Avoiding the Feud

Ed Moloney writes today of the position SF is now in with regards towards dissident republicans. John Ware offers similar analysis from another perspective. Martin McGuinness, as reported by Sky News, is now calling those involved in the current actions as “traitors to the island of Ireland”. This kind of language inflames tensions and can lead to a feud within Republicanism. Those who do not agree with the resumption of armed struggle but who also do not agree with the failed politics of Sinn Fein that would have republicans informing or collaborating with British state strategy have to show leadership now. Republicans do not have to inform nor do they have to support a resumed campaign whose ultimate end is futile.

Within the Republican community, those who are against armed struggle must make their voices heard. The peace process for all its faults has provided the political space to advance republicanism or at least its ideals. If republicanism is not dead, now is the time for the political alternative to stand up and offer a different way. A return to armed conflict and a bloody feud within Republicanism is not the answer.

Martin McGuinness, shoulder to shoulder with Hugh Orde (video): “These people are traitors”