“All three have since taken up new ‘peace and reconciliation’ roles.”

Ahead of today’s court ruling on the decision to cut public funding of the Conflict Transformation Initiative the Irish News brought news of three of the scheme’s more prominent employees – one of whom can be seen here. From the Irish News [subs req]

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the Conflict Transformation Initiative’s (CTI) three most prominent loyalist employees have all stood down from their posts. Ex-UDA prisoners Billy “Twister” McQuiston and Colin Halliday along with loyalist spokesman and former CTI project director Frankie Gallagher left their posts as of April 1. Job advertisements are expected to run this week to find replacements for the three top loyalists who are all members of the UDA-aligned Ulster Political Research Group. All three have since taken up new ‘peace and reconciliation’ roles. It is understood they are being paid salaries funded by EU peace initiatives. The SDLP said yesterday it believed the funding had been granted through the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister.

About those tensions.. Adds Hmm.. and what’s the current employment status of the fourth person named here.

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  • I wonder how the EU feels about its cash being used to aid terrorist organisations by finding jobs for their proxies in the ‘peace and reconciliation’ industry…. I suppose this doesn’t come under the EU prohibition on state aid…..

  • Were those ‘roles’ advertised publicly? When and where? And how much is it going to cost the long suffering tax payer to keep these people in the style to which they’ve become accustomed?

  • underwood

    Concubhar O Liathain

    Don’t know! Why don’t you ask the provos, they’re experts at it.