Loyalist Flag Protests: Meet the Leadership

After another night of illegal loyalist road blocking descends into violence, with 8 PSNI officers injured, it has emerged that the loyalist protesters have formed a ten-member leadership committee to articulate their cause. Amongst the leaders elected are Willie Frazer, Johnny Harvey, Pastor Mark Gordon and Jamie Bryson.

The new loyalist leaders have wasted no time in forming a wish list, according to Willie Frazer:

We unanimously supported a return to direct rule and we agreed we will not be talking to politicians until they re-engage with people on the ground,” he said.

“We are saying that the flag has to go back up on Belfast City Hall; one-sided inquiries about the past have to stop; the demonisation of the security forces [during the Troubles] has to stop and there must be an inquiry as to how the £1.5bn peace money from Europe was spent. Who got it?”

The choice of leaders is interesting. North down-based loyalist Pastor Mark Gordon, a reformed glue-sniffer, has been making noises in Bangor in recent years, accusing the North Down council of “working to a nationalist agenda which will inevitably see the diminution of our culture and heritage.” That’d be the North Down council to which a nationalist representative has never been elected…..

Gordon was involved with the North Down Association of Bonfire Committees which threatened in July 2011 to organise a Prods in the Park rally to coincide with the BBC Proms in the Park event held in the borough that year. Gordon was also involved with the UDA Garden of Reflection in Bangor’s Kilcooley estate, which was the subject of much controversy when it was revealed that the Housing Executive and Department of Social Development were involved in organising and/ or funding the project.

Johnny Harvey, chairman of the Ulster Protestant Voice, has been to the forefront throughout the loyalist flag protests. Before Christmas, he rejected claims that Belfast traders were losing out due to the city centre protests:

Everything is being blamed on the protests, but at the end of the day we’re in a double-dip recession here and the online surge in shopping is growing.

Jamie Bryson was in the public eye before the flag protests. As vice-chair of the North Down Somme Society, he criticised North Down Council’s failure to support the group’s efforts to be involved in the main Remembrance Day commemorations in Bangor in 2009 after the Royal British Legion warned it would walk away if the allegedly loyalist-aligned group was included in the proceedings. In February 2011, Bryson met Martin McGuinness in Bangor as part of a group protesting on the issue of European funding for North Down’s loyalist communities.

Here’s Jamie explaining his family background, reasons for becoming a born again Christian and how Mark Gordon has influenced his life. At the linked page, Jamie can also be seen addressing loyalist protesters in Ballymena, where he declared to the assembled masses- including many with scarves covering their faces- that “Ulster’s back, Ulster’s risen again.” The linked video footage includes Jamie speaking at a protest in Newtownards, where he said “Ulster’s British, Ulster’s free and that’s the way it’s gonna stay.”

Inspired by the plight currently facing Glasgow Rangers, Jamie has written and published a book entitled ‘Four men had a dream.’ Below is the Amazon description of the book:

Four men had a dream is an inspirational story of friendship, love, loyalty and redemption.

Billy is a long lost footballing prospect, his best friend James is a school drop out whos (sic) life consists of smoking dope.

John is a WW2 veteran with emotional scars that turn to bitterness as he seeks peace in the bottom of a pint glass.

Bob is a pastor, a WW2 veteran and soul mate of Johns (sic) who has found peace through God and forgiveness but yearns to be reconciled with his long lost soul mate John to whom he hasn’t spoken since a dreadful falling out on the battlefields of WW2.

All four mens (sic) lives come together in the chasing of a dream, to see their football club Glasgow Rangers rise from the ashes of Division 3. The mens (sic) lives weave together to provide a fascinating, at times very funny and at times tear jerking tale of epic proportions. An ailing Glasgow Rangers side who have nothing but Billy and a few worn out 9 in a row legends set out on a journey that all started when FOUR MEN HAD A DREAM…

Jamie has been very busy on twitter recently. Last night, he tweeted to the Police Federation that they should “tell the truth, PSNI attacked peaceful protestors,” referring to the East Belfast violence. He has also tweeted that “I make it my aim to ensure the Lundys in cahoots with the IRA cannot continue to deceive ulster Protestants.” Additional tweets include stating:

“think Peter Punts deeds might be exposed soon.”


Jamie has also written a book entitled The First Shades of God, apparently the first in a series called ‘50 Shades of God.’ Here is the Amazon description of this book:

The first book in the 50 shades of God series. A short book that will leave you thinking for a long time.
The 50 shades series consists of 3 books of thought provoking and radical short studies that ask tough questions that are unpopular in modern Christianity and challenge the conventional Church wisdom with radical ideas and viewpoints that are sure to cause a stir among the great and the good. This book provides the first 16 studies of the series.
From the use of force to why traditional Churchs (sic) cannot attract young people, this book looks at it all.
Written by a radical young Christian with big ideas that go totally against the grain this book will either set you on a crusade to change the world or you will put it down in disgust.
Hailed by some as a God inspired ‘turn it all upside down’ blueprint and dismissed by others as a book to be kept out of the public domain.
One Church said ‘This book should be banned, it is too radical and has the potential to inspire to many minds for radical change.’ Read for yourself and make your own mind up. How dangerous can one mans opinion really be?

