cross community, negotiated and agreed sports event from taking place.

    I do think it is true that Baggott is guilty of very poor judgment in allowing the parade into the city centre to take place. Permitting the first parade would be understandable in terms of discretion, but it should then have been made clear that subsequent parades would be stopped and anyone breaking the law would be arrested. The protestors merely took advantage of the effort to do it softly and this culminated in the Orange Order threatening wide scale unnotified parades with disastrous consequences.

    But please stop with this nonsense that the police have lost the confidence of nationalists. Most people aren’t stupid and know that they have a difficult job to do. I’m optimistic that the police will repair the problems of the past few weeks by enforcing the law against illegal parades and stopping illegal roadblocks. The police, who must by now be exhausted having been dealing with this matter for three months, need our support.

  • Comrade Stalin

    DC, ah yes. The police can’t be trusted because they’re full of fenians. Nice of you to admit it.

  • Submariner

    Well said CS

  • DC

    I don’t think i actually said that Comrade but once again you are given free licence on here to talk shite as you see fit.

  • Comrade Stalin

    DC, you implied in your 10:19PM that the PSNI’s agenda, as you suggested in previous contributions, was determined by the outcome of 50:50 recruitment. In other words because there are more Catholics in the force.

    If not, then you need to start sorting out your written communications.

  • DC

    Well could you not draw from that that the PSNI might be susceptible to concerns from the nationalist community to win the PR battle and the hearts and minds in that community over other sections. But because you don’t get on with me you’d rather suggest i am a bigot that doesn’t want a catholic about the place – or in your term a ‘fenian’.

    Also, I had a wink face in there as well. So lighten up and stop trying to stigmatise me as a bigot.

  • Dixie Elliott

    Little Willie -Willie wouldn’t go home…

  • Comrade Stalin

    DC, I can’t fathom the workings of your mind, sorry.

  • BluesJazz

    Where was Jamie cornered? Please tell me it was Ladbrokes.
    The Ulster Peoples Forum will be in uproar tonight, uproar i tell you, cwime against humanity.
    At least he’ll be innocent in the eyes of god (prod version).

  • redstar2011

    I think the fairest outcome to Willies case would be release him pending psychiatric reports

  • FDM


    Please tell me it was Ladbrokes.


    Nonsense. Jamie was on his knees in Gods house dressed as Oliver Cromwell.

    “Lowd make yowr swowd on earth so that I may smite the hewetics…”

  • DC

    Fathom this – an anonymous nationalist resident from Short Strand makes a legal challenge about the protests and now all of a sudden there’s this police action. Hmmm.

  • FDM

    DC (profile) says: 1 March 2013 at 10:07 am Fathom this – an anonymous nationalist resident from Short Strand makes a legal challenge about the protests and now all of a sudden there’s this police action. Hmmm.


    Yeah you would think the law might have influenced them to do something before now, go figure.

  • DC

    I never said that that shouldn’t have been the case, but we are told that operational reasons dictate as to enforcement of the law due to resources etc, now all of a sudden a challenge in the courts flanked by two SF politicians seems to have stimulated the PSNI into arrest mode, despite the case not being heard yet and without any outcome.

    This might raise eyebrows as to political pressure and any impact on policing.

  • FDM

    Isn’t it an offence for a police officer NOT to carry out his duty? Open to correction.

  • sonofstrongbow

    “Isn’t it an offence for a police officer NOT to carry his duty?”

    As in any offence one is required to define the individual elements of the crime. In this case ‘duty’ is key. Given recent interventions I conclude that some interpret a police officer’s duty (that’s “his” and hers by the way) in very simplistic one-dimensional terms.

    A law is broken, the police must enforce the law then and there, that is their duty, is of course a very shallow reading of the matter.

    Consider a driver who crosses the path of another motorist due to momentary distraction. An offence of careless driving (driving without due care and attention). The police offer the driver advice and warning and do not report for prosecution. Have they not ‘carried out their duty’?

    Some with a heightened sense of the sanctity of our roads would no doubt demand the officer walks the plank for their ‘neglect of duty’. Others will understand that individual police officers make many similar judgement calls everyday on both the micro and macro levels.

    That discretion allows the police to consider when, and how, it is most appropriate to apply the law.

    That being said PONI exist for those with complaints against the police. I’m confident they would be more than happy to investigate alleged neglects of duty. However statistically successful outcomes are very much on the lower end of the police misdemeanour scale.

    Btw under Common Law it is an offence for a member of the public not to assist a constable when called upon to do so. The law accepts that such help is also not always lawfully possible or appropriate. That’s perhaps why it too is a seldom prosecuted crime.

  • tacapall

    What point are you trying to make SOS ?

  • FDM

    I think he is making the point that the police can make it up as they go along, like this is news.

    Under “discretion” in the PSNI dictionary it must say “extension of a point of view to suit ones own agenda”.

    Under “law breaking” see “discretion”.

  • Malcolm Redfellow[8.43]
    Operation Dulcet’? Operation Dunce and Yellow Man more like. Jim Wilson has gone terribly quiet as well after his rant on Talkback a couple of days ago. And well he might.

  • FDM


    Jim Wilson has gone terribly quiet as well after his rant on Talkback a couple of days ago.


    Come on Jim Wilson ranting? How do you expect us to believe that.

  • redstar2011

    Poor Willie has been remanded in custody and now says he doesn’t want bail

    It’s all getting a bit surreal

  • Yellowford

    Frazer’s been refused bail and Bryson’s on hunger and thirst strike. Wow!

  • Yellowford

    20 people turned up to protest at Musgrave to protest the arrests. The UPF is in tatters. The protests have started to unravel and the two ‘poster boys’ are in custody. Billy Hutchinson wants more street politics. Loyalism is going nowhere fast with these strategies. Such optimism about the UPF at the beginning too. Shame.

