“You see ve Germans too can have ze craic”

Sometimes #LateLate really does reward a second viewing. This is a second right from Apre Match’s character Günther Gruhn.

  • feismother

    Very good. However Mario Rosenstock appears to have been confused with his Uncle Gabriel!

  • Kevsterino


  • Greenflag

    Mario Rosenstock for Taoiseach 😉

    And the Great Gaels of Ireland
    Are the men that god made mad
    For all their comedians predict the future .
    And their politicians can’t tell good from bad .

    Gunther Gruhn for Minister of Finance 😉

    Irish Pictorial weekly sounds like a re-incarnation of the infamous Hall’s Pictorial Weekly of the 1970’s . Eamonn Morrissey lives and the Minister of Hardship has been re-incarnated !