Gotta say I’d love to know which ‘church’ made that last remark……

And, finally, to Willie Frazer.

Willie is no stranger to these parts, having priors when it comes to flag-induced rage- though, on that occasion, Willie experienced a touch of colour blindness after it was revealed that the ‘Tricolour’ flying from the catholic primary school he deemed an ‘IRA training ground’ was in fact the Italian flag, being flown as part of a European exchange programme.

Willie intends on leading a group of loyalists to Dublin soon to demand the removal of the Irish National flag from the Houses of the Oireachtas in protest at the removal of the Union Flag from Belfast City Hall.

It is, of course, ironic that Willie mentions the issue of European funds as one of the matters of contention agreed upon by the loyalist flag leaders. Willie’s own organisation, FAIR, was asked in November 2011 to return more than £350,000 by the EU after investigations were conducted into how money allocated to the group had been spent.



  • Comrade Stalin

    HtB, I’m sure that’s part of it. Unionists have acted to make it easy for Sinn Féin to sell concessions to their own supporters.

  • BluesJazz

    son of sam
    His posts contantly referred to Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley as Satan, due to some bizarre numerological astrophysical philosophy. Other commenters back then constantly referred to ‘Gransha’ and medication. I don’t know the full background. As for the ‘nutter’ reference, well Jamie Bryson fas been described as a ‘fuckwit’ on this thread.
    To describe John O Connell’s books as ‘of varying quality’ would equally apply to Mr Bryson. One of his books referred to god as the ‘bride of the sdlp’.
    I’ll admit he never avowed violence of any sort (quite the opposite). But if Mr O Connell had a mental health issue, then surely that applies to ‘Fifty shades of god’.

    But, seriously, the guy Jamie (and his pastor) need to find some charitable hookers, rather than buckfast. Or maybe both.

  • MrPMartin

    I’d rather have direst rule by enlightened English liberal progressives than the local rule of bigots and thugs who are KKKLite

    That’s why I’m against devolution per se as it assumes local knows best when in fact, the bigger the polity, the better rulers that arise due to more competitive and rigorous party structures as well more meritocratic filtration that a bigger country inheritently has

    Look at Scotland. Ok Salmond strides like a colossus but he’s a one off. Who else is there in the SNP? When he stood down the leadership some years ago, his successors mucked things up so much that they begged Alex to return

    Look at Scotland’s LibDems. Their leader was only elected an MSP weeks before becoming leader. Why? Due to a very rarified political gene pool (big fish small pond syndrome) as they only have 5 MSPs

    In smaller entities, its easier for the mediocre to masquerade as leadership material due to lack of competition.


    Has Willie finalised his plans for his invasion of Dublin yet?

    Let us remember that he won’t be the first ‘loyalist’ to march south;

    Invasion of Clontibret

    “On 7 August 1986, in protest at the Anglo-Irish Agreement, [Peter] Robinson led a group of 500 loyalists into the village of Clontibret in County Monaghan in the Republic of Ireland. The loyalists attacked the unmanned Garda station in the village and daubbed loyalist slogans on the walls. They then held a quasi-military parade along the main street and attacked two Gardaí. More Gardaí arrived shortly after and fired shots in the air, scattering the loyalist crowd. Robinson was arrested and held at Monaghan Garda station. He pleaded guilty to unlawful assembly and was fined IR£17500 in a Drogheda court to escape a prison sentence. As a result, Robinson briefly resigned from the DUP deputy leadership.There was also violence both before and after a court appearance in Dundalk, including Ian Paisley being attacked with stones and petrol bombs after Jim Wells and other Robinson supporters waved flags and sang Loyalist songs. At his trial the judge described him as “a senior extremist politician”.”

    Source Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Robinson_(politician)

  • galloglaigh

    Oh dear, Jamie Bryson’s book seems to be getting some stick on Amazon.

    Sluggerites – have you read the book (hardly likely)? Leave your own comment 🙂

    For Slugger and Ulster 🙂 🙂

  • Neil

    A thousand people today. I guess that means Villiers will be reinstating direct rule post haste, if less than 0.01% of the population is upset about a democratic decision then I guess we just can’t continue. LOL.

