Great Big Politics Pub Quiz 2012

For those who missed the Slugger for Syria post, this is an event announcement to confirm that the Great Big Politics Pub Quiz is back, this time to raise funds for the Red Cross / Red Crescent Syria crisis appeal.

In Syria the need is desperate and the situation is deteriorating. Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers are risking their lives to provide a lifeline for everyone in Syria caught up in the conflict, supplying emergency food, shelter and medical care.
The Quiz – always a great night – will be held on the evening of Tuesday 20 November in The Black Box in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter.

As ever, there will be a mixture of serious and fun questions – all politics-themed: local and international, real-life and drawn from literature and screen. Your quiz-masters will be specially elevated for the evening from the blue benches of the Assembly chamber. This year we have several party leaders and the Chairs of at least four Assembly Committees, so let’s hope they have as many answers as questions.

An amazing treasure trove of books, DVDs and political ephemera is being assembled and donated by our regular quiz supporters at Stratagem (thanks!) so the ticket price is well worth every penny of the few quid it costs.

And that’s before we even mention that, just for laughs, we’re throwing in the stand-up services of Ronan Linskey:

One of the best newcomers to the Northern Irish comedy circuit, Ronan Linskey’s intelligently crafted observations and love of an offbeat gag are a joy, reminiscent of US comic Demetri Martin, and self-effacing British poet and stand-up, Tim Key.

What’s not to love?

Last year’s quiz was a close fought thing between St Simon’s Total Intransigence (UUP sorts) and Stoops to Conquer (SDLP sorts), edging out pretenders for the Big Politics Quiz throne from other parties, charities, lobby groups, student societies, journalists, Slugger irregulars…

But who will be this year’s winners?

It could be YOU! Tickets are already shifting, so don’t hang around, get your team together and your tickets booked (available online or in person from The Black Box).

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  • SDLP supporter

    It’s for a good cause. Hope smart phones are banned on pain of disqualification. And hope some limit is placed on team size. As usual, the ‘SDLP types’ always play by the rules but last year I noticed a team of 13+ players plus phones!

  • HeinzGuderian

    I’ll have a £5 er on Amnesty International,and their Taliban Friends………..

  • SDLP supporter: It’s really difficult to imagine that political activists would cheat, isn’t it? But there you go. Another illusion shattered…
    So, no phones please, smart or otherwise! Minus points if spotted. And maximum team size of, say, 6?
    HG: not feeding trolls today – sorry!