UTV to provide Welsh ITV news.

News from Wales is that UTV are part of the consortium on the verge of clinching the ITV franchise for News broadcasting in Wales. There’s the Western Mail report.
the video on their website seems to press all the right buttons.
Service any good with you?
Update – plot thickens – via Google translate here’s Vaughan’s take.

  • Michaelhenry

    is the news from whales in welsh,english or both.

  • Dewi

    This service would be in English.

  • Wabbits

    God help the Welsh television news viewers.Their present service must be shit if UTV can beat it. They will now have to suffer the same cheap-skate, insincere and amateur rubbish that we have had to watch for years.

    The old addage that you can get the name for rising early (though in UTV’s case they don’t even deserve that)and then lie on till dinner time is an appropriate description of everything UTV do. Particularly in news.

  • jtwo

    The diminished state of utv news has been hard to watch.

    Exhibit a – the failure to properly report the mounting problems of the paisleys (eg. free p rumblings, the st andrews lobbying) until almost the moment of resignation. This policy seems to be continuing with the easy ride Robinson has been getting.

    Exhibit b – the failure of utv news to properly follow up chris moore’s liam Adams. They should have ‘owned’ that story but clearly don’t.

    Still why should mike Wilson give a shit when he can still deliver a big audience with micron thin journalism, mainly consisting of half educated kids throwing pictures at every passing press release?

  • slug

    I like UTV’s Late News service from 10.30 to 11 each night.

  • Rory Carr

    Gareth looked to live by adding the eye would your “political program benigamp you” in their midst.

    I couldn’t have put it better meself.

  • Dewi

    yeah Rory the old Google translate hasn’t shown the improvement it promised

  • If it were in Welsh it would be impressive. Otherwise, it’s just a nice coup for UTV.
    If they were to provide a news service in ‘Ulster’ in Irish, now that would be a real headline grabber….

  • Procrasnow

    UTV to provide Welsh ITV news.

    And will the welsh understand what is going on here any better than we do?

    Will the Welsh need a crash course in pigeon English, oops I mean Ulster Scots?

    Treorchy will be privileged