  • David Crookes

    Careful, boys. People should leave comments only if they have read the whole book, and they should avoid leaving comments that omit apostrophes and complain about capitalized ‘Grammer’, like the one that follows.

    “This book is absolute tripe. Couldnt even get the fire lit with it. Use of Grammer is very poor and storyline even worse. Terrible book altogether!”

    The polite word for anyone who leaves a comment on Amazon about a book that he hasn’t read is SNEAK. If you want to wrestle with truly awful language, try reading the documents which ‘educationists’ write.

    Mr Bryson’s continual use of the F-word distresses me. (So does the blasphemous language that I encounter on the clever intellectual well-educated blogosphere.) But there is such a fierce energy in Mr Bryson’s writing as you tend not to encounter in some of the New Ulster Poets.

  • arsetopple


    This flag protesting is doing Unionism no good but they need a get out strategy which blames the usual enemies
    I predict either a so called “dissident republican” outrage which justifies loyalist reprisal & all shades of unionism can hug & make up.
    Or failing that a foreign flag/ contrived republican attack on innocent salt of the earth Protestants that justifies reprisal..
    There have been attempts recently to engage the Short Strand communities in the protests in east Belfast.

    Failing that a PSNI officer or protester may end up dead as a result of the continued unrest

    Either way innocent blood will be spilt so that the protests can be stood down without appearing to surrender.

    Surrender is not an option

    Gloomy I know but this is how it usually ends.

    Have a nice day

  • Comrade Stalin

    Irvine Welsh has a lot to answer for.

  • galloglaigh


    It’s a bit of craic. When people like Bryson enter the public sphere, they need to accept that others will pick holes in their attributes. Amazon is a free and open website, and people can comment, regardless of whether they’ve read the book or not.

    Believe it or not, it’s the type of thing I collect. A few years ago I bought a Lundy candle, so that I can ‘burn him all year round’. It hasn’t been lit, as it holds pride of place on a bookshelf, next to the Union Jack MP3 speaker my sister bought me for Christmas.

  • between the bridges

    GG methinks it’s time you reconciled yourself to the subliminal messages your Atma is sending you, embrace your inner Brit and buy a Union Jack thong…

  • David Crookes

    Thanks for completing my education, galloglaigh. I never knew there was such a thing as a Lundy Candle! And me a bitter oul Protestant…..

    If you ever find a seller of Four Provinces tie-tacks please let me know. I lost a beautiful one around 1974. Always was a bit aff, some of my friends will say.

    Tell me this, ye boy ye. Do you have an ‘Invasion of Clontibret’ medal?

  • galloglaigh

    And your link shows the maturity of nationalist and republican Ireland, when Dubliner’s aren’t on the streets attacking democracy, elected representatives, and An Garda Síochána. Unlike the PUP/UVF et al.

  • galloglaigh

    *Wrong thread…

  • galloglaigh


    No but I do have a collection of old badges and pins, both unionist and nationalist. One is a Long Kesh Celtic Supporters Club badge (not that I’m a Celtic fan; I’m not). I also bid on ebay for Gusty Spence’s Long Kesh handkerchief but lost out at the last minute.


    I remember a joke one time, when a young Paisley bought Eileen a pair of Union Jack knickers. She asked him what she wanted them for, as he’d never ever pull them down from her leg-poles 🙂

    Perhaps they were for the once monthly visit from the painters?

  • David Crookes

    Ye’ll be tellin me naxt, galloglaigh, that ye hae yin o tha wee busts o Master Paisley frae the 1980s.

    In my youth I made a small Irish harp from bog oak, and engraved it all over with Latin verses from the Bible written in runes. When I showed it to a Castlewellan man last year, he thought it had come out of Long Kesh.

    Now let me be serious. Mr Bryson has been reported as saying that Ulster was ‘free’, and in the 1960s the Rev. Ian Paisley described himself as ‘a freeborn Protestant’.

    More than once in my youth I saw on gables the slogan IRELAND DIVIDED WILL NEVER BE IRELAND FREE.

    I’m still lost.

  • galloglaigh

    A bust of Paisley is going a bit far, but it could be reworked into a toilet-roll holder. Now there’s a thought!

    You’re slogan is wrong by the way. It should read Patrick Pearse’s words, Ireland unfree shall never be at peace. And how right he was, with the ‘free’ part of Ireland being peaceful, and the the rest not.

  • galloglaigh
  • Comrade Stalin

    I was worried the guns were going to come out.

    I’m getting really concerned that the police do not have a grip on this matter. The details of the people organizing these protests could all be obtained via a court order from Facebook. They’re making little effort to conceal their identities. The parades through Belfast and the protest at City Hall were all illegal and are criminal offences under the Public Processions (Northern Ireland) Act.

  • David Crookes

    If what we have here is not murderous armed rebellion, what is it?

