“We were given assurances..”

In the Sunday Times, John Mooney picks up on the detail, noted here, of 2.5kg of Semtex and 2 detonators, and 500 rounds of ammunition, found by Gardaí in County Meath. RTÉ reports that 2 men have been charged in connection with the finds. From the Sunday Times report

Gardai are trying to establish whether the bomb-making materials were “stolen” from the IRA or given by republicans to a third party to sell. Gardai are carrying out searches of farmland in Cavan and the IRA is also believed to be conducting its own investigation.

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  • aquifer

    The only safe way to put weapons beyond use is to destroy them.

  • recommissioned

    I see Jim Allister’s on the ball regarding this:


  • Box 7b

    You mean the republicans were lying? Say its not so!

  • zoonpol

    Its hard to believe isn’t it! Imagine bad people lying LOL

    Q the return of the DUP demand of the ‘photo’ that never was, Paisley’s ‘sackcloth and ashes’ speech and his promise that he smash Sinn Fein/IRA. A false prophet or a political optimist for power….

    I suspect we will hear on Monday the usual crap from the DUP Spinners on the failures of others in their attempt to cover up their own lust for power.

  • Chris

    “…satisfied that the arms decommissioned represent the totality of the IRA’s arsenal”.

    No shock here, how would they ever verify all the weapons? A tally with the receipts from Bombs ‘R’ Us.

  • picador

    Could these explosives have been removed from a dump before decommissioning took place. Perhaps when Mickey McKevitt (remember him) was Quartermaster General?

  • edward

    Are the IRA the only people in the world with semtex?

  • Paul

    Id say you might be best looking in the direction of the former Provo commander in the Mountnugent area who is related to one of the accused. This man controlled all supplies that went North in that general area and whose daughter mothered the grandchild of the bearded one. There will be a major fallout from this one whether we hear about it is another thing. Surprised Mooney didn’t have this info from his Garda contacts as they have been digging up the entire area for the last few days.

  • blinding

    Jeez if only Tony Blair could have sent this Guard to Iraq to search for them “weapons of mass destruction”

    It was always going to be impossible to verify that every piece of semtex and every bullet was going to be accounted for.

    To have the vast majority decommisioned was the best that could be hoped for.

    Anyway about those loyalist weapons……….

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    9 posts before whataboutery – not bad…

  • picador

    9 posts before whataboutery – not bad…

    Yeah, but what about those loyalist weapons?

  • frustrated democrat

    DUP lackeys conspicious by their absense, I wonder why.

    Decomissioning was always a futile policy but the DUP chose to highlight it all the time and use as a stick to beast the UUP; until they bought into the previously despised decomissioning and monitoring bodies for their own ends.

    There is always a price to pay for hypocrisy and double dealing, is now the time?

    TUV will have a field day, sadly rightly so.

  • Glencoppagagh

    Didn’t the DUP claim at the time that decommissioning never happened and piled abuse on the clerical witnesses.
    They forgot about that pretty quickly.
    On the other hand, did anybody seriously believe that all the weapons were disposed of?