Croke Park Agreement targets people over €65,000

Brendan Howlin seems at least to have struck a new CrokeParkAgreement Headline figures are:

:: Salary increments will be frozen for those earning over €65,000.

:: Overtime for Sunday shifts will be cut from double time to time and three quarters.

:: There will be graduated pay cuts between 5-10% for people earning over €65,000.

:: A longer working week of either 37 or 39 hours.

:: The abolition of Twilight Pay.

Howlin has stated these are adjustments to make the changes that the government needs to make its budget targets.

Expect the spin to focus on those above €65k taking most of the pain. Though that will not touch those on relatively high salaries caught in bubble mortgage debt, roughly 30-45 year olds.

Mary Lou McDonald (who’s party’s policy is to crop everyone’s salary above 100k) has said any union which tries to sell this deal “ought to hang its head in shame…”

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  • What do the rest of the parties say btw?

  • sherdy

    My only complaint is that I will not be one of those to be targeted.

  • derrydave

    This is long overdue and represents what the Coke Park agreement should have looked like last time (if the government of the day had of had the balls to tackle the unions).
    In actual fact it is still a pretty good deal for the unions and public sector employees and so they should sign up or face the consequences.