  • galloglaigh

    David, according to some, It’s peaceful protest.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Reading the loyalist protest pages it appears that this is a faction who have turned against the police even more so than they previously would have. It’s deeply ironic that this creates common cause between them and the dissident republicans. Bad move strategically though, as it makes them completely toxic to the mainstream unionist parties.

  • galloglaigh

    They’ll only remain toxic, as Peter will have them up at the Castle for tea and cream buns soon enough.

  • galloglaigh

    *toxic for a while

  • Makhno

    @keano10. Mr Bryson’s ‘likes’ on facebook are even more instructive, including EDL the Glenanne gang, Robin Jackson and Billies Wright and Hanna. All great role models for a community worker…

  • David Crookes

    In certain circumstances, shots may be fired in the hope that fire will be returned. No irrational cult of death can keep going for long without a martyr.

  • Lads,
    History has invariably demonstrated that loyalist infighting is traditionally brought to an end by an attack on nationalists. Am I wrong or is this a matter of time?

  • David Crookes

    Not everyone appreciates how strong is the devotion in loyalist parts of NI to manifestations of fascism like the BNP and even German Nazism. One BNP speaker at a rally is not an ‘erratic rock’. That speaker accords with such a multitude of domestic icons and collections of memorabilia as would shock genteel collectors of Hummel, Lladro, and Waterford. Often the Nazi stuff is kept upstairs in some kind of sanctum. Or closet.

    Of course it cuts both ways. One jocund adjutant of the local Thule Gesellschaft, who used to have a Sunday paper devoted to his person, is a hero in particular German circles.

    The cult of phoney virility is international up to a point. Real men get jobs and hold them down, but that’s boring.

  • David,
    I am confused to be honest. I completely understand the WW1 commemorations and the recognition of British Army regiments etc to which loyalism aligns itself but how does that reconcile with the fascism of the likes of the BNP and what you have described above?

  • Bishops Finger

    Are you really sure that there are violent protests going on, I’ve read The Telegraph from cover to cover and the only mention of Northern Ireland is a review of some eating house in Bangor, Co. Down.?

  • David Crookes

    Thanks for your posting, Bangordub, and of course I’m confused as well. (We’ll leave the Confederacy flag out of our discussion for the moment!) There is and can be no rational ‘reconciliation’, but reason doesn’t come into it.

    A ‘rationalistic’ slogan of what we may call the Anglo-German friendship leagues is NO MORE BROTHERS’ WARS. In NI that slogan has become the subtext for all kinds of things: the reading of books about the SS, an obsession with the smallest details of Nazi uniform, bodybuilding, a respect for Nazi rocket scientists, a belief in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and a devotion to particular productions of the History Channel. Believe it or not, these five things including the Protocols can coexist happily with a belief in British Israelism, which helps to boost the overall master-race fantasy, and even with an unBiblical Calvinist notion of ‘the elect’.

    It runs very deep. James Molyneaux once read aloud a passage from the Bible on Black Saturday. It was I Peter 2. 9: ‘But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people…..’ At the end of the proceedings I watched the intoxicated members of a flute band fighting viciously with each other as they marched out of the field.

    It runs deep, as I say, and it is studded with contradictions. A respect for Mr W von Braun can go hand-in-hand with a conviction that the 1969 moon landing was a fake. That’s the level of it. I have made none of this up.

  • David Crookes

    Indeed, Bishops Finger, you would wonder. The NI BBC site has been prodigiously slow about updating the report of today’s riots. There may be a purpose in this. One of the Flegmatic Big Boys was complaining that many protests hadn’t been reported. In other words, it’s not fair, not everyone is paying attention to us.

    Years ago the Muppets did a brilliant hatchet job on that hateful horrible Bohemian Rhapsody thing. Their version ended up with Miss Piggie singing, ‘Nothing really matters — but MOI!’

    Says it all.

  • David, Thanks.
    I cannot get my head around this at all

  • David Crookes

    Good, Bangordub, that means you’re normal, like me. Sorry to sound like Chumley the Walrus.

    A group of loyalist youths once asked me to listen to a paramilitary musical CD. One song contained the words, ‘We hate the Pope, we hate the Virgin Mary.’ I was appalled. Nearly all of the said youths had acted in Nativity plays when they were at primary school.

    It lets you see what we’re up against. Some of the polite middle-class people who talk about ‘loyalist deprivation’ are largely unfamiliar with the world that they presume to address. The big problem is not what people are having to do without. The big problem is what they have allowed to be put in.

