Unionist violence after flag vote…

AS predictably as night follows day, unionist protesters have turned to violence after tonight’s City Hall vote to restrict the flying of the Union Flag to designated days. Trouble erupted in and around the City Hall itself, but is right now spreading to other areas, noteably East Belfast. A number of police have been injured, and two female officers taken to hospital. You can leave reports of any trouble you observe below.

  • JH

    The mob passed my window on Chichester St earlier. Police seemed to be doing a good job. I hear from friends it’s now at Short Strand.

    Questions seriously need to be asked now of the DUP. This is pretty classic for them. Enough contact with the right people to raise and direct a baying mob without implicating themselves.

  • JH. It took robbo five days to comment on the band playing famine song and loyalist violence at st patrick’s chapel. I wonder it will take him to condemn tonight’s attacks?

  • Anton Graf von Arco Valley

    Didn’t you think that this would happen whenever you officially take the constitutional flag down from the capital city that violence of some sort would happen, given the tradition at stake and the culture of violent street politics in NI.

    British citizens in N Ireland will just stand by and watch the British union flag officially coming down?


    Hope Naomi Long’s enjoying Westminster, clearly there’s no point sending her back there.

  • SK

    “British citizens in N Ireland will just stand by and watch the British union flag officially coming down?”


    And so it begins.

    “It serves them right for not giving us what we want, so it does”.

  • Submariner

    It appears that the law abiding democracy supporting are now venting their spleen at ST. Patricks Chapel. Now what was that you were saying about outreach Peter.

  • Comrade Stalin

    The last time the loyalists attacked the Short Strand they were granted an audience with the First Minister.

  • Mark

    It’s gas there’s another thread asking ” who really leads the DUP ” …..well we know who does the dirty work !

  • And arlene foster got through a ten minute interview on nolan without mentioning the orange trouble in the summer and she can’t figure out why tourists aren’t flocking to her wee colony.

  • SK

    Bit taken aback by the Anton Graf rant above. He’s usually a fairly eloquent fella, but it looks like the tribal switch has gone off in his head and he’s into no ‘surrender mode’.

    The democratically elected chamber of Belfast city hall has voted to take the flag down. British citizens in Northern Ireland claim to be democrats, so standing by and watching is precisely what they are supposed to do.

  • Dec

    ‘British citizens in N Ireland will just stand by and watch the British union flag officially coming down?


    As long as its someone else doing the ‘not standing by’ thing, eh?

    So around 1500 protestors tonight (some from Scotland apparently). Remind me, what’s the population of Belfast?

  • Dixie Elliott

    Democratic Unionist – An Oxymoron if ever there was one…

  • Dixie Elliott

    Who’s the Countess of Wessex anyway? The British flag goes up for her birthday according to a newsreader who spoke about ‘angry protesters’.

    If the angry protesters had been waving Tricolours they’d have been referred to as a Republican mob.

  • TheUnicorn

    This mob of apes thinks that being British means flying the union jack, burning the Irish tricolour and urinating on catholic churches.

    Scum, no two ways about it.

    The flag will be flown on designated days as it does in most other British cities throughout the UK. Yet again Belfast is a laughing stock to the rest of the world. I wish these people would get jobs and join the rest of us in the 21st century.

  • Mark

    Robinson needs to ask himself if his ralling cry to the faithful in Antrim on saturday night may have enflamed an already tense situation . Some of the language he used was petty and one wonders if he is a lost cause when it comes to leading Unionism ……or are they all a lost cause ?

  • Kevsterino

    I think it is entirely possible British people (in Britain) look at all this aggravation with dismay. I certainly don’t understand it.

  • SK[9.55] That’s right, SK. As Ford said, this show of force to intimidate councillors out of operating the new democratic reality, was produced and directed by the DUP and UUP, . they’ve been flagging it up[pun not intended] for weeks and like |Paisley in the 60s they bring the mob out and retreat back to the shadows. The biggest enemy of the unionist politicians is democracy and next week will probably see more of the same. It’s a rage against the dying of the light as they know the law of diminishing returns has started to kick in.

  • Mark [11.06p.m.] All you need to know about Robinson’s leadership qualities is to recall that he waited until Paisley was elderly before challenging him for the top job in the DUP, and then not straightforward but by overthrowing Paisley jnr. Some leader.

  • Greenflag

    ‘Some leader.’

    On the other hand he could have been like Capt O’Neill , Chichester Clark , William Craig , Molyneaux , Faulkner ,Trimble , Empey, and I forget the others.

    and just lost !

    Leading any political party and particularly so in Northern Ireland is like trying to ride a horse with two heads located front and rear that wants to go two ways at once . Staying in the saddle is about all that any NI leader can hope for .

  • Greenflag

    @ Kevsterino – 4 December 2012 at 5:39 am

    ‘I think it is entirely possible British people (in Britain)I think it is entirely possible British people (in Britain) look at all this aggravation with dismay.’

    They’ll see it on the TV briefly and switch channels as per usual . Nobody was killed (yet) so it’s just a bunch of Micks playing their age old atavistic games of my piece of coloured cloth is better and worth more respect than your piece of coloured cloth .

    The ‘real’ Brits are already heading down to Ladbrokes or William Hill’s bookies establishments where they are placing bets on the first issue from William & Kate

    Betting is already underway at British websites.

    At Oddschecker.com, for example, there are ways to lay some pounds down on:

    — The name

    — Gender

    — Hair color

    — How long Kate will be in labor

    — The day and time the baby will be born

    — The baby’s weight

    — Whether there might be twins

    The Guardian says the William Hill betting firm now expects to pay “a ‘small five-figure sum’ after many people bet on a 2013 royal baby” and that:

    “Odds are 10/11 for a boy and the same for a girl. Favorite names are Frances and John, both at 9/1, while Charles, Victoria and George are 10/1.

    “Odds for other names include Anne, Diana, Phillip, Richard and Spencer at 12/1; Mary, Henry and Sarah at 14/1; Carole, William and Edward at 16/1; Alice, David, Victoria, Albert and Arthur at 20/1; and Elizabeth at 25/1.

    “The bookmaker is even offering odds on the color of the newborn’s hair — 6/4 brown, 2/1 blonde, 5/2 black, and 8/1 ginger.”

    As for the issue of a name, Mumsnet.com has a survey going. The choices there include the traditional or family-related — “George” or “Diana” — and the not-so-normal — “Hastag.”

    There are some things which are never destined to change in the UK . One is the proclivity for people to bet on anything that moves and the other is rioting in Belfast .

    Cast a cold eye etc and move along now 😉