A new demographic across the UK (and south Belfast)…

Horseman is back blogging after a summer break. He refers to a NISRA report on the Long- term International Migration Estimates for Northern Ireland (2007-8)

“…..birth registration data show that the proportion of children born in Northern Ireland whose mother was born outside the United Kingdom and Ireland has risen three fold over the last eight years. In 2001, 3% of babies had foreign born mothers (700 babies out of 22,000) while in the first six months of 2009 this is rose to 10% (1,200 babies out of 12,600)”.

As a comparison across Britain 25% of babies born in 2008 were born to a mother from outside the UK. Guardian. In London, the figure rises to 55 per cent, with the highest proportions last year in the boroughs of Newham (75 per cent) and Brent (73 per cent), according to the Daily Mail.

Here’s a website – Foreigners in the UK that gives different perspectives.
The Polish Association – Nothern Ireland advertises this:

Football game in Belfast on 5th September:

Intercultural football game between Poles and local dwellers of The Village area will be held on 5th September at 11 am in Midgley Park. The winning team will get a Tommy Morrow`s cup. During the game various workshops will be taking place (Chinese calligraphy , among others) and face painting for children. From 2 pm to 4 pm we cordially invite football fans for a socializing event combined with tasting Polish pierogi and Chinese food.”

Sounds fun…

  • Only Asking

    And what of Wales Dewi?

  • Glencoppagagh

    “…while in the first six months of 2009 this is rose to 10% (1,200 babies out of 12,600)”.

    A sign of very healthy and welcome diversity especially since they tend to be a lot less ugly than the natives.

  • General Peanut Butter

    you’d wonder why they came and how they survived if you took your information about the village and south Belfast from, er, certain sites and Newspapers.

    Glen leave your Ma out of this.

  • Dewi

    “And what of Wales Dewi?”

    Just can’t find it disaggregated anywhere.

  • Jim


    Seems like preaching to the converted by organising diversity meetings like this. Worthwhile none the less. Certain elements in the village deserve the bad reputation they have. Two to Three months before the romany there was the poles, hungarians etc. Good however to see the majority of the village views expressed in events like this.


    A story that going to run and run and has massive impact on the future of Northern Ireland. It gets no real interest here so far as people are more interested in talking about mini-riots in East Belfast.

  • Thereyouarenow

    I frequent a certain area of west london and the number of eastern european women pregnant or with occupied push chair is remarkable.

    It would be truly interesting to see the percentage of new birth in this borough with eastern european mothers.

  • Frustrated democrat

    The growth in birth rates of immigrants is to be welcomed, in ecomomic terms it will help to balance the ratio of working people to retired people in the future.

    We however need to make sure that we have jobs on offer outside the public sector that can be filled bt them or all we will do is increase the dependence on subvention.