  • tacapall

    Loyalist protestors have guns ? Are we still to believe that loyalist paramilitaries are not involved in organising the illegal protests and ensuing violence, the same loyalist paramilitaries whos leadership we are told via various inquiries is controlled by British intelligence. Its about time the Irish government started asking questions of the British government, like what is happening and why are the British government allowing a tiny minority to blackmail society, why are they allowing British people to terrorise and intimidate a society while they are invading other countries for less.

  • David,
    Have you read Tolkien or Shakespeare?
    While the eye of the peepil is being focused on an empty flagpole;

  • David Crookes

    Thanks a lot, Bangordub, and the answer is yes, both of them. Years ago I published a number of academic articles on Shakespeare. But here is what is occupying me at present. Turn the sound up.

    #flegs https://www.youtube.com/user/markcarrickarea/videos?view=0

  • David,
    Brilliant! I enjoyed that

  • ” have seen a medicine
    That’s able to breathe life into a stone,
    Quicken a rock, and make you dance canary
    With spritely fire and motion, whose simple touch
    Is powerful to araise King Pippen”
    Peter, I think not…. Willie…….no chance

  • David Crookes

    Bravo, Bangordub, but if you mention ‘canary’ to the people on the video you’ll probably be informed that De Valera had a canary up the leg of his drawers.

    You can see the scale of the problem when you watch the first video. Take away a word beginning with the sixth letter of the alphabet, and several actors have almost nothing to say. Like Caliban in ‘The Tempest’, they have been taught language, and their profit on it is that they know how to curse.

    The police are reproached for acting against ‘their own people’, but all the people of NI are their own people. A very old mindset is seen in action here.

  • keano10

    PSNI are firmly pointing the finger at the East Belfast UVF for orchestrating tonight’s violence.

    Any chance of sanctions against Billy Hutchinson’s stormtroopers I wonder? Bob Hope and No Hope spring to mind…

  • D.A.

    Just having a wee chortle at David C being asked if he’d read Tolkien or Shakespeare. If he’s the David Crookes I think he is, he could probably recite them to you. 😉

  • David Crookes

    “I think we do need to be concerned about the number of injuries on the police officers – this is just not a good situation for the east of the city.”

    Statement from DUP MLA Robin Newton, quoted on the BBC NI news site.

    Might as well be a statement from a walkie-talkie baby doll.

    In our childhood days some of us old Sluggerites used to watch a programme on Saturday afternoons that prepared us for the world of unionist politics.

    It was called BONEHEAD.

    “Just not a good situation…..”

    Of course Naomi Long should not resign her seat. But Andy Pandy, Looby Loo, and Teddy should think of standing in the next Stormont election.

  • MrPMartin

    Just seen the meat wagons make their way up Albertbridge Road on their way to the special court sitting tonight

    By the way, where is Munsterview these days? Is he still around? There seems to be a lack of republican analysis over these events

    I fear a new wave of I Ran Away happening again. We all know what happened the last time these words were the writing on the wall

  • galloglaigh


    Republicans are laughing out loud at unionism. Its leader told us before Christmas about how nationalism was in crisis, and unionism was confident. The same leader is having a large helping of his own words at present.

  • BluesJazz

    As always, there’s quite a few hidden agendas in the media outlook.
    The violence, while indefensible, was puerile.
    How many of the injured PSNI Officers are in a critical state in hospital tonight?
    Not badly enough to not fill in their overtime forms
    before the next 6 weeks ‘sick leave’ I’m guessing.
    The economy of Tenerife should get a good boost from these protests.

    As an off duty officer said to me tonight, “It’s as good as Drumcree”
    Oh well, Spain is in the doldrums, they need the English taxpayers money badly, It’s an ill wind and all that…

  • MrPMartin


    Yes but as someone posted earlier, loyalist infighting is normally resolved by attacking nationalists.

    we are watching a large number of cornered rats. Living day to day without a strategy or forward planning or preemptive loyalist behaviour is dangerous and merely laughing as tempting as that is, is not a solution.

  • galloglaigh


    They’ve already attacked nationalists. People have been burnt out of their homes; they’ve been almost murdered by hammer wielding loyalists; their businesses have been attacked. This is nothing new, and nothing new to any of us, Catholic, Protestant, or otherwise.

    It’s times like these though when attacks increase slightly. What we all should fear most, is the return of loyalist sectarian serial killers to our streets. Not that they haven’t gone away, nor have they decommissioned; some reports reckon Sandy Row loyalists have gained more weapons recently. But if we do have a return of loyalist murders, then who knows what will happen? I won’t stand idly by and watch loyalists kill my fellow Irish men. Then we’ll see proper street protest, led by proper political leadership, and supported by a majority of N.Ireland’s citizens, Catholic, Protestant, or otherwise.

  • MrPMartin

    I fear your analysis is correct. Will GB or NI just countenance another 40 era of mayhem?

