Basil McCrea talking about results, strategy, leaders & therapy

I caught up with Basil McCrea this morning and he talked about UCUNF’s results, Lagan Valley, the UUP’s strategy going forward, choosing a new leader (to fit the strategy) and something about getting a therapist!

By the way – the breakfast liveblog post has been updated with voxpops with Dawn Purvis (talking about Naomi Long’s success in East Belfast) and Conall McDevitt (talking about the SDLP results and need for engagement by civil society).

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  • slug

    He’s probably right.

  • slug

    What are McCrea’s ideas for the future direction? I know he favours going into opposition, so I guess he’s not a big “unionist unity” person.

  • Wasted Ballot

    McCrea has been handing out some of the most irresponsible rants over the last 12 months, if this man thinks he will be leader he is truly sealing the fate of the UUP

  • iluvni

    All I heard there from Basil McCrea was blah,blah,blah.
    He offers nothing.

  • I think he’d have to describe himself as a soft unionist … centre ground, not extreme. A DUP linkup would be a nightmare for him.