Hague will step in for Cameron in Belfast on Monday

Apparently David Cameron’s schedule got set back because of the Icelandic ash cloud. So whilst yesterday, according Eamonn (who is on fire just now on Twitter) the Conservatives were planning to send their big howitzer in on Monday, they are now sending William Hague instead… And nothing, they say, to do with last night’s remarks on Newnight

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  • Eamonn Mallie has tweeted that he knew DC wasn’t coming before the Newsnight interview.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Given that Ulster is a colony in all but name shadow foreign secretary is a good call.

  • Given there was a bloody great cloud of ash blocking all flights anywhere, Mr Mallie was not likely to be the only one who knew…

  • Rory Carr

    So, you are to have a visit from a former Tory leader instead of a soon-to-be former Tory leader.

    Not much in it really.

  • As one blog to another

    William Hague is very conscious of the history of the Conservative Party and he knows only too well he was the first leader of the Tories never to become Prime Minister. That’s a blotch and a half on his escutcheon. I am convinced that one day he will become PM. How and when I don’t know but as sure as hell he’s in the wings and he’s learned his lines.