  • Jack2

    BluesJazz (profile)
    6 January 2013 at 12:36 am

    The violence, while indefensible, was puerile.
    How many of the injured PSNI Officers are in a critical state in hospital tonight?

    These are people who put themselves in harms way to keep the peace. Even when fired upon their commanders will be under the strictest instruction to keep it under control.
    Who knows what will happen tonight, tomorrow or in the future.
    Is it only a critical injury or death that will stir you?
    Would you do the job tonight with your hands tied?
    ( any other Police force in the world would have had the gloves off by now and respond with appropriate force).

    Interesting to see a British police force under attack by people who are demanding that a British flag be restored as it (amongst other things) commemorates attacks and sacrifices by British forces.

    The protestors are playing the role of the Irish peasant/US revolutionary/Zulu/Nazi in this twisted play.

  • BluesJazz

    I’ve spoken to officers who see this as overtime gold. If it got really rough(and it hasn’t) they call in the squaddies-they don’t get overtime.

    The average pay of a constable is a lot more than a front line soldier in Afghanistan.
    Even the RUC knew who to call when the going got dirty.
    Guess who they called?

  • Young people want excitement, a good laugh and friends to enjoy the time with.

  • galloglaigh


    British terrorists: 3Para et al., the FRU, and the UDA/UVF!

  • Charlie Sheens PR guru


    You’re full of shit. As someone with a family member who’s very unit was the one to be shot and get a call at ~ 5pm while I’m at a restaurant to tell me that is not an enviable position. What ‘overtime gold’ is worth that?

    And while you’re on it, I’m not even sure they get much choice in the matter. My family member was looking forward to consecutive days off for the first time in weeks, but got called in due to the painfully obvious build up to more rioting. Rather than an extra few quid, they could have been looking at a bullet, so away and spin that one.

  • BluesJazz

    Charlie Sheens PR guru

    What regiment is he in? I’m unaware soldiers get overtime, even FELIX. But things may have changed in the last decade?

  • Charlie Sheens PR guru


    What are you on about I’m talking about the police.

    You’re the one dismissing them because not enough are being hospitalised for you to believe they’re seriously in danger

  • galloglaigh


    Don’t be an asshole, his family member is obviously in East Belfast tonight, possibly taking loyalist bullets.

    If I’ve offended anyone BUT BJ with my comment, I whole heartedly apologise. And I do think that comment warrants a red card at the very least, given the context it was put in.

  • BluesJazz


    Why don’t you try the P-Course to see if you’ve got what it takes? The FRU no longer exists in present format, but even the Yanks know that to eliminate the likes of Bin Laden, it takes guys with courage.

    Arte you hoping to be in the public gallery for Frank Kitson’s trial by jury? Which, as we all know, is going to happen.

  • BluesJazz

    Charlie Sheens PR guru

    Sorry, I thought he was in a frontline unit. (Like fighting the Taliban) , although I’m aware East Belfast and Helmland are very similar, apart from the payscales.

  • Neil

    I’m aware East Belfast and Helmland are very similar, apart from the payscales.

    And the minimum entry requirements. Being able to spell ones own name and so on.

  • Charlie Sheens PR guru


    No one else but you brought army into it as a meaningless comparison about payscales. Well guess what? Police don’t shoot back so you’re comparison is already off.

    It shouldn’t take a slugger contributor like myself to announce that my family member’s unit were shot on at and now I’m still awake at 2am until I hear that they’ve cleared the area for you to stop picking holes in what they are doing. NONE of them wanted to be there tonight. Lesser still to know that loyalists are now armed and treating them as legitimate targets.

  • BluesJazz

    The British Army have much higher education entry requirements than the US.

    Charlie Sheen
    There has been no independent verification of shots being fired. But even so. The qualifications for being a PSNI officer are no higher than being a squaddie. The latter have a much higher risk factor.
    You’re being obtuse about the situation. East Belfast is not a war zone. But there’s a lot of money to be made pretending it is.
    I have relatives in Camp Bastion Their take home pay is £15,200. No overtime despite 72 hour patrols. Enough?

  • Charlie Sheens PR guru

    Obtuse?? They’re different jobs! What’s the matter with you??

    You don’t measure take home pay by the danger involved! Otherwise bankers would have to pay to have their job!

    I work with invisible UV class 4 lasers and a lab with nasty solvents like Chloroform and HF, should I ask for a pay rise?

    Don’t try and tell me there is no verification just because you’ve talked down. I didn’t get a call so that I could maybe answer an obtuse remark from a slugger blogger 9 hours later.

    Once verified tomorrow, I’ll expect you to be on here and acknowledge as such.