  • GEF
  • SK

    After telling all the other “prisoners of conscience” to refuse bail, Willie Frazer has announced that he intends to apply for it himself.

    Meanwhile, General Bryson has announced, via his glue-sniffing Pastor, that he’s refusing food and water while in custody.

    Nigel Lutton is unavailable for comment.

  • SK

    “PUP leader Billy Hutchinson has vowed to ‘take on’ Sinn Fein in the streets”


    Last time he PUP did that, it involved tossing water balloons full of urine at schoolgirls. I wonder what he means this time.

  • Kevsterino

    Is anybody taking any bets on how long Jamie’s hunger strike will last? Whatever happened to Dawn Purvis?

  • tacapall

    “Is anybody taking any bets on how long Jamie’s hunger strike will last”

    Sure when you believe in god you will never go hungry.

  • FDM

    Wullie is on remand for 4 weeks.

    He was refused bail based on the likelihood of re-offending.

    He is up on six independent charges.


    Mr. Baggott must have found his notebook down the back of the sofa.

    I dare say Jamie is not going to react well to the above.

  • redstar2011

    Dawson (ex BNP) has now been nicked too over these protests

  • Dixie Elliott

    What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.

  • DC

    PUP leader Billy Hutchinson has vowed to ‘take on’ Sinn Fein in the streets, where they are engaged in what he calls a cultural war.

    I kind of agree with Billy re taking on SF but not in regards to taking them on at street politics, more so checking SF using equality language and getting equality for working class unionists within the actual wider unionist family as well. Ideally, building an integrated political base from the working class up and out.

    At the end of the day, Big House Unionism didn’t do much for the unionist family neither has Biblical Unionism of the DUP…maybe unionists could do with winding their necks in and sitting down with former paramilitaries and saying OK, what can be done together as all the other alternatives have been pretty manipulative in terms of saying what is right in order to get the votes, but when in office delivering nothing, after having dispatched the last lot – usually causing great pain within the unionist family – by saying they could deliver more than what they could!? Besides not like it has done SF any harm being using above approach.

    When younger I was naive in thinking Alliance could move politics beyond sectarianism, truth is it is the likes of the PUP that need to tackle this stuff. Alliance even if it does build a shared future or get new members and politicians they are always going to be people who would never behave in a sectarian way, basically it builds a middle class shared future vision outside of areas that remain vulnerable to sectarianism and does not address the root cause. For example recently taking decisions over the heads of working class loyalists and unionist community and as a result only stimulating sectarianism, of course that leaflet called attention to it all.

    I wonder if the trio were lifted because Alliance Party conference is tomorrow, a nice little feel-good factor for members, leaders and delegates alike?

  • Kevsterino[2.50] what about 9/2 the same length of time Sean MacStiofan did back in ’73, possibly. And don’t say, ‘Who’s John Stevenson’, lol

  • Godfrey Johnson

    High time the police acted. How many millions of £s have these farcical protests cost our community?

    That’s Jamie and Willie taken care of. Let’s have more of the Brat Pack* called to account for their irresponsible and juvenile behaviour.

    * A fitting name for them I’d have thought. For those who don’t speak the language, “brat” is Irish for “flag”.

  • DC

    Jamie Bryson in court tomorrow.

    Shivers gets bail and Sean Hughes likewise.

  • chewnicked

    What will our wee country do for a mascot now that Jamie Bye Son has been weemanded to Maghabawee on twumped up chages?

  • DC

    Jim Dawson up in court tomorrow as well probably coinciding with Alliance Party leader speech!

  • DC

    Re ‘trumped up’ charges, willy frazer with cancer is detained but Shivers gets bail, both are not well men yet one is forced to take the high court route to bail, i thought it was only a flag and you can’t eat a flag…

  • chewnicked

    Free The Fun Boy Three!

  • DC

    I dunno, it all looks a bit contrived as to police processing…

  • Submariner

    DC (profile) 2 March 2013 at 12:40 am
    I dunno, it all looks a bit contrived as to police processing

    Bail is decided by the courts not the police.

  • Submariner

    I see jamie boy is on hunger stwrike which for loyalists usually means skipping lunch.

  • sonofstrongbow

    Bail is indeed decided by the courts, with of course the police making their representations to the magistrate when they wish to contest release.

    I’ve no issue with remands in custody for any of those involved. However I am surprised that the Shinners have not been complaining about ‘political policing’ in these instances. Surely their concerns on policing can’t be based on sectarianism? :0

    The police have gathered the evidence and will continue to proceed against flag protestors who have breached the law. Hopefully the courts will continue to deliver appropriate sentences to those placed before them.

    In addition the block by the police on the attempt to have an illegal parade away from Belfast City Hall to east Belfast yesterday has been made a more appropriate police tactic, and is human rights compliant, by the contemporary risk of violence given the disorder around Short Strand recently.

    I would envisage any further illegal parades starting at or going to Belfast City Hall with routes that potentially take them past Short Strand will also be stopped or significantly curtailed.

  • redstar2011

    Whilst I understand Mr Frazer is unwell and has various issues, I refuse to believe that he and Bryson are the best that the Loyalist community can come up with as leaders/ spokespersons for their so called cause.

    Lets be frank
    They both come cross as an embarrassment and its hard to take seriously the issues being promoted when this is is the calibre of leadership.

  • DC

    If Dawson is detained today he’ll not be able to write on the Alliance Facebook page for a while.

    And I know bail is set by the courts I just find whole timing of police action on the trio a bit confusing given the police have been complicit voyeurs, pretty much allowing the protesters to break the law, now all of a sudden – 3 big arrests in a couple of days after 3 months of it all. I don’t know if confusion and confidence can go together.

  • GEF