Judicial review of school places allocation

This story probably has a few weeks to run but it should be an interesting one. Lord Chief Justice Brian Kerr has granted leave for a judicial review of the withdrawal of offers of school places to two Londonderry girls by St Cecilia’s College The BBC report notes that “The case is being taken against the Board of Governors, the Western Education and Library Board and the Department of Education.” As the various reports record the key element in the review will be the issue of the granting of school places in Londonderry to children of families living in Donegal.

During a preliminary hearing in mid-week the court was told that some Derry families had moved to Donegal but were using the addresses of grandparents to secure school places, a practice that had become known as “grannying.”

Which isn’t quite in keeping with the area based planning that the Bain report recommended.. however delayed that might be..