  • Alias

    The important thing at this moment in time is to offer unequivocal support to the PSNI as they show a willingness to bash Protestant heads in. This will teach the Prods an important and much-needed lesson about whose side the reformed PSNI is actually on. We should also maximise our vitriol towards the scoundrels (use the word ‘vermin’ or ‘scum’ here – Ed.) who dare look sideways at our beloved officers, as we can safely present our hatred of the other tribe as being non-sectarian on this occasion.

    Later in the year (circa mid-July), when truncheons are waved at Catholic protestors, we can ignore gunfire at the PSNI and sympathise with local residents who are ‘hemmed-in’ by heavy-handed policing methods, etc.


    At the start of this flegs nonsense oul jamie bryson was very quick to have a go at all the various unionist parties on the radio with praise for the PUP. Maybe the link below helps shed some light as to why jamie had a soft spot for the PUP-UVF.


  • Trapattoni


    I think that might be the link you are after MalcolmX. It seems to show Jamie Bryson carrying a UVF flag, but I must be wrong, mustn’t I???

  • Mc Slaggart


    In Tyrone sf are supporting the police in being “soft” with the Irish flag burning protesters.

  • SK


    Prominent Loyalist intellectual, Jamie Bryson, having rings run around him by Stephen Nolan yet again; this time on a UK-wide platform.

    What must the neighbours think?



    Thanks for the proper link. Yes we must all be wrong

  • galloglaigh

    Jamie Bryson: UVF scumbag?

    That photo poses two questions:

    Is this the emergence of the Real UVF? And were the authorities right not to give Willie Frazer a gun licence?

    If there is evidence available to suggest that Willie Frazer has connections to armed loyalist terrorists, why has he not been questioned for directing terrorism?

    While Willie is not out on licence, if he’s up to no good, then the PSNI and the SOS need to get real and look into who’s leading this violence.

  • galloglaigh
  • galloglaigh
  • galloglaigh

    The comments are priceless 🙂

  • David Crookes

    The drum-painting clearly shows an alien.

    Roswell supports #flegs.

    This is a job for Condorman. Laser Lady is already working at ground level.

  • galloglaigh
  • babyface finlayson

    I wonder does anyone know anything of the story on BelfastDaily about 200 Garda officers being drafted in to help the PSNI?
    I know nothing about BelfastDaily. Is it reliable?Who runs it?

  • galloglaigh


    I seen the A Team’s van going over the Glenshane an hour ago. The Teenage Ninja Turtles have been sought, but the sewers in East Belfast are currently full of UVF scumbags.

    If the Garda have been called in, then it’s good of the Irish government to come to the aid of N.Ireland. That’s proper politics!

  • sonofstrongbow

    #garda: it won’t be happening. AGS officers would be mere civilians in NI. UK law does not empower foreign police with the powers of a constable.


    “I seen (sic) the A Team’s van”. Are you a loyalist tattoo artist?

  • galloglaigh

    Ha ha sos very good.

  • galloglaigh

    I’m reading too much of Jamie Bryson’s ‘literature’!

  • galloglaigh


    The PSNI do have AGS on secondment. As do AGS have PSNI. Maybe the PSNI have pulled some back?

  • David Crookes

    When Belfast was burning during the Blitz the Dublin Fire Brigade came to our assistance, and were roundly cheered by everyone.

    I can see more books appearing on Amazon as some of you Sluggerites assemble all your postings to create stream-of-consciousness novels.

    If one of yer books becomes a best-seller, I want a percentage of the swag for givin youse the idea.

  • Neil

    From fb page:

    Following reports on some social media websites today the PSNI can state that there is no substance whatsoever re the suggestion that officers from An Garda Siochana are supporting the PSNI in the policing of public disorder

  • sonofstrongbow

    Gallo, the PSNI and AGS have exchanged two officers. Each officer has undergone the appropriate protocols to empower them in their new jurisdictions.

    Btw, apparently the AGS officer scared the sh*t out of the firearms training team as he ‘classified’ in the PSNI handgun.

    David C,

    Thank you for your post on the Dublin Fire Brigade of the 1940s. You seem to be building a reputation for reliability in the totally random comment category.

  • Submariner

    Just to put everyone straight on PSNI and Garda exchanges. They do not have any powers in either jurisdiction and are merely in an observer role to learn the different techniques employed by both forces. This is from a relative who is in the PSNI. No Garda officers have undergone firearms training with the PSNI as part of an exchange..

  • galloglaigh [5.51] I believe it was Bryson who was on TV the other day claiming that the ‘heavy-handed’ PSNI actions against loyalists rioters was due to there being too many catholics now in the force since 50/50 rule was installed. Typical sectarian hatred from unionist bigots under the guise of fronting a serious political movement.One good thing to come out of the unrest since this time last month is the welcome absence of certain DUP ministers coming on evening news promoting their ‘wee country’ as a tourist magnet. Be thankful for small mercies.

  • galloglaigh

    Anyway I saw (for you sos) the A Team on the Glenshane, so it’s all going to work out.

    I love it when a plan comes together!

  • Lionel Hutz

    When Mr Bryson writes “pacfically” in his epic “50 shades”in the line “pacfically here in a Country” …………. and I am afraid to type this………. does he mean “specifically”? He doesn’t, cannot, does he? can he?

  • Neil


  • Lionel Hutz

    No. Really? I can’t read it any other way. I mean theres a misspelling and possibly it could be pacifically and he’s talking about hawaii or something???? But not specifically.

  • galloglaigh

    St. Anne’s Cathedral will be receiving free heat as long as the protests go on: Poor Carson will be spinning so fast at the thought of Bryson and Frazer being the voice of the Union in Norn Iron, that the man might even resurrect himself in protest?

  • Lionel Hutz

    I am genuinely gobsmacked. How can that be allowed to happen? How could MS Word not flag that up?

    And more to the point, who the hell decided that this guy should be spokesman for anything? I’ve seen him on Sky News, Nolan seems to have gone round the houses with him a few times as well. I’m pretty sure he was on Newsnight too? He can’t be any older than 30, if that. Why is this oxygen-thief getting such publicity?

  • babyface finlayson

    “I seen the A Team’s van going over the Glenshane an hour ago.” Hannibal crossing the Alps.Ha!
    Some of the protesters are getting quite worked up about the possibility of being batoned by southerners..
    I take it I need not rely on this BelfastDaily for my news then?

  • sonofstrongbow


    Simply wrong. Your “relative who is in the PSNI” is dissing you by giving you the mushroom treatment.

  • SK

    “I am genuinely gobsmacked. How can that be allowed to happen? How could MS Word not flag that up?”


    Do you not know genius when you see it? He’s clearly the northern Roddy Doyle, elevating the Belfast vernacular into literature.

    Or maybe it’s Ulster Scots. It’s no surprise at all that a man of such considerable intellect is multi-lingual.

    Look up “Dunning-Kruger effect” in a dictionary and there is a picture of Jamie Bryson holding a UVF flag.

  • Comrade Stalin


    And more to the point, who the hell decided that this guy should be spokesman for anything? I’ve seen him on Sky News, Nolan seems to have gone round the houses with him a few times as well. I’m pretty sure he was on Newsnight too? He can’t be any older than 30, if that. Why is this oxygen-thief getting such publicity?

    I think the guy is something like 23. AFAIK his date of birth is up there on his Amazon account.

    It is worth listening to the show on Five Live here.

    The question of why Bryson is getting so much publicity is a good one. When Nolan was questioning him, he said a number of times that he spoke only for himself. He wouldn’t be drawn on what his forum wanted or did not want apart from some mumbo jumbo over inquiries. You have to ask why they are interviewing someone who calls himself a spokesperson but refuses to be drawn on the demands of the organization he is speaking for. He says he has “no right” to say what can end the protests.

    At one point, I laughed out loud when Nolan asked him about the Forum’s policy of direct rule. Apparently unaware of the contradiction, Bryson said that it had been unanimously adopted by some of the forum members. Later, Naomi Long pointed out that the forum had ruled out talking to politicians, which Bryson denied until Long pointed out that it was right there on their initial statement.

    It really is a farce. Bryson’s tactic in his interviews is to be combative and deny everything, to the point of denying his own public statements and those of the body he is associated with. You can hear that he is on the defensive because he keeps repeating back every question Nolan asks before he answers it.

  • Comrade Stalin

    WRT the story about the Garda, the police have denied it.

    I am sure this was a story circulated by the protestors. Bryson already said that he thought the police were being tough because there were more Catholics in it.

  • Submariner


    Simply wrong. Your “relative who is in the PSNI” is dissing you by giving you the mushroom treatment.

    I can assure you that im not.

  • Submariner

    I see the Police are again being attacked in east Belfast by these scum bags with no stake in society.

  • galloglaigh

    I read some of the facebook comments today. A lot of the protesters are asking for people to listen out for Southern accents. Let’s hope they don’t send them in from Letterkenny!

    Seriously though, while these protests get a few hundred ‘Province Wide’, the amount of hatred from loyalists on these facebook pages is shocking. I know it happens on nationalist pages too which is wrong.

    Some of the pages though, have been taken over by decent folk, Catholic and Protestant, and provide some comical reading.

    One good loyalist, obviously on the beer last night, came home and told the world he hated fenian bastards (apologies for the wording), and then got up this afternoon and told the world he was hacked.

    He’s now a cult figure on facebook after one day, and there’s talk of a Big Brother entrance 🙂

    You really couldn